Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

This is what I keep wishing for even though it is a ways off. We are suppose to hit around 60 on Easter Sunday, but it is going to be muddy because of all of the snow. 
Good news!! We got our letter confirming that he was approved for help paying for the nursing home.  Also, we got a letter saying that he was going to get help with his meds. It said that he would have zero co pay until the end of the year. I am waiting to make sure on that one. I have to call his prescription D insurance company, but the letter made it sound as though we might get a refund on what we paid last month. We never had anything like that before. They sure didn't give us a break last year when we were in the donut hole. 
Boy! I am getting an education on how medicaid works. They are taking my unemployment into consideration so I don't know what is going to happen there yet for sure. It sounds as though I would been better off to never have started drawing it.  If I quit now, then they would take away the help. You learn a lot of angles and wonder how some get it so very easy.  

They took my DIL's father to the hospital. He wasn't responding. They don't know if he had another stroke or exactly what is going on. I told her to call me no matter how late. We need your prayers right now for her and her family. It is really hard on our oldest grandson, because he found his grandpa when he had his first stroke. He is already paralysis on his left side. She has been through so very much because she has become his primary care giver. He thinks like hubby that he can come home, but there is no way. 

Do you all have big plans for Easter? I don't know what ours will bring since this happen and our daughter is recovering from surgery.  Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of the week and gets dug out from all of the snow. Take care.


Blondie's Journal said...

It's so good to hear good news on your benefits, I know you are breathing a sigh of relief. My husband has his own company and provides the best insurance he can afford so that no one suffers if there is an illness in their family.

So sorry about your DIL's father, sending many prayers.

I hope we warm up too, although I am thrilled with the 40's we have been having...had the windows open today, I'm desperate for fresh air! lol!


Debby said...

Really good news Shirley about getting help with the meds and his stay at the nursing home.
So sorry about your DIL's other grandfather. So sad to have so much going on at one time.
40's seem like a heat wave. It will warm up soon, I'm sure.
Hope you have an okay Easter.

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad that you are going to get help with your medical things, Shirley. That is very good news...it's about time you got some good news! I am sorry about your DIL's dad. I hope they can help him and if there is no hope I pray that he passes quickly. It is hard to know what is best sometimes, isn't it?
No plans for Easter here- Hubby has to work and the kids are all out of town- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Oh my! Well the insurance news is good. Have a good day Shirley.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Sending prayers for her and her family Shirley!

It snowed all day here on Monday. I am sick of this cold weather. Spring seems so far away!