Thursday, January 31, 2013


     I haven't froze yet, just close. The car register 10 degrees as I came home from the nursing home tonight and according to my computer we are at 7 degrees with the wind chill in the - digits. I just know what little time I was out of my car it was really cold. 
     I would love to have the 70's degree weather back. I just want good weather for the weekend and Monday when I go to the doctor for me. It will seem very strange going without my hubby. Hopefully he will get better. He told me that he got told he was coming home. I told him I didn't think so, he can't walk, get out of the wheelchair by himself, plus some of the other things that he has to be able to do. Just because my job is coming to an end, I am not going to bring him home for me to take care of. He has to be able to do some things that he can't yet. Granted it has helped to get his shoe, but there is still a ways to go. If he was coming home, why did I have to meet with the social worker and fill out all of the paperwork for Medicaid?
     Today was not a good day. The lock on the gate was froze at work and we had to pour hot coffee on it to get it opened. Then my printer went kaput in the middle of statements. We tried hooking up my boss's to my computer, but we couldn't get it to work. I did talk to an elder law attorney, who said, that there should be no problem with qualifying him for medicaid. The only thing we need to do is get a power of attorney for the both of us. That made me feel a lot better. We shall see, the paper work is done. 
      I did take yesterday off and baby sat my oldest two grandsons. Rather they baby sat me. Jake, 13 fixed breakfast and lunch for us. Matt,8 and I worked on a picture puzzle. I haven't done that in a long time. 
     Of course,I did get a lot of hugs. Matt even set on my lap while we worked on the puzzle. Mom didn't think the two could go all day with the oldest in charge. Little brother gets irritated to easy. She didn't want them fighting which I can understand.  The weather was lousy, but I took my time driving and had no problems. It was a good change of scenery.
     Take care and stay warm. 


Blondie's Journal said...

The weather is very cold here, too, Shirley...9 degrees right now. I had to go out twice today and it took forever for the car to warm up.

Sounds like you are making progress with the medicaid issue. I feel bad that your hubby wants to come home yet is so far from being ready. You really cannot be a caregiver 24 hours a day. My mom was sick towards the end of her life and it took my dad, me and my five sisters to take turns helping out with her. It's a huge job.

Stay warm, sweetie!


Debby said...

This weather is really weird. So warm and then the next day cold and snowy. Hubby had a hard time coming home tonight.
Ihope things work our with the Medicaid. I would think that it would considering. So many steps to take. Be careful on the roads.
So glad you got to spend a day with your boys. A change of pace helps. (((((HUGS))))

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Shirley- I hope that John realizes he can't come home now and maybe not for a long while. At your age you cannot be lifting him and stressing yourself out or you will be sick. There ! Was that scolding enough? Sorry- I just see what you go through and know how hard it is. I am pretty sure that they will give him the Medicaid..I can't imagine that they wouldn't.

Have a good night and it is cold cold cold here, too. xo Diana

sweet violets said...

I know, goodbye to that warm weather we had yesterday!!! Darn cold here too, but no snow yet, coming soon I think!!!

So glad medicaid will kick in, I know he wants to come home, but he is far from ready. You can't give him the physical care he needs. What if he falls?? You are not able to pick him up or help him in the bath or have enough to do already....just careful out there.....hugs...cleo

Vickie said...

Your day with the grandsons sounds very nice Shirley.
It is currently -1º. Yuck. I am praying for you two.