Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just one more day left to work this week and its the weekend I can't wait. The only thing good the last couple of days is that it has been in the 40's. It is good for melting the snow, but it can cause black ice early mornings which I found myself trying to ice skate twice. It just looked like it was wet, was that ever wrong. I didn't fall thank goodness, but came close.
I finished embroidering two new tea towels just need to put the borders around them. One is for
St. Pat's and the other for Easter. I will be posting pictures as soon as they are done maybe over the weekend.
Top priority Saturday morning is a hair cut and then we will go from there. I will get to see two of my grandsons because they are getting hair cuts after grandma gets hers. We haven't seen them since Christmas Eve because of the cold weather and the snow. They live in the country so they have had to deal with the snow drifts higher then ours. Their road in a couple of places wasn't the best in the world. I try to watch where I get so I don't get myself stuck.
I have been lucky so far.
I am so looking forward to the warmer, dryer weather when you don''t have to dress in layers. I want to be able to wear shoes other then snow boots. The cold damp weather makes the bones hurt. Let's face it I just want 72 degree weather all year round. I really don't think I am asking to much. Do you??
I just about lost my post so I think I better stop while I am ahead. Take care.

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The French Bear said...

How nice, one more day and then a haircut!!! I need to go to the hairdresser so badly, my hair is shaggy!!!
Have a super weekend and have fun with the boys!!!
Margaret B