Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Cold Sunday

We woke up to the cold and more snow this morning. It was just what we needed on top of the snow that we already had. We didn't venture out of the house today. We were out in the cold yesterday because I needed to get my car service and the roads were clear. You can't say that today.
I have spent part of the day working on my Valentine Tea towels. As fast as the time goes, it will be Valentine Day before we know it. It seems as the months just fly as we get older. I know I definitely don't like the cold weather, but I don't know where you could really go to be warm here stateside. Florida had 30 degree temperature today. I know when I watched the Rose Bowl Parade and the Citrus Parade neither looked that warm. I want some 72 degree weather. It is wishful thinking, but it won't happen for awhile. I watched ice skating for part of the afternoon. They were talking about how Smucker's Discover stars on ice originally started. It brought back many wonderful memories of some of the stars that we have watched from amateur to professionals. One of the most memorial evenings was when we had front row seats right at the edge of the ice. Scott Hamilton, Kurt Browning, Christy Yamachi, Rosalyn Summers, Paul Wylie is just a few that we have watched along the way. I had gotten tickets to see Bob Hope, who they said was going to come to our city. He had to cancelled so I just applied the cancelled ticket money to the other tickets. . I have my autograph from Scott Hamilton who was a guest speaker when we went to a convention in Sun Valley. He is so entertaining regardless of what he is doing. We got involved with our daughter ice skating a long time ago when she was young She competed through her college years. The last trip was National Collegiate Competition, It was the only trip that mom and dad didn't go with her. We have gone several different places that we probably wouldn't have gone except for that.
When I look out the window at the snow, it makes me think when we use to have the coasting parties a long time ago. It was before all of the houses got built up around us. When we built our home, it was like being in the country even though we were in the city. The land around us was farm land. The snow made me think of when my mother would make snow ice cream as we were growing up, using her wash tub to coast down the hill, or the scoop shovel. We would get in trouble for that, but we sure did have fun. Back then we went to a one room school house where we had first through eight grade. We would take our sleds to school and go coasting at noon, we always stayed out longer then we were suppose to.
Well I really need to get back to my tea towels. I will posting them as soon as they are done.
Stay Warm and safe.


My Vintage Studio said...

Please keep warm!
Lovely post...thank you for sharing.

mimi said...

Hi Shirley,
I am so glad you stopped by my blog today and left me a comment to say hello:) I enjoyed my visit at your blog. I too love to watch ice-skating. When I was in high school that was the place to be in the winter--the skating rink. I must say I am a terrible skater. My ankles turn in and I look kind of like I am walking instead of gliding. It sure is fun to watch on TV though. Hope you are staying safe and warm. I will be back to visit again soon.

The French Bear said...

Shirley, you are a reminiscer aren't you? I do that too!!! I love to just sit and gaze outside and remember the times past, it was so different back then wasn't it?
My little granddaughter skates but they live far away and I never get to see her enough!!
Have a good week girlfriend, can't wait to see those tea towels!
Margaret B

Lynn said...

I wanted to come by and wish you and your family a very Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true :)
I like to stay inside too when it's freezing cold outside, just like today is... brrrrrr