Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiet Time

I am enjoying some quiet time this evening catching up with reading blogs. I get to enjoy whatever I want to do this evening instead of putting someone elses wishes first.
It is unusal to be waited on for a change and believe me I sometimes like to be pamper a little. Don't we all? We have had such a roller coaster for the weather. I am still fighting the sinus infection so it is good to just rest.
I hope the weather man is right and we are going to get to 65 this weekend. It will be the first weekend that I am going to spend some time outside. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to get a sunburn. I will need to get me a hat to wear. I think I will get a straw one that I have seen. They are cute. I can also use it when I go watch my oldest grandson ride his horse this summer.
I would so love to get away for a few days right now even though it is not possible. We will know more after all of the doctor visits that are scheduled. I got to spend some time at the antique mall changing things around and looking at the other booths. My son was spending time with his dad so i had "ME" time which I dearly loved. I don't get to much of that at times, but our son that is home with us now does help me. I am just thankful to know he is here if I need him.
He fixed supper for us last night. He cooked potatoes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, onion and polish susage all together real slow. He calls it a one pot meal and we had hot bisquits to go with it. It was good. He does like to cook. He like  to use spices that I wouldn't have thought about using. I know if he makes chilli. He lets us take ours first and then he adds more spices because he likes the hot spicy food.
Well I am headed back to visit some more of my friends. Take care and have a great week.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold But No Snow Yet

We have been lucky this weekend and so far have managed to miss the bad weather. We have had the cold weather with the wind blowing, but other then that we had a little sunshine.
Have you ever been working on a project where you were told how many skeins of thread you needed to find out it was wrong. I have been working on a project and I am only half done using a whole skein of thread. I think it will take three before I get it finished. I hopefully will be able to show you when I get it done.
I just started it yesterday evening.
We went for a drive today to find the Soccer field where our grandson is going to play. I told grandpa he would have to be able to walk. It definitely isn't wheelchair friendly and it is so you can sit in the car and watch very well. He walked every place we went yesterday.
His first game is this next Saturday.
I can't believe that March is almost over. It went so very fast. Speaking of March my friend Shell over at Raspberry Rabbit is having a birthday today. My next picture that I found is for her and wishing her a very Happy Birthday.
I won Sharon's Spring giveaway 2011. I have taken picture, but at the moment, my camera and computer isn't compatible for some reason. We will find out why because I had also taken some other pictures that I wanted to show you. One of the things that I won was a cute bunny rabbit. I will tell you more about my winnings in a later post.
Has anybody had a problem with their computer locking  up right in the middle of what you are doing and the only way you can get out is to completely shut down your computer and lose what you were doing. You see some squiggles or that is what I will call them right before it happens.
I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Yesterday was a little frustrating fighting with the insurance company. They gave us a prior authorization for help with one of my hubby's  high dollar medication and now they say it was for only one month. They , also, said that they didn't have any record of the authorization until I started reading what it said  to them. They change their answer then to our plan changed, but we didn't get anything in writing about the change. 
Must be some more of the new health plan that no one knows what is in it. It definitely is a learning experience that is for sure. I must close tomorrow is another work day. Take care. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Packages in one day

     It is unusal that I get two boxes in one day. One came by Ups and the other one by federal express. I got my light box today. I couldn't believe how bright the light was and I am anxious to try it. I got my tracing paper and have spent the evening reading as to how I want to try to do it when I wasn't taking care of my hubby.
     This crazy weather is driving me crazy with one day in the 70's, storms goes through some wind, hail, and rain. Then we only get in the 50's and tonight we go to the 20's.
They are talking about snow.
      We stayed home tonight which was an acception to the rule. Hubby wasn't feeling that good and a problem with his blood sugar. It is so discouraging at times because you never find a happy medium.
     My youngest grandson got to go for a bus ride last night when they went to the kindergarten round up. It doesn't seem like he should be going to  kindergarten in the fall. They have a kindergarten club that he has been going to where it lets them get acquainted with the teachers and other kids. He likes the teachers and they have three.
     Borders book store is closing before long. I will have to find something else to go in the Easter baskets. I normally put a gift card for each of the boys so they can go and pickout a new book. If they choose wisely enough, they can get two.
      Well I think I will see what my friends have been doing before I call it a day. I am hoping I don't end up having to take my hubby to the hospital. Please say a prayer for us tonight. Take care/    

Monday, March 21, 2011

Would you like 70 degree Weather

I just can't believe that we have had another day in the 70's. I will take everyone of them that we can get. It is so nice to be outside in fresh air. I have had the windows opened airing the house out.
I got to see my grandsons over the weekend. I have a soccer schedule to tape to my refrigerator door with the first game the 2nd of April. He is really excited. His new thing is checking how many steps he takes. His mommy is required to wear a little pedometer at work so he was wearing it around the house. He never sits still so his steps should add up in a quick hurry.
It is 8:30 in the evening and we are still at 74 degrees . I hope we stay that way for a few days .
It will feel like Christmas this week. I order a lite box which I am anxiously awaiting to receive. I have some old patterns that can not be stamped any more so I am hoping that I can trace them off and use them
once more.
My table runner and napkin set is done. Just needs to be laundered and pictures taken. I will post the pictures as soon as I get them done. 
I am playing with a test blog using Building Beautiful Blogs. You can order one by clicking on the picture on my blog. I am finding the book to be helpful and really  easy to understand. I have always had someone to design my blog banners and post, now I might be able to do my own. Who knows. Karen does a beautiful job of explaining all of the little gadgets at the top of where you post your blog. I would recommend it if you are looking for a book on blogging.
Well it will be very hectic at work as our truck driver is in the hospital at the moment. So it makes us one short and we are already a small crew. Up and down the stairs, I think I need one of the meters to tell me how many steps I take a day. It would be something of interest.
You all have a wonderful week and I am going to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekend

I am hoping that tomorrow will be another pretty day. We got up to 65 degrees today, which really felt good. I will take every nice day we get and hope for that many more.
I am thankful it is Friday and I have the weekend to maybe get to see my boys. Matt was sick last weekend so we will wait until tomorrow and call before we go to make sure everybody is o.k..
Ethan, my youngest grandson tried roller skating. He said that it was not his sport. He still wants to race cars. He has been helping momma carry out the sheet rock and trash while they are remodeling. He said that he could use his hammer to help. They told him later. I can just seeing him help with the painting and everything else, but who knows he might do better then we think. They are tearing out a closet and opening up the room so they have more room. I will be anxious to see the progress. They have had one of their builder friends check and make sure it is not a load bearing wall. Both sets of parents, us and his said the same thing about that.
 Our oldest grandson is trying to get out of the doghouse. I don't know exactly what he did, but it was something that he shouldn't have. I might find out more about it when I see him. I wish he would play a sport, but he doesn't seem to want to do it. His brother wants to try it all when it comes to sports.
This is a picture of Matt with his grandpa before grandpa got sick this last time. We just keep taking it one day at a time. Today was a problem of trying to regulate the insulin with the blood sugars all over the board. I know that it has something to do with things not working right. We will find out in a couple of weeks if not before. We will see how tomorrow goes.
The next picture is another one of my tea towels that I made. I have to figure out how I am going to take a picture of my table runner. You all have a great weekend and hoping you have beautiful weather. Remember Monday is the first day of Spring. Take care.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day

Today we hit 79 degrees and made you think that Spring has really arrived. I know that Monday is officially the first day of Spring, but there is no harm in wanting it here faster.
I know with the beautiful weather we are starting to get busier which definitely makes the day go faster.
I hope every body that celebrates St. Patrick Day has had a safe and happy day. We had our corn beef and cabbage for supper which is a tradition at our house even though my husband is polish. He reminded me of that tonight.
My grandson Matt has his official soccer team shirt and he is no 3 on his team. He has his schedule for us to go watch him play and is anxious. He was so tired last night, but he still wanted to go. They have breakfast at school with mom one week and dad one week at 6:30 A.m. which just happen to be the same day as after school book sale, which he just couldn't miss. He had to check out the books because he needed a few new ones. Then he had soccer ball practice after that. It really made for a full day and he was tired even though he didn't want to admit it.
We are enjoying every nice day that we get.  Our week started off kooky with the snow, which didn't last long at all. Each day has been warmer since. Hopeful we won't have anymore snow at least. We need some rain to wash away some of the dirt off the street.
I found this picture on free and it made you wish that it was in your yard. I just don't have a green thumb like my mother did. She could grow everything and even had a Christmas Catus that would bloom all year round. Her African Violets were beautiful.
It just made you wish they were yours. Have a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snow on Monday Sun on Tuesday

This is what it looked like on Monday morning maybe not quite this much. The drive was pretty to work because of the wet snow that we had. It melted on the streets for which I was happy about. I know you had to be careful on the bridges and overpasses, but other then that the drive was not that bad.
I wanted to tell you that my friend Donna at Brynwood Needlework is having a giveaway celebrating her second year blog birthday. One of the things that she has is her Mug Mats. If you don't have one, then enter her giveaway even if you do have one. The picture is one of the mug mats that you can chose. I have a purple one that she has made, but I would like another. Just go visit her and leave a comment.
I wanted to wish all of you a Happy St. Pat's Day. I don't know about your menu, but ours always has cornbeef and cabbage with the potatoes, carrots, and soda bread. Of course, some people think that you have to have green beer to make it complete, but I don't. We will have lunch at work, but I don't think it is going to be the cornbeef and cabbage because we have some that don't like it. It is tradition at our house.
I hope that you all have a great week. The snow is all melted tand we got up to 55 degrees today and by Friday we are to hit 72 degrees. It really makes you think that Spring is here. Everybody take care and stay well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You Ready for Spring??

Are you ready for Spring? I know I am sure ready to be able to stop dressing in layers. We had a heat wave today and got up to 54 degrees and tomorrow we are suppose to get to 63 degrees.
I am just thankful that tomorrow is Friday and will have two days off. If it goes like planned I will go see my grandsons on Saturday. We are back on the mend as far as the flu bug goes. My hubby's problem that is a different story. It is something that we will have to learn to live with. It just depends on how well the medications work at the present time. He takes a total of 15 pills a day plus 5 shots of insulin a day. It was so pretty that we went for a drive and stopped for a bite of supper tonight. He said that it felt good just to look at the scenery. We keep adding to the doctors list of appointments , but if we don't go for a second opinion then I will always wonder what it I had only done this. I think we are all bad to a certain point of second guessing ourselves.
I am in the process of outlining the design on my table runner. I didn't think I would like it at first, but the more I get done the better I like it. I hoping to be done in one more night, but it may take me a little longer. I can't work on it if I am driving the car.
The college is on Spring break this next week. It will be nice to come home to a meal already fixed. Our son can cook and does a pretty good job of it. I like it when it is done for me. He looks after mom. I told him just knowing that he is in the house and can help if necessary in an emergency makes me feel better.
I want to welcome my new followers and I hope to have time to come visit some more of the blogs, but it will have to wait until another night because it is bed time. Have a great day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stressful Weekend

courtesy of

My picture reminds me of the road to the farm with the snow on it . I like the changes of the four seasons, but I am getting a little tired of the snow.
We made it home from

 the nursing home to only come down with the flu bug that is going around at the moment.
My hubby was not only sick, but my son, and I all have had it. You really feel rough and hopefully I will feel like going to work tomorrow. I have so much to catch up with not being able to work as much last month.
I worried the most about my hubby with his immune system being out of whack. He may just come down with whatever he comes in contact with. We have been very careful to only take him for a ride in the car. I know before we came home they were having people out because of sickness. I don't know where we got it because we had stayed away from our family so we wouldn't get it. We are suppose to have lousy weather this week starting with rain, freezing rain, and snow again. Just what we need. I could see the rain maybe. It might help wash away all of the germs.

I have got my luck of the Irish table runner half done. I hope to finish it in the next couple of days. It gave me something else to think about other then what was going on at the house. I did manage to get my taxes figured before I got sick. I didn't feel bad until late afternoon. Besides getting my taxes done, I went to K-Mart to pick up a new medication. They told me it was expensive, but I just about died when they told me the co-pay was $350.00. They had only ran it one way and when I ask if they had submitted it to another insurance they said no. Well it finally got down to half, but I hate to see what it will cost when we hit the lovely donut hole again.
I can't wait to see the medal and picture of my youngest grandson with his pinewood derby car. He won second at his mommy's company function on Saturday. He was really proud. It made daddy happy. They had a good time which is important.

My other two grandson"s are getting back to normal after being sick. You can always tell by the way they eat. They all are growing so very fast. Well it is time to go to bed. Have a great week.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is Around the Corner

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The snow has just about all melted, but  of course it leaves it nice and muddy. We had a beautiful day with the temperature of 64 degrees. it made you think that Spring is just around the corner.
Of course my grandson is getting anxious because he is going to play soccer. He is so excited and I am looking forward to watching him play.
We  have done fairly well so far since my hubby came home from the nursing home. We just take it one day at a time which is all that anyone can do at the present time. We have doctor appointments schedule to see what we are doing next. With him being confined to the hospital and nursing home, he was anxious to take a car ride anywhere just to see a change of scenery. I have so many friends praying for us and I am praying for them and their love ones. I should start having a little more time free up since I won't have quite as much running to do.
Our son-in -law had surgery today on his arm. He had fallen about six weeks ago on the ice and messed up his arm where his fingers was numb. They said that the surgery went well and he was resting. Of course his son will take good care of daddy being his little nurse. He wanted to go with daddy, but they didn't let him because it would have been to long of a day for him to be quiet.  He is the one that told me that I sounded like I was sick the other evening when I was feeling disappointed that my hubby didn't get to come home originally as we thought. Isn't it amazing what little ones can pick up on?
I have several things that I have done lately that I need to take pictures of to show you. Not enough time, but it will get better that is for sure.
I hope you all are having a good week and looking forward to the weekend. Take care

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


courtesy of winter-picture. net
I got to bring my hubby home this evening from the nursing home. I was so happy to get him home so that I don't have to keep running. I have to call the doctor's office to find out what the next course of action is going to be and get some prescription refilled. The nurses wanted to keep him which I can understand because he is easy to take care of. I am to take his sugar away from his diet. They don't understand, you can't give apple, orange and etc juices without it raising his blood sugar. I don't think they are to use to dealing with a diabetic.  The doctor ordered home health and I asked why. If we needed that, then was he really ready to come home as they had said. I think it is just one way of milking the insurance. We aren't going to have them come.
I asked him if he was ready to run a race with his grandsons, he said that not quite. It was the pick me upper that I needed.
I got my money back that I thought I had lost. It was found by who had given it to me. He knew who it belonged to by the way it was folded which made me happy. He is such a jewel because he is one that I can talk to when things aren't going good.
We  had a heat wave today and the snow melted really good today. It made it sloppy and muddy, but at least it was better then we have been having that is for sure. You all have a good day.