Saturday, March 6, 2010


We had 58 degree weather. It really felt good for a while with the sun out. We had a little rain, but not much only enough to make the car that much dirtier. I think they were celebrating St Pat's a little early this evening with all the cars and people at one of the favorite bars this time of the year.
We took our oldest two grandsons this morning with us. They got to see the trains this morning and I was really happy about that. You never know if you will see any.
The drive to Atchison, Kansas and back home they got to see six trains.
My picture of my frog is a book mark that my daughter-in-law made for me. She does a lot of things in wood. At the moment she is making baskets. They look like they are hand woven but it is just the way that the wood is put together. They always make ornaments at Christmas time and other things. He made a doll cradle for a little girl's new doll that she was getting for Christmas. It was really pretty.


Melody said...

Hey Shirley! Sounds like you had fun. That bookkmark is really cute. Does your Daughter have a site? It's been in the 50's here and sunny all weekend. It just clouded over as I was typing, but still nice. Went to the antique mall yesterday..found a few little things. Usually takes 3 hours to go thru. Dad stayed in the Cafe area where they have tv. He got to watch most of the Truck race on Speed..he has a hard time walking long periods of time with his breathing...but,occasionally he'd catch up to us to see what we'd found. I got a little pooped pushin Mom in the wheelchair tho,,my legs been givin me fits with this weather. I got to rest it today it's a lazy Sunday.
Hope you all have a nice week!

mimi said...

Hi Shirley :)
I love the new look to your blog. Isn't it fun to change things up a bit. Recently I have introduced my mom to the blog community. She and my dad are away at the beach for the winter and she has been enjoying this new found hobby. When she returns home she wants to start a blog of her own.
We have had wonderful weather here in Pittsburgh too--warm and sunny!! Ahhh I think Spring is on it's way :)
Have a great week
Mimi :)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Hi Shirley!
Little boys do like trains don't they? I bet you all had a great time. Glad the weather cooperated and was nice. we were having great weather but the rain had returned...can't complain, we really need it. All the orchards are in full bloom so Spring is here, just a little damp right now ☺