Sunday, January 27, 2013


It has been a drizzly mist all day, just enough to be a nuisance requiring the windshield wipers  plus foggy. Visible at times wasn't the best, and you needed your head-lights on. They said that it was going to warm up so i thought maybe we would get rid of the fog, but we didn't. I was glad  it is a 4 lane highway up and back so makes it a little easier to drive. I didn't stay quite as long because it was still on the chilly side and you never know how fast the temperature will change. 
He was dozing quite a bit while I was there. It tells me that his blood sugar is still running high and his menu is not for a diabetic even though his meal sheets are marked that way. 
Next Sunday the family will all be there to celebrate their dad and grandpa's birthday. His actual birthday is on Ground Hog"s Day. I have already told him that I don't want him to see his shadow. 
We will be going down that week to see our primary doctor. I have an appointment with him for my yearly checkup. You know the drill, but I also want to discuss my other half. 
I just feel like I am on a Merry go round and I can't get off. I have so many things going on, but it will soon be maybe not as stressful. I just know I think I am going to like sleeping a little later in the morning. 
You all try to stay warm and safe. Have a wonderful week. 


Debby said...

I'm glad that you are being careful on those roads ep. at night. So it is for sure that you are retiring. Hope you get some encouraging news at your doctor's visit.

Acorn to Oak said...

Be safe on those foggy roads. I hope the weather improves. I hope your check up goes well too. And, that your merry-go-round slows down a bit. I know how that goes. I've been feeling the same way. I'm waiting and hoping the craziness will end and life can be more "normal" again.

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- I feel bad that you are on a fast life's treadmill. I know how hard this whole piece of life is on you right now. I'll keep praying for you and your hubby-Blessings- xo Diana

Debbi said...

take a deep breath! That always helps me when I am feeling overwhelmed. Treat yourself to something special for just a moment. We always have rain and fog here in Oregon and I hate driving at night in it too.

sweet violets said...

Sleeping later??? Does that mean retirement??? If so, congrats!!! You'll do just fine, things change a bit, but you'll figure it out...take care now....hugs...cleo

20 North Ora said...

Here's saying a little prayer for your husband and that he is home soon. Be careful going back and forth.
Good luck on your physical.


CatieAn said...

oh sweetie
I am so sorry that life is so stressful for you right now. Please take care of YOU. You have to be healthy for when your hubby can make it back home.

Laurie said...

Hi Shirley,

I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. You can find the details in a post on my blog. If you choose to participate, please leave me a reply here so I don’t miss it. Can’t wait to read more about you!


Louise Michie said...

Take care. Taking just one step at a time will help. Life is good and soon you will feel the sunshine again. Those long drives can be quite draining so play some cheerful music and think of all the good things you have right now. You are a born problem solver and you can handle all this stuff easily.

Quinn said...

Hi Shirley - thanks for your comment on Comptonia earlier. :)
An early Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope he will continue to improve after his surgery and will be back home soon, surrounded by loving care. No one can feel well if their blood sugar is off...that nursing home needs to pay better attention, I think!
Take care of your own self, too :)