Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Getting Closer

Christmas is quickly approaching and I think that I am through shopping. Yesterday was an absolute chore to shop with patience wearing thin at times. We started out with the sunshine and then it turned cloudy with light mist in the air. It stayed above freezing which really helped. I now know why I don't like shopping at some stores because they aren't wheel chair friendly. Some people are rude that is for sure. I pray that they don't find themselves in that situation.
I even went shopping for me which is an exception to the rule, but I needed a new pair of snow boots. My old ones had sprung a leak and my feet would get wet. I had them for several years so I think that it was time for new ones.
The letters and cards are arriving from family and friends. To me that is the best part of Christmas plus watching the little ones at Christmas opening their packages. It is fun to watch them grow up.
I tried to find old fashion Christmas candy that we had when we were growing up, which was impossible to find. You always want to relive part of the memories of what you did for Christmas. The fun that we had. The kids going sledding or building a snow man. Of course, we can't leave out the snowball fights that is all part of being a child. We always had hot chocolate and cookies when we came in from playing.
We all have our own ways of celebrating this special time of the year. No matter how we celebrate it is a time to be thankful for what we have. The most precious thing is life and you live each day that you get because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
Have a wonderful week. Merry Christmas


Kimberly said...

Hi Shirley! Your blog looks wonderful! Your post reminded me of going out with Chris and just how frustrating it became when I realized how inconsiderate people were to those in wheelchairs...the worst was a concert we went to with people pushing and shoving. It certainly made me more aware needless to say.

The French Bear said...

I can just imagine how hard it must be to get out and around!! I fight with the landlord at work all the time, they use the wheelchair parking space to pile up snow and then they don't clear the walks, it's -44 degrees here today, I can't imagine how anyone is going to manage. I have to leave my car running most of the day or it won't start and I get stuck at work!!!
They should close things down when it is this cold!!!
Stay warm and have a happier week!!!
Margaret B

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your blog is gorgeous! People can be so inconsiderate. Sometimes I wonder how they can be tahway.
Happy Holidays!

Melody said...

Oh SHirley you banner is wonderful! I know what you mean about shopping this year. Folks are in bad moods cause they don't have the $$$ and it seems medical issues have hit everyone this year. Anyway, last night Mom and I went to Wal-mart. I parked in handicapped and walked in to get as rider for problem. Went out the door with it. Guess it wasn't going fast enough. A lady with 2 girls and a filled cart literally pushed past and careened right into the rider. Now she saw were behavin....she was just goin that way and I was in her way. She looked right at me and I said 'excuse you' as she kept pushing past. People asked if I was okay...I said what a way teach young children and she heard me and turned to look back...I said Merry Christmas. All the while Mom's watching..she feels bad enough using one of those, but a wreck in the parking lot between a rider and crazy cart weilding lady?!?!?! At least it wasn't her SUV. This Christmas is sooo, backwards for some reason. I don't even have my tree up all the way yet. Jim says were taking tomorrow night to finish that and Sat/Sun do nothing but shop..yipeee. I'm one of those that shops all year long for xmas, so not a lot get. just Jim's cause I can't hide his without him finding it! It's supposed to snow Sat. and they're saying they don't know how bad it's gonna be and next Wed another system will be moving in and it might be worse. We just worry about flower deliveries with bad weather.
E-mail Later..Melody