Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is what my car look like yesterday morning when I went out to clean it off to go to work. I cleaned 5 1/2 inches off of it the day before as well as they cleaned my driveway. There was another 4 inches plus we had freezing rain and sleet on top of the snow we had already got the day before then they added more snow after that. It was down to 10 below last night and we lost our cable to a power outage. At least we didn't lose our power like some people here in town. The kids all checked on mom and dad to make sure we were doing all right. My boss told me to stay home Tuesday, but yesterday was worse because of the rain on top of the snow. Of course, the chemicals that they used to treat the streets doesn't work when it gets that cold. It worked some today on the main streets, but the side streets were still a mess and people don't slow down. Our major highway was closed south of us and to the north of us because of major accidents. One that works with me has a son who drives over the road and he said he had never seen so many cars and trucks off the road, some even on their tops. The highway patrol was telling you to stay home. Other areas are getting harder then we did, but the wind was so bad causing drifts and horrible wind chill.

These are couple of my latest that I need to do the final touches so that I can put them in my etsy shop. My little girl is on a huge tea towel. I put her in the corner because I didn't think that she would look good in the middle. It is a big enough tea towel that you could almost make it into a table topper and I am not so sure that I won't try that. My 5 year old grandson called today to invite us to his Preschool Christmas program. He told me that he is going to be a wise man. He told me that he got sick at school and mommy had to come and get him. He couldn't understand why he could not go out into the snow. He is so funny.
I need to get back on my Christmas cards and letters so that I can get them mailed. If you are in snow and cold, I feel for you. If you are in sunshine and warm weather send it our way.

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The French Bear said...

Oh Honey I wish I could send warm weather, yikes, it's -40 here and that's without the wind chill!!!!!
Brrrrr....... stay warm!
Margaret B