Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heat Wave

We are having a heat wave, we have been in the 20's the last couple of days and suppose to get into the 30's tomorrow. It will take quite a while to get the snow to melt that is for sure.
The trees were pretty this morning, but the drive wasn't. We were having a freezing fog and you couldn't see very far in front of you. They are predicting that again tonight after midnight.
People don't drive with common sense.
I needed some roses after having a day of doing other things instead of my own work. I got left yesterday by myself with no one to help me. The first customer that I had needed a striker plate for his door. I needed to know where I could get one, but the cell phone was turned off so I sold the striker plate out of a door lock and left them a note that I rob what I needed out of the box. I don't know if they can order one or not that I took out of the box. It will teach them to turn off their cell phone. Last thing I was told was to call his cell if I needed anything. I made money on it.
I talked to my son tonight. Their road has finally got open, but in places it is just barely wide enough for two cars. The buses are running the snow routes which basically means they take my oldest grandson to school and grandpa goes and gets him at the designated bus stop which is to far for him to walk in this cold weather. If we go out, we might see if they would come and get us. They have a four wheel truck.
Tomorrow I would like to do my w2's that is all I have left to do. All of the other tax reports are done for the month end, quarter end, and year end. Being closed and only working half days haven't helped me to do what I wanted to do.
You all take care and stay warm.


The French Bear said...

Oh boy shirley, sounds like my day at work...... I would send you roses right now if I could!!!!
Margaret B

Melody said...

It was 16 this morning here in Cincy on it's way up to 35...tomorrow the 40's!!!woohoo!!!!
Hope your day is better today.

Jenny said...

Another beautiful blog to visit. This is so beautiful and fresh!

Cinderella Moments said...

We almost made it to 60 degrees here in Texas. We were down to 10 degrees and that was shockingly cold for us weaklings down here! LOL! Thanks for the sweet compliment on my painting! You are a sweetie! Stay warm!