Friday, January 8, 2010

More Snow and Bitter Cold

When is the snow and bitter cold going to stop, we keep asking ourselves. The snow started again on Wednesday and the drifts were back on Thursday so I needed to be dug out again. I didn't work yesterday and I only worked a half a day today. We were getting more snow today so that is why we closed early. It sure doesn't help the paycheck. I picked up medicine for hubby this afternoon so tomorrow I can be stationary and not have to get out. They say we are going to be in the bitter cold until about noon tomorrow. I hope they are wrong and we don't get down to the minus 35 degrees.
Being off has given me time to work on my Valentine tea towels. These are three that I got done. I think I want to retake my pictures. Lets face it I am just not a good picture taker.
I know we have not had the traffic go by, but we have a lot of cancellations and bitter cold. The major highway has had so many slide offs it looks like a parking lot. Some of the secondary roads are closed because of drifts or maybe just have one lane traffic. Our city streets aren't the best, but if you drive with common sense you can get around.

Schools have been closed all week so they are going to have to make it up at the end of the year. We check in with family so that they know mom is home safe and sound.
My hubby didn't go out today which usually he wants to go, but they were having a Marathon of Elvis Presley movies today for his 75Th birthday. he has watched them all day. I have been to Graceland in Memphis and it was very impressive.
I need to go put heat on the back. I don't know what I did to it or it just may be the weather and having osteoporosis in it doesn't help.
If you have to be out in the bitter cold and snow, just be careful. You all take care.

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Lynn said...

Oooooooo how pretty are these stitcheries? They should sell real fast Shirley :)