Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow has Finally Stopped

The snow has finally stopped and the sun has come out. I have ventured out to clean my car off after they came and dug us out. I have a drift hanging over the edge of my roof right above my basement door so I have to be very careful that I don't fall. Yesterday was a day of watching them get stuck because only the main snow routes had been pushed. I heard them during the night go by. It helps to a certain extent to live on an emergency snow route.
The sun is shining so I thought that would help melt the snow the rest of the way off the car that I couldn't reach. The drifts remind me of 60's Christmas when I walked on top of the snow drifts so that I could get home. We walked from a black top road to my parents house. My dad thought we were a little crazy, but living away from home changed how we look at the holidays. We always want to be with family if we have the opportunity.
We haven't had a snow like this one in a long time. They have had major highways shut down in our area just because of the white outs and drifting snow. It was coming back right after they would open the road. They were telling us that we were to stay home if it wasn't absolutely necessary. It seems like that is always when hubby don't feel good. I think it is the confinement to the house because he doesn't like that.
I need to get back to a new project that I hope to have done in time for the New Year. If you travel, please be safe, but enjoy the holidays.


The French Bear said...

You stay there home and be safe!!! That snow is so deep and the winds are so cold! I worry about you going out in that kind of weather, take care!
I hope you have a Happy New Year!!!
Margaret B

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Just wanted to pop in and say hi during my vacation. It's been ice ad wet snow here since Christmas day. Trying to get to the Smokies, but not sure we can get thru Ky. It's just a day trip. Only 4 hours to get there, but if the roads are bad...not an option. (sigh) Today I took Jim to EnterTrainment Junction (google it It's really interesting) Huge model railroad layouts. So detailed. It took us from 2-5 just to go thru the whole thing. They change and add things often so he wants to go back. I tried tpo take lots pf pics but the camera ran out of battereis...just my luck.
Well it's 8p I need to go fix us some sandwiches. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I love your new banner!