Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Maybe

Just maybe the snow is going to miss us and just  maybe let us have light rain instead.  Just maybe it will freeze dry, instead of having black ice. 
It was a light rain while I was out today. Enough that you had to run the windshield wipers. We are just now below freezing.
I have been doing a lot of praying lately not only for us, but for others who have needed the prayers. We are in our 14th year since he first got sick. I am firm believer that we would never made it this far without people adding their prayers to ours.  
One is a gentleman that I worked with a long time ago  who is now in hospice at the nursing home.  He is in the process of dying with the family surrounding him.  I don't know how I would react if I was in their shoes. I know they are handling it  very well under the circumstances. We are praying that he passes peacefully and no longer has to suffer. 
 My embroidery work that you see on my blog is all done by me.  I have done a lot of it lately with spending so much time at the hospital and else wise.  I am the primary care giver to my other half excepting while he is in the hospital or the nursing home. I sign for his health care.   When he had his hip replacement, he was in the hospital  for 13 days, I spent my time embroidering tea towels, pillowcases, baby quilts, working on something. It gave me something else to think about besides being there for him.  I do sell it at craft shows, my etsy shop, and I do custom orders. It helps to supplement an income . 
Your friendship means the world to me and has helped me more then I can tell you. I appreciate the comments that you leave me. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Stay safe and warm. 


NanaDiana said...

We are having freezing rain right now with more snow coming tonight. They are predicting that the roads are going to be horrible come morning. I am sick of all of it...tired of winter.
That has been a long haul for you. I did not realize that your hubby had been sick so long. That is a long time to be ill. You have done a wonderful job taking care of him.
Your handiwork is beautiful and I sure hope you can sell some of it. I know it keeps you busy and occupied but it would also be nice if it gave you a few extra dollars in your pocket.
Blessings to you- I hope you have a good night's sleep- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Shirley, you stay safe and warm too! Praying for you both.♥

Rea said...

Hi Shirley,
I hope your staying warm there. It has been wet and cold here. I am so glad to hear you are praying and looking to the Lord. Your embroidery is beautiful. I hope you have a nice night. Hugs to you.

Debby said...

I didn't realize that your husband had been sick for so many years. that has to be so hard on you. You are so strong.
We are expecting wind and a little snow. The sun we had over the week-end was like a breath of spring. Hope that happens soon.....for all of us.
Hoping and praying that your situation will improve soon.

vicki said...

Bless your heart Shirley- your strength and perseverance is a lesson to us all. Both you and your hubby are always in my prayers. I pray that spring comes soon for us all- somehow it always makes things better.

Your beautiful stitches are such a testiment to your patience and creativity--

Love you-

Nancy said...

Well, my dear, you have your plate full. Bless you for caring and stitching and just being there. I pray that in the midst of it all you will find moments of joy. Blessings to you!