Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time Approaching

Christmas will be here before I am ready, but I am trying to get more in the Christmas spirit. I have my red bows hanging on my railing and lamp post. I have my wreath that is suppose to be battery operated, but I am not quite through decorating it. I think it needs a little more color. The kids think that I am sick because it is the first decorating I have done in several years.
I lost my dad on Christmas day and it has been hard, but I know that has to change. Life is to short to not enjoy every day that we are given. My youngest grandson has a tree in his room decorated with Cars. His Lightening MC Queen and all of the characters in the Cars Movie.
My middle grandson class gets to go take a field trip to pick out a Christmas tree, see them cut it down, have hot chocolate and cookies, plus have a Christmas story read to them. He is really excited about it. They took them to see Cinderella the ballet when it was in town. He really liked that as well.
It has been a rough two days at work after enjoying a four day off at Thanksgiving. We have had one in the hospital, one who's father passed away so that left us with a very short crew and it was statement time. I finished my statements today, which it took the majority of the day for that accomplishment. I have several projects in the works and I need to get them completed.
I did get my new purse that was made special for me. It helps me better organized because of the pockets that it has on the inside and outside. I have a pocket for my checkbook, cell phone, drivers liscense, and whatever else I want to use the pockets for. The best part is that the handle fits over the arms of the wheelchair. My purse I had before whatever I needed was always in the bottom of it.
I need to get back to my embroidering or I won't have it ready when I want it done. Have a great week.


The French Bear said...

Hang in there Sweetie, time does heal things somewhat..... I think it gives us more time to think of the good times. You are there for your grandsons, they need you to be in the spirit!!!
I love the new look on the blog!!!
Margaret B

Melody said...

Sorry about the sadness.