Saturday, January 30, 2010


I felt like I need a bouquet of flowers today after the week that I had. I had two trips to the doctor's. One for me which went very well, and one for my hubby. We were on our way home from hubby's when we had to take a side trip to get our son. He has spent a couple of days with mom and dad recuperating from a bad asthma attack from new perfume and painting fingernails, that they knew would cause a problem. He has chemical asthma which he came home with from his navy military service. Even though he has health issues he would be back there defending our country in a heart beat. He has been places that all he will say is that he has been there. I know every mother worries about a son regardless.
Mom made sure that he was eating and resting as the doctor order. I made dad responsible to keep an eye on him. I told them that they could keep an eye on each other.
I didn't get my statements out on Friday, but I didn't receive the cooperation that I needed to get them done. I was told it was because of my being gone two days, but that wasn't all of it. Some people just don't follow through on their end of it.
I did my first Valentine Swap which was so much fun. I might do another one if the opportunity presents itself. It made me feel really good knowing that my swap partner Deb really liked what I sent her.
Tomorrow we celebrate hubby's 70Th birthday which is Tuesday with the family. You pick a day that you can get them all together which is hard to do at times. It will be fun watching three boys help papa celebrate. Our youngest grandson thinks if we get together it is someones birthday because that is when we normally get together.
I must get back to my baby quilt that I am embroidering for a new little one. They don't know yet whether it will be a boy or girl. I told them they could have twins. Have a nice weekend.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Shirley~

I hope your week next week will be much better and be filled with sunshine.


Sheila said...

Hello Shirley, thanks for coming over to my blog for a visit. I sure hope you, your hubby and son are better soon. It is very inconvient to be out of power and water, but we will make it. power off and on as other limbs break and such. But sun did make it out today and it was a sparkley , glittery filled wonderland out there.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Hi Shirley, Hoping your son gets back on his feet. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Wishing him a wonderful celebration. YES, I sure an enjoying all the goodies you sent me. I marvel at them each day :~) They are so lovely.
Hoping you have a warm week.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hi Shirley... I do hope your week is much better and full of happy things this. The bunnies and I send you big hugs!