Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain Coming Maybe

They are predicting rain starting later tonight and continue tomorrow. I would like some rain as long as it doesn't turn to ice.  We are suppose to reach 60 degrees this next week and then back down. It is no wonder people get sick because  you don't know how many layers to wear. 
We finally got hubby's shoe.  I took it to where they were doing it and picked it back up. I took it up to him and went to physical therapy because I wanted to see how it was going to work. They say it is built up an inch and a half, but it sure does looker closer to 2 inches to me. I know he felt more secure when he stood. He is trying awfully hard because he is wanting to come home. I just know that he has to be able to do several things before that happens. It still takes two to get him up out of his wheelchair. 
I spent the afternoon with him and ate supper with him. We watched  the ice-skating championships from Omaha, Nebraska. I would have liked to 
have gone being they were so close. It brought back the memories of when our daughter use to skate many years ago. Her last free style dress and jacket is still hanging in the closet. It is amazing what we keep. 
I want to thank all of my new followers and  I will be around to visit if I haven't. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I got to get back to filling out paperwork for the nursing home to see about getting help. They sure do want your life history. 


Cindy said...

Don't give up. Your husband is working very hard, that is how progress will happen. Hugs!

Kim said...

Good luck with your dealings with the nursing home. I know the mountains of paperwork etc we had to go through to get home care for Mom.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Shirley- Gee- I hope the shoe works for him. I know it is all very hard on you, too. Nursing home care is just an outrageous expense and I know not everything is covered.

I didn't realize your daughter used to skate. That must have been a wonderful thing to watch...and I would have kept her last outfit, too.

Have a good night-and take good care of yourself- xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

I hope the shoe is what your husband needs. I know he wants to go home...who wouldn't. I'm sure your visits brighten his day. Hang in there, Shirley.

I heard we are supposed to have ice storms tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed because my daughter has to go to work. I so worry about them driving, especially in bad weather.

I hope it does warm up for you this week. We all need some fresh air! And hurray on your new followers!


Vickie said...

Hi Shirley! Our weather sounds exactly the same.
Let's hope and pray the shoe is just what he needed to get going again. It will be wonderful when he comes home to you again.