Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Are you ready for Spring? Have you thought about planting Spring flowers? I just want warmer weather even if we get rain?  To be able to wear clothes without dressing in layers, would really be nice.   Are you ready for the warmer day-light savings time to start? I had forgot about that until I got reminded. I will have to set my clocks again. 
We have been trying to decide how we may celebrate Easter. Both grandpa's are in wheelchairs and all of our homes have steps to get in and out.  The bathroom's aren't set up for wheelchairs nor are they big enough to get all the help they require to help them in the bathroom.  I think we just need to do it like we have done Thanksgiving and Christmas. Go see them for a while and then have the rest of the family get together at some one's house. 
Blue and Gold banquets  for Ethan and Matt. We had Ethan's last weekend. I have one coming up for Matt shortly. You have to go to both so nobody feels neglected.
I got reminded that the horse shows start in June. I know that I will go as much as possible.  I am just looking forward to the sunshine. It only got up to 38 today, but it felt so good even at that. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer.

 My grandson Ethan, his mom, Angie, and dad, Kevin taken at his Blue and Gold Banquet. He is growing so very fast .  It was enjoyable watching him cross over the bridge to his next level. Of course, they had the Mic-o-say dancers for entertainment.  It brought back memories of my oldest son, who is an Eagle Scout and belong to the Mic-o-say. The Indian costumes that they built are really neat. They invited the boys out to camp this summer to see one of the tapping ceremonies. They are hoping that they will have some from their troop tapped.
 The lego airplane was built by my grandson, Matt.  It is just one of the many things that he has built .  If you lose him in the house, just go check his room because nine chances out of ten that is where you find him  playing with his lego's. I did get him to read to me the last time I was out to their house and spent the day. 

I will have time to do more of that if need to be.  The snow days are going to be made up by using part of their Spring break.  It is making a few unhappy, but it is either that or at the end of the school. 
Another of my tea towels that is done. I have been kept busy doing that lately so I don't have to think about what else is going on.  
Hope you all are safe and warm. If you have to be out in the bad weather, just be careful.  Take care. 


Vickie said...

Good Morning Shirlee. I am ready for spring, but it is not coming here for a while! Can't wait to plant pansies. You two are in my prayers.

Kerrie said...

Oh Shirley, I just love your April Tea Towel, it is precious! Yes, I am ready for spring for sure!

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful that your grandson is so involved in scouting. It is such a good thing to participate in. Our son-in-law ran the Sea Base Scout Camp in Key West, FL, after he got out of the service and met my daughter. The first time we met him he was in full scouting form. He worked for them for about 8 or 9 years altogether.

I hope Easter works out for you. I know it is hard to make it work for everyone-especially with people in wheelchairs and living away from home.

Your tea towel is JUST DARLING! Do you sell them? I love this one with the bunny on very cute!

I hope you have a good day, Shirley. Take care of yourself-xo Diana

Rettabug said...

Hi Shirley!

LOVE your new header!!
I hear ya' on the 'sick of winter' feelings. I am soooo ready for Spring.
Your handiwork is lovely & yes, sewing is great therapy to occupy your mind when your ♥ is heavy. It is truly my therapy.

Thanks for the kind words about Ms. C's Irish step-dance dress for her AG doll. I hope to give it to her this weekend.

Stay warm,