Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho, The last minute shoppers are out. The parking lots are full, looking for last minute bargains. It is cold and looks like it is sleeting at the moment. The wind is blowing straight out of the North. We will be making our way later today to our daughters for Christmas. We may get chauffeured, but that remains to be seen yet. I was not to worry.
They just know how I love this time of the year. I don't mind the snow, but forget the ice.
The picture is my last creation. It was something that I have been wanting to try for a long time. It was fun to make and relaxing from the stress load.
Maybe we will be getting new neighbors next door. There was somebody over there looking around and taking pictures. I don't know what conditions the house is in. The grandfather who was buying it, had a heart attack and died in July. There was family living with him, but I really don't think they were really helping. I think they were free-loading and expecting him to pay the bill. I know the grandson tore up more vehicles then you could shake a stick at and to my knowledge he never worked. Why they tore out the bushes and roses that he planted is beyond me. He had more family then what lived with him, who you didn't see around there until right before his funeral. Somebody took the front storm door off the house and when the family finally moved it was at night which made me think they were suppose to be paying rent to the bank. I know that they left owing bills . There are only a few of us left that have lived here for a long time. The others move in and out so very fast that you don't know them.
I got a couple more presents to wrap for my daughter and daughter-in-law. Everybody have a safe and Happy Merry Christmas.

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The French Bear said...

Merry Christmas Shirley!!!
Hope you have a wonderful and happy day today! Hopefully nice neighbours this time!
Take care sweetie!
Margaret B