Saturday, March 27, 2010


We have been out in the rain this morning and it rained hard. I need to do some more errands, but I want it to stop for a while. I think that is going to be wishful thinking.
Why does the weekends have to either have rain or something when you don't have to work at your day job? I would like the sunshine just for one weekend and hopefully that will be Easter Sunday.
One thing on the menu will be cheesecake with blueberry topping for the birthday boy. I know my responsibility will be the veggie tray and the dip. The two girls have the rest of the menu worked out between the two of them. Of course, there will be the Easter Egg hunt for the boys out in the yard. Then they come in to see what they get. You never know what is inside the eggs. I know the older two will color the Easter Eggs, but I don't know about my youngest grandson. He is unpredictable in what he is going to do or say.
I have a package to get ready for my niece. She wanted my train pillowcases for her little boy and my teapot tea towel for her mom. She lives not to far from where my son worked so he is going to be my delivery person and probably eat supper with them that evening. He has stayed with them when the weather got bad and didn't want to make the drive home.
I have been working on my Snoozy quilt, but I had to lay it aside.
I was asked about taking time for myself, I do. I tune everybody out, visit my blog friends, and spend time working on one of my many unfinished projects. I do something I like to do. I am going to watch one of my shows that I like. I plan to be home so I can watch Dancing with the Stars, because I like to dance and don't get the opportunity anymore. I like when we can catch the International Ballroom competition. I haven't like American Idol this season. I don't understand how they picked the talent I guess I am from the old school. I really do like music, but not when they scream and they call it singing.
I am going to work some more on my quilt. I still have time, but I don't want to wait until the last minute because little ones come when they want and not when you want it to happen.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


LuLu Kellogg said...

We finally have sun here so I will send some your way :)

I love Dancing with the Stars too...we always watch it.

The cheesecake sounds delish!

Happy Saturday!

maura said...

Hello Shirley! It's been a cool drizzly day here in Kansas too...where is the warm spring weather?! I think tomorrow is supposed to be better...I just want a nice warm sunny day with NO WIND! I'm so sick of my hair blowing in my face even with hairspray...geez. Sounds like you'll have a busy holiday weekend with lots of family and lots of things to do and good food to eat. That cheese cake sounds really good! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday...take care. Maura

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Shirley! Your Easter plans sound so wonderful! I'm having it here, and I'd like to make something special for my mom and sister...I need to put my thinking cap on! Your cheescake with blueberry topping sounds yummy! Have a good Sunday! xo Paulette ;)

Sheila said...

Hello Shirley, we had a cold, Grey, wet saturday too. We headed up to Harrison arkansas for the fiddlers convention and it was just a really mixed up day weather wise. This morning is cloudy and cold and i hope it clears off sometime soon.. Just need to get out and have some fresh air and look at the flowers. Hugggggggggggggggggggs Sheila

someplace in thyme said...

Rain, rain, go away, oh but the blooms you will enjoy this year. Just think of that each time the heavens open up. I would love a piece of the cheesecake and can't wait to see your quilt. Did you want to be introduced on ECS blog Shirley? Let me know and have a great week, Char

Melody said...

We had sun yesterday, but the rain and cold came back. They were saying storms for tinight, but then sun..of course we all work...and temps in the 70's!!!!yea. Hope you're havin fun on your Sunday!

Judy said...

Hi Shirley! I looked for an email address for you on your profile, but it didn't work. So here I am. You asked about a kit for the corset cards. I actually got the pattern and instructions out of "Pockets, Pullouts, and Hiding Places" by Jenn Mason. Great book for wonderful, full of fun projects. The directions are on p. 62-63. I hope this helps. If not, send me an email. I now have a button on my blog so you can email me.

Have a great week!

Judy B.

Judy said...

Oops! Sorry! It wasn't you that asked for the corset card instructions. Sorry!!! It was Michelle who left the comment above yours. Duh! =0 Oh my!

Judy B.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Rain, rain go away!! We are sunny and 75* with a slight breeze...just gorgeous today. Sending the sun your way to push that rain cloud out!
I'll be having Eaaster here so this is 'push week' and cooking and cleaning. LOL I knda turn into a crazy person during that week before Easter...trying to get everything perfect...which is next to impossible.
It always works out, I have to keep repeating that to myslef! LOL
Wishing you a wonderful week...and a Happy Easter without rain:)

mimi said...

Hi Shirley,
We too have had a chilly rainy day but we spent it with my sister and her family and my parents so I didn't mind the rain as much. My mom loves to watch Dancing with the Stars too. I never really watched--I am more of a Survivor/ Amazing Race fan.
I am so glad that you enjoyed my Easter post and the vintage card images. I would be happy to share them with you. Please use whatever images you like :) Hope the rain stops soon in your area and that you have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Shirley, We here in California have been a little spoiled this last week with our weather in the 70's but rain is back in the forecast for this week again. I watch dancing with the stars, American Idol, and The biggest loser. oh, and The amazing race. Yikes! My husband and I are crazy I guess!
Thank you so much for all your comments, they mean so much to me! I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family, Marcia

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for stopping by.

The "menu bar" is where you go to find an "egg" (which is a clue) and then you need to find another egg etc etc and then you will eventually find an egg that will lead you to where Sweet Pea is. It's like a treasure hunt.