Sunday, January 17, 2010


We started our day with very dense fog and we had some of it go away at about noon, but it came back just as bad tonight. I wouldn't want to drive very far in it that is for sure.
You couldn't see the traffic signals until you were right on top of them to tell if they were green or red. I was wondering what am I doing out in this, but hubby wanted out of the house. At least it was above freezing which was a good thing.
I wanted to share with my blogger friends, My Magic Quilt Valentine that I had framed over the weekend. I listed it in my etsy shop. I thought that it turned out rather well. It is getting to feel more like Valentines.
I am hoping we get some relief in the weather so that they can go back to working outside. At least the snow is melting, that is helping. The icicles have melted off the house, but we still have a little snow on the roof that is melting off.
The kids were to go tubing today at Snow Creek which is close to Weston, Missouri today, but with the fog I don't know if they would let them or not. I know when it was bitter cold they wouldn't let them go skiing. You all have a wonderful week and stay safe.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Love the quilt!

It's nasty, rainy and foggy here too on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am so ready for spring!


The French Bear said...

I love your quilt Shirley girl!!!! You are so talented!!
I wish the weather would warm up too!
Margaret B

My Vintage Studio said...

Your quilts are always so pretty.
Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Hope you have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Michelle (Shell) May said...

This is beautiful Shirley! Such a gorgeous job you did!
Stay warm my friend. Burrr...thank goodness we don't get snow here. I would never leave the house!
your friend,

Melody said...

Oh Shirley,that quilt is gorgeous!!! I'm so glad your gonna try to link in. Debbi was talkin to me and she'd like me to do this for the ECS site too. I'm a little nervous, ya know how comp retarded I am, but I told her I'd try it. Hope it works..I'd feel sooooo bad if I messed it up.
See ya tomorrow!
Melody....friends stitched together by embroidery threads............

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Omigosh! Your quilt is gorgeous!!
We've had really bad fog too....bad enough for someone to rearend me! All is OK, no one was hurt...except my poor van.
Spring will be here soon...repeat 10 times with feeling! LOL
Take care and keep warm