Friday, January 22, 2010


I was ready for 4:30 to come today and start the weekend. Only we weren't busy after 4:oo so we shut it down early. We were ready.
We have been working short handed while one is recuperating from surgery. I don't know exactly when he is coming back to work or even if he is because they removed his big toe. He is a diabetic and I hope that it stops with just that and no other problems.
I have been reading blogs tonight, in between watching the telethon for Haiti. Some of the performers I like and some of them I don't. They showed a baby that they delivered by a c section early because of all the broken bones that the mother had. We all have our own problems, but we can be thankful for our country and the help that is given. I still haven't heard why the cruise ship stopped off the shore for some R&R or at least that is what the news reported. I don't know if I was on a cruise what my feelings would be about them doing it.
It has been a damp, foggy type of a day. We never did get to the temperature they said, nor did we see the sunshine. They are now saying rain and thunderstorms. The weather is absolutely crazy. Some of our small creeks are running almost bank full so they may flood because of all the snow and if we get the rain they definitely will.
January is almost over so that makes us closer to spring and hopefully warmer weather. I am ready, I am tired of having to dress in layers to keep warm. I want a change in what I get to wear to work from all of the winter clothes.
All of our kids, spouses, and grandchildren have said that they will be there for breakfast for hubby's birthday the 31st. He thinks we are having breakfast with our oldest son, who we don't see as often as the others. I will just let him think that. I just told him and keep reminding him that he can't get sick.
Must close for tonight. You all have a great weekend.

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