Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bitter Cold and More Snow

Isn't she cute and put you in the mood for Valentine's Day?
We have had really cold weather for us and tomorrow we are to get snow again plus continuing in on Thursday with the temperature dropping further then this morning.
You dress in layers that is for sure, plus we have two electric furnaces and only one of them is working.
I am looking forward to doing my first Valentine Swap. It will be doing so much fun especially not knowing who will be your partner until you get the package.
Our public schools called off school today because of the cold, but the out laying schools went to school today. My oldest grandson gets on the bus before I even go out the door to work. They had a blast this last week between Christmas and New Years. Mommy was on vacation and they went sledding every day for a while excepting one day. Matt, my middle grandson, liked being able to stay home. I think that they all need a break once and awhile.
I would like for it to warm up that is for sure, but where do you go for warmer weather. Places that are usually warm have had cold weather and we are having global warming. I don't think so. Well I must get back to My Valentine projects. Take care and stay warm.

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Melody said...

Hi Shirley!
Sorry I haven't typed in a while. No snow...yet....we have a Winter Storm Warning for later tonite. We've been lucky so far, no where near the snow you've had. We did get to go to Tenn. over the weekend, but couldn't get anywhere. the mountains were closed down due to ice and snow. It was sunny and cold in Knoxville and the Gatlinburg area but no snow. We came home same day. Have to take Mom and Dad to the Dr. today, so we won;'t be open at the shop and tomorrow they say we are definately gonna hit....so tomorrow will be a home day again.
Well gotta go. Time to pick em up. Cross your fingers for em.