Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

Our first day of Spring was cold, snowy and had blowing snow so where they cleared the snow you got patchy slick spots. We made it out to do what we had to do, but I was glad to get home where it was warm.
We like homemade polish sausage, fried potatoes, and cooked cabbage so that is what I had for supper. We have a grocer here in town that also makes polish sausage lunch meat. I have trouble pronouncing the names in polish. My husband's grandparents came from Poland and there is still distant relation over there. I have come across some old letters that I will have to see if I can find someone to translate. I always like to learn about other countries and people, about their customs. It is so much fun.
The snow was wet enough that you could have had a good snowball fight or made a snowman. You could use a soft bristle broom and push it off the car without any problems.
I just want the warmer weather to come back and sunshine for a while. It is hopefully the last snow that we will have for the year. We sure don't need anymore at the moment.
Well have a nice weekend.


Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Shirley!
We are having snow flurries here in Texas too! Yuck! But by Monday we should be back in the 60s and then 70s by Wednesday. I love snow but this is ridiculous! Love your Easter picture. I can't wait for the nice weather! Your dinner sounds good! I love cabbage!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Well poo on the snow day for Spring day! Ick! We had 72 here in NC today. I'm ready for 90. I never warm until it's 90. hee,hee,hee.
hugs and friends,

The French Bear said...

Haha, I just read Shell's comment, he he, she is funny!!! Yes, poo on the snow! It is Spring did someone forget to tell Mother Nature!!!
I hope it warms up for you, I think I need to have polish sausages now, you made me hungry!!!!
If my Mom was still alive she would translate for you, I think I might know of someone that can, if you scan it and email me, I think I can ask them.
Margaret B

Sheila said...

Hello Shirley, It started raining here about 6 pm.. So far no snow but it is turning cooler fast.. So who knows.. We were out side working on our garden spot, sweating and now have the heat going in the house. lol.. Thanks for the suggestions on painting my roses. I think i will go with a very soft pastel green on the leaves first and see what it looks like. It is only paint , and you can paint over paint. huggggggggggggs Sheila

maurakeith said...

Hello Shirley! Thank you for stopping by my blog to say was nice 'meeting' you. Sounds as though you have more snow that we sure isn't what I was expecting for the first day of spring. Thank heaven's for our little chick though...she/he brought a little bit of spring into our lives here on the farm! I'm glad my post brought back memories for lucky girl growing up on a farm..I would have loved that as a child. Thank you for becoming a 'follower'...I LOVE your blog too! I hope you have a lovely warmer Sunday...take care. Maura

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh my goodness I was driving with the sunroof and French bistro music the other day then the next day it snowed! The day after it cleared up and I could actually leave my coat at home....yesterday and today...well you guessed it: SNOW! I'm ready for better weather too!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! I LOOOOVE your clip art! DARLING! Chicks and Purple are my most favorite! (even over pink haha!)

xo Molly

Dolly said...

Hi Shirley we got snow on the first day of spring too!
Keep the faith.....Spring will be here soon!

My grandparents were from poland and I loooooooove polish food!

Hugz, Dolly

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Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie! Happy spring!!!! YUCKY first day of spring for so many of us!! Today, the sun is out and the snow is gone. It wasnt supposed to be sunny today but I will take it!! I sure hope you have a much nicer, warmer day today!! My hubby would LOVE your dinner!!!
BIg Hugs,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sweet Friend, Your weather sounds like ours here in Texas. We had snow last night with bitter cold temps. Not really a Spring Day for sure, but hopefully warmer days are on the way soon.

Your sauage meal sounds so good and I am sure hits the spot on a very cold day like those we are having.

Thank you for stopping by. I finally have my bath pics to share and so glad to be finished with this project and back in the studio full time.

Have a great day and week ahead.
Love, Celestina Marie