Friday, December 25, 2009


Our Christmas with the family was last night for which we can be very thankful for because today it has snowed all day with the drifts getting deeper. They tried to clean our street, but it drifts back as quickly as they cleaned it. I have watch people get stuck and tried to scoop their driveway, but they have finally given up. Our son-in-law Kevin came in his four wheel drive pickup and picked us up last night and brought us home. Their home was decorated with over 15 Christmas Trees. Their main tree was an upside down tree which was in their living room with several other trees. Our daughter has trees with their own theme. One was Sponge Bob, one was Nascar, one was ice skating, one was Harley Davison bikes, one was trains, just to give you a few of the things that they like. They said that they had some more that they didn't get put up because they ran out of time. His mother has Christmas trees in every room of their house. They decorated for all the different holidays. The house across the street from our daughter's decorations were all set to music. It was fun to watch. The boys really enjoyed that. Maybe the snow is starting to let up, but they are saying that we will have some more later this evening.
Everything for today was cancelled. We was to have another get together today, but it was moved to Sunday. Alot depends on when it quits snowing. They shut down our major highway last night because of the white outs, people sliding in the ditches, it just was not a good time to try to travel. Our major highway to the north and south of us is close again. They are still telling you to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary that you get out.
We enjoyed watching the boys and ate to much which is not unusal this time of the year. If only the wind would die down would really help, for all of you who wished for a white Christmas you definitely got you wish and then some. We just hope that the people who absolutely have to be out that they reach their destinations safely.
The year has really gone fast and you really don't know where it has gone, but we are all looking forward to the year 2010. Everyone have a safe holiday and be careful.

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