Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Quilt

I promise I would show you him when I got him done. I need to retake my picture before I put him in my etsy shop for sale. I wanted to have it done by Sneak a Peak Wednesday, but I just couldn't accomplish it with everything else I had going on. When I list him it will be $120.00 with free shipping to US an $5.00 shipping to Canada.
I will be listing him after the first of April. He turned out so neat. The flower border goes all the way around the quilt which is 34x43.
We were lucky yesterday that we didn't get all of the bad weather that was around us. It was as though we were in a pocket. There was still a lot of accidents because people do not drive the way that they should. I need to get back t0 my school work of learning to count carbs so that I can adjust doses of insulin at meal times. I always learn something new. Let me know what you think of the quilt. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I thought I would show you what is left of my son-in-law and daughter's garage. This was taken after some of the debri has been taken away. It really makes you stop and think what could of happen. They will be rebuilding it when the weather cooperates, but aren't in a big hurry because it will keep him from rushing his recuperating. He is progressing really well and the doctor is happy with everything. I decided to take a picture of my Magnolia tree before the weekend and I am really glad that I did. We have had rain, thunder, freezing rain. sleet and snow mixed, and snow today. It has been a miserable day, but it let me finish My Easter Quilt. I went to take a picture, but my camera died so I am recharging the battery tonight and I will take that picture tomorrow. I promise you I will post it. We were to baby-sit today, but that was cancelled. We had planned on taking our youngest grandson to breakfast. We were going to see the donkies and stop at our son's on the way back so he could play with his cousins. We will try for that another dayl

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday First Day of Spring

Flowers make you think of Spring. I love getting flowers, don't we all. Today was absolutely gorgeous, we were in the 70's and hit 80 today now we will go backwards. I haven't blog for a day or two been a little busy trying to get my Easter quilt finished for Sneak a Peek Wednesday that is coming so you all can see it and tell me what you think. I took time over the weekend to go to a bridal shower for my great-niece. She has been accepted to med-school at M.U. in Columbia, Missouri.

We had to pick some one at each table to be the model, Then the rest had to make her a wedding dress out of toilet tissue. That was funny. The next project we played bingo for your squares you had to guess what her gifts was. When you guessed right, then you got to cover that square. I had never played that before and it was very interesting. They were registered at Lowe's for one place and they didn't want Matt to feel left out so someone got him a power drill and an extension cord. I got to see family that I hadn't seen for quite a while so it was very enjoyable. Our social calendar is getting filled up with weddings, graduations, my sister's 50Th wedding anniversary, my 50Th class reunion, and fit a few birthday's in there for the grandsons.

I am looking forward to my class reunion I will get to see some friends that I have seen in over five years. We are going back and tour our old high school which was on the college campus. We had the student teachers, but we were lucky because we got to use the college's facilities and try things in sports that wouldn't have been possible else wise. the school is now a grade school.

I need to get back to working on my quilt. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

I know it is a little early, but I know that I am going to have a very busy week and I wanted to wish everybody a Happy St Patrick's Day. I have so many things hanging in the air right at the momment with my hubby. We have been visiting the doctor's and so far everything has gone well. We still don't know why the chest pains. We never ignore them because everyone of his heart attacks have been silent.
My youngest grandson started to his pre-preschool on Monday. He will go three days a week. He only goes about three hours, but he was very anxious to go. He was ready to go the next day. My daughter thought it would be a good idea and the teacher said that he fit right in and you couldn't tell it was his first day. It was his parents that had the fire. His daddy is still doing physical theraphy, but doing nicely. It just slowed him down a little. He is so use to doing everything that he has just found out he has to take time out to rest. They, also changed his diabetic medicine which has really made a difference.
It has been raining and cold here. We started the day off at 41 degrees and we have dropped all afternoon. The wind chill was 13 when I got off work.
We only have ten days until the first day of Spring. My magnolia tree was starting to bud because of the warm weather, but it will probably freeze. I have red bud, dogwood, flowering crab apple, and magnolia trees. They can be so very pretty. My dogwood are white and pink. The countdown is continuing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

80 Degrees

Who would ever believe that we went from snow and cold over the weekend to 80 degrees today. It is so unusal. My magnolia tree is starting to bud out, but it will probably freeze.
It was so pretty outside that it made you want to play hooky. I was reading blogs tonight. It was fun to be taken down Memorie Lane. I grew up on the farm along with six brothers and three sisters. We each had our chores to do along with taking care of the livestock, which consisted of cows, hogs, chickens, dogs, cats, but no rabbits. I learned how to milk cows,put up hay loose in the barn, shuck corn by hand and dad would come with the team and wagon to get it. We raised our own garden and butchered our own meet. I can remember my mom canning the beef. I remember the wash board and tub and when we got our first electric refrigerator. I remember going to town to my oldest brothers house after he got married and watching television. Our entertainment at home was listening to the radio. I can remember my mom cooking on a wood stove when we didn't have lights and the one room school house where you had all eight grades.
We are to have another nice day tomorrow and then it is back to the rain over the weekend to the cold on Monday. You all have a nice weekend.

Monday, March 2, 2009


This is my car after the snow finally stopped on Saturday. I got a phone call early to see where mom was at from my son. I told him I was home and staying home. He wanted to know if Matt was going to clean my driveway and I told me yes.
It was really nice because when Matt and his friend Mike came not only did they cleaned my steps, push the driveway, but helped clean off my car. I called my son later to see how the boys did at the barber shop because the barber was going to cut all three of my grandson's hair. The ages are almost 10, 4 and 3. The younger two are quite a pair when you get them together. They said the barbershop was still standing. Ha.
To all of my friends and others who went through the bad weather this weekend, I hope you all survived with out any major problems. I know part of you got a lot more snow then we did in area's that don't have the snow removal equipment. Our street was plow with Road Graders so I don't know if they were county employees or City. The City had taken their plows off thinking they wouldn't need them anymore. Our major highway was closed for a while and only had one lane traffic while they were trying to plow some of the snow. A lot of wrecks, because people forget how to drive in bad weather.
I have a question for you all. Can any of you tell me why young couples to be married are registering at Lowe's. We have received two wedding invitations and both couples have listed them as one of the places they are registered. It will be a busy time for us ewith the weddings and this year is my 50Th class reunion that is aging me for sure. I told them I was planning on going plus having family graduate from eighth grade and high school.
Eighteen days until Spring but who's counting. Ha.