Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hooray, I got an answer this morning that made it feel as though part of the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They are going to help us and I should receive my letter in the next few days telling me exactly what I have to do. They aren't going to get his social security, which makes me happy. If I find a job, I am to notify them and that might change the picture. Where am I going to find a job at my age??? What do you put on a resume when you have worked for one company 22 years??? I got my first unemployment check deposited today. Now I can make my budget, so I know what bills I pay when and etc.
They tried to walk him upstairs last night. It took three and they found out that he hadn't progress as far as they thought. Now that I am not working and I know we are going to get help. I am going to ask nicely what their plan of action is for him.  Is he going to get to go back down to the physical therapy department?  
Was your first day of Spring warm? You could not tell it here. We finally warmed up this evening, but the wind was strong and cold all day. They keep saying we are going to get rain-snow mix, turning to snow and could get several inches. I am hoping that they are wrong. I know if it is raining and close to freezing I am going nowhere. I am not chancing it. 
My daughter is progressing since her surgery. She is just going to work from home and take the whole week off. She is sore but that was to be expected. Each day she should get a little better.  My youngest grandson was back at home with momma. His other grandma came out today and took him to school. She also help her by doing the vacuuming and our grandson told her he would pay her if she would clean his room. It was so cute. 
Well I have a craft show to get ready for so back to working on my tea towels. Have a great day and Happy Spring to you all.


Debbi said...

that is a relief Shirley! You should be able to get cobra health insurance for 18months and if you are close to 62, just go ahead and get your SS early when the unemployment bennies run out. But you wold be surprised at the number of employers out there that are looking for older more reliable workers.

Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful news, Shirley...I can hear the excitement in your voice. Your prayers have been answered (well not all of them). I hope you get some answers as far as your husband's treatment, too. That would also be a relief for you.

Hope all goes well with your daughter. And don't drive if you get sleet, that's nasty. We were sunny but very cold today. I feel like I am coming down with a chest cold and have been napping a lot. I hope I get better instead of worse!

Sending big hugs!


Debby said...

I'm so glad that finally some things are lining up for you. I hope that the rest happens like it should. at least you have more of an idea of what will happen. It will be an adjustment being home. If your husband returns home you will need to be there to help him. I didn't know that your daughter had surgery. I hope she is doing okay. It is cold and windy here and snow expected but not much I hope. Good luck with everything. ((((HUGS))))

NanaDiana said...

I am glad you finally got some answers on the money, Shirley. That must be a big relief for you. I do hope they can do something more to help your husband regain his strength. That is wonderful, wonderful news.

Glad your daughter is doing well and that she can stay home for the week. How cute is that grandson offering to pay to have his room cleaned?

God bless you and I hope you get a good night's sleep now that some your worry has been alleviated.

We got all the way up to 12 degrees here today- a virtual heat wave!!!! xo Diana

sweet violets said...

Good news on all fronts for you!!! And I'm soooooo very glad!!! Keep that unemployment as long as you can.

It was 30 here today, very cold and windy too. No relief for at least another 2 weeks....the winter without end....

Miss LindaLee said...

It was 56 here yesterday but looks like we'll be lucky if we see 50 today.

So glad you can look forward to getting some financial help and I do hope that they'll be working with your husband. It all takes time.

You have a good weekend.

Vickie said...

Glad to hear that prayers were answered.
No, we are still below freezing up here. The ground is covered in snow and ice still.

Kerrie said...

So, so happy for you that some of the pressure is off! God bless you! I was tickled at your grandson was wanting to pay to have his room cleaned, so cute! Have a good day Shirley! ♥

Kim said...

Shirley, I am so pleased for you that you are finally getting some answers and results. It can be so frustrating wading though layers of red tape.

Nook and Cranny said...

I am so glad that things are coming together for you, with the help and all. We got about 8 inches of snow a few days ago, but I know spring is coming. Will be so nice to open the windows and doors.
Thanks for stopping by my "grand baby's journaling" post. Indeed, she is so sweet and brings warm smiles to my heart.
Have a great weekend.
Your friend from Vermont

Cinderella Moments said...

I've been catching up with you reading through your blog. So much is happening in your life. I'm glad you are going to get a little help. I will keep praying for you and your family.

Vicki Boster said...

Sweet Shirley-- I'm glad that you are finally getting some good news-- some encouragement. You have waited far to long to get the help you need. I'm so proud of the way you handle all this stress-- you seem to take one day at a time-- your faith is an example for us all.

I'm wishing the best for your husband and for your daughter. I know you have so many worries right now. I am always, always holding you close in prayer--