Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready for summer

I think that we are all ready for summer. I know that my grandson is ready to go for a ride with his daddy. The bike is one that my son-in-law customized and entered in a bike show. He won third with it. He hadn't got involved in the shows for a while. He used to at one time.
You don't want to mention ride or Ethan will go get his helmet and he is ready to go.

I baby sat him and his two cousins this past weekend. I had fun with the boys. If they got carried away, I would take away what they were playing with and they would have to find something else to play with. They play really well.
My Oldest grandson was telling me they were going to take a field trip to Snow Creek and try to ski. He was really looking forward to that. I would like to be a mouse and watch because it is a group of 5Th graders. I don't know how many have ever ski before. I just know that he hasn't.
Well I must get back on my baby quilt that I am making for a baby shower. I hope that I can get it done. Have a good day.


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I love this post!! Your grandson is a doll :) I am DEFINITELY ready for summer, as are my boys, lol! Winter just lasts way too long!
ps, my word verification is stutHEAT, how funny!!

mimi said...

Hi Shirley :)
I too am ready for Summer!!! The weather is going to turn even colder over the weekend. The weatherman described it as an artic BLAST-----Yikes. Guess I will be cozy in my house creating.
What a cool bike your son in law made. No wonder your grandson is eager to ride.
Stay warm and safe and dream of Summer :)


Melody said...

IT SNOWED AGAIN LAST NIGHT! I told Mom last night on the phone that I was sick of this weather.LOL I must be gettin old..I never say I hate snow!!! It melted by morning tho (phew). I am soooo ready for Spring and Summer. At least it's staying lighter later. Cooool bike. He did a great job. My Dad's friend's whole family is into bikes. They have a shop that builds em and paints them with the neatest effects. They go all over to shows with em. Glad your tests are going good so far. Hope John is doing ok. We're all hanging in. Dad's got lots of test in the next week so we're keepin our fingers crossed too.
Well, I better get back workin.
Talk later.
........friends stitched together by embroidery threads.......