Sunday, December 20, 2009


I decided that Christmas was almost here. I was going to think about the New Year. I am hoping for a peaceful, healthy, and a year of people finding jobs. I think of my own problems and there is always someone out there that has more then I do.
We decided that the Christmas would be for the boys . The adults really have nothing that they really want. The main thing I wanted was for all of the family to be together for Christmas and no hospital trips during the holidays. We have spent the holidays in the hospital and I really don't like doing that.
We went for a drive today being we were having a heat wave. It was 40 degree's and the sun was shining. He got to see his trains, which is one of the things that he really likes. He is taking a nap and I am going to have him wrap the packages only he doesn't know that as of yet. A surprise for him.
We have our last doctor appointment for the year this week. We have made it through ten years of fighting health problems. We just take every day that we get. You learn to appreciate more what you have been given by God. All the medicine in the world can not give you the peace that he does. You keep praying for yourself and all of the many friends who have needs. My card came from Two Crazy Crafters that I like to visit.Must close.

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