Monday, June 29, 2015

Meet Juliet

   I wanted you to meet Juliet my grandson's new horse that they picked up Saturday. She is a 3 year old palomino and he will have work to do with her which big brother is very capable of doing. They are hoping that eventually after a period of time little brother will be able to ride her. His Friend was riding Cleo and he was on Juliet. I got to meet her last night and stay for supper which was yummy. Steaks on the grill. They also do a potato, sweet potato, and onion dish that they cook on the grill. Cucumbers and onions, plus Lemon Bars for desert. 
   They didn't have to twist my arm after I left to the nursing home to stop by their house for supper. Hopefully we will be able to get some horse shows in before long. The one scheduled for Sunday got rained out. 
  Hubby"s roommate moved today. He wanted a room where he could look out the window. I am glad because he was always complaining, talked in his sleep, just to say a few thins. Now if he could just get over his cold or whatever it is. They are only giving him breathing treatments and musinex which is not doing the job. His voice sounds so scratchy. 
   Thursday night is their 4th of July celebration at the nursing home. They will have hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and root beer floats if it is like last year. They will also have a firework display plus other entertainment. I will probably go up early in the afternoon being my son is off Thursday and Friday so I only have the boys until Wednesday of this week. 
   Have you big plans for the 4th of July? I will be going to my daughter's for a family get together. She does both sides of the house at the same time which works out really well. I just do what they tell me to do. They will shoot off some fireworks, but just watching what the neighbors shoot off is something to see.  I always wondered how much people made selling fireworks. 
   The week after the 4th I will be taking my grandson to the Pony Express Day Camp where they get to learn about the pony express trail, settlers, and other interesting history of our city.  They will be making crafts so it should really be fun for him. 
    Hope all is well with you. We are praying that we won't have any rain for the next three weeks. All of the kids want to ride and not in the mud.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


  It is going to be another night of possible severe thunder storms. So far we have been lucky and just got the heavy rain in the last few that have gone through our area. 
   I thought I would check in and let you know that I am still here. I have been busy with my middle grandson since brother is working. 
   The weekend we got one and a half horse shows in. The Sunday show got rained out. We kept watching the radar and the storms just kept popping up. One minute there was nothing and the next minute there would be one in our area. The hail went to the south of us and they said it was  baseball size. Someone even posted a picture of a baseball and the hail on facebook. If you were in it, you would definitely had damage. 
   My middle grandson showed both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday he had a 4th, 3rd, and a 2nd. Sunday he had a 1st and a fourth. The fourth came because he blew his pattern big time. His other two events and brothers got rained out. He is showing a horse that belongs to his riding instructor. They haven't found one that they feel comfortable putting him on to own yet. After watching him get thrown and all of the things they have gone through they are very protective of him. The horse he is getting to show and him have gel from the get go. She lets him love on her and it is amazing to watch the two of them together. It will be fun to watch how he progresses through the summer as they get more shows together. 
   Where did the month of June go? It seemed like it just got started and really flew by. As fast as it is going it will be time for school to start again. I haven't gone to the nursing home as much as hubby would like. The boys and I have gone some, but I haven't been going every day. He is still getting breathing treatments and mucinex. They did do a chest x-ray today. I just wish they would put him on stronger medicine. Everything that he needs to fight infection is low according to his last blood work. 
    I have been doing embroidering. Yesterday my grandson and I went to the movies. We saw How to train your Dragon2, It is first movie I have gone to in I don't know how long. All it cost was a can of food for each of us. Then we went to Culver's afterwards for lunch. Today I took him to get his hair cut. He got a dad haircut which is very short. It is not scalped, but short short. It will help keep him cool this summer. They may have to fix his cowboy hat a little smaller since the hair cut, but I am sure they can do that. 
    Prayers are being said for all of those suffering, in harms way, and in the path of all the storms. You can replace material things, but you can't replace people. Take care. I will try to pop in when time allows. 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Checking In

   If we are lucky, we just might get to have  our first two horse shows in this weekend.  We haven't got any rain for a few days. The rivers are going down and the arena is worked, the cookshack has been stocked with food and drink for tomorrow and Sunday shows. The grass has been mowed so we are all set to go. Sunday we will start with cowboy church for those that want to attend.
   They still haven't found a horse for my middle grandson yet. His 4H instructor has one she is going to let him show. She also gives him riding lessons.  He has to learn to lope this year. He is getting a little more excited about showing so we shall see how it progresses. They just don't want him hurt.
   The sunset is not my picture I just thought it was a beautiful. I am having a very different summer and my patience gets tried at times with the one in the picture. How do you entertain a ten year old who is bored at times? He was use to doing the after school program and the explorer program where they went bowling, swimming and then there is grandma who doesn't do a lot of the things he likes.  I don't tolerate heat very well. He hasn't said anything about one of his friends coming to visit. Of course big brother has a buddy that comes to visit and little brother thinks that he should get to hang out with them. I do have a teenage driver now. I got the honors of going with him to take his test  on his birthday and had to sign as his guardian on his license application. He scored a 97 on his test. The driver examiner complemented him on being a very good driver. His brother pipes up and says he has been driving since he was nine. Living in the country and on the farm you do get drive earlier then elsewise. He also had drivers training last year and was glad he did it. They didn't have like he took this year, plus a lot more expensive. It seems strange not to have to go with him when he goes any place. We have come to an understanding that he has to let me know where he is going and stay in touch with me when he goes in his truck by himself. He is putting up hay this summer to earn money.
   I am still here just been busy with the boys. Have a wonderful weekend. Ours will be hot, but we are to have sunshine. Take care.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are you ReadY?

  Are you ready for the hot weather? I am not, but it is here. We found out today what it is like to not have AC. My son's is total electric and they were getting a new unit today put in. It took all day because you have to replace both when you are electric. I learned something today. It made you wonder how we survived growing up when we didn't have the ac and everything like they do now. We had a lot more trees for shade then they do now days. That helps keep my house cooler because it is well shaded in the afternoon when the sun is the worse. My middle grandson and I were going to go birthday shopping for brother while he was gone putting up hay. They didn't get through like we thought they would installing everything, but tomorrow it will be cooler for sure.  
    We kept ourselves hydrated so that we weren't in trouble today. My middle grandson and I got in trouble because I helped him walked the dogs yesterday. Of course when I am out in the heat you can really tell it because of how red my face gets. We behaved ourself today. I told his mom that I offered to help so we would get it done faster, but she wasn't happy about it. They don't want me to get to hot. 
   Good news my son-in-law gets to increase the weight and exercising in rehab and go back to work the 28th of this month. He was a happy camper and continues to do well since he had his open heart surgery. It was scary at first but all of the prayers continue to help. 
   We went down for hubby's ultrasound appointment. We have to wait for the results to see what the test tells. They were looking at his right kidney besides the liver and pancreas, but we are in our 16th year since he first got sick. He is accepting it better since I have been staying with the boys because I haven't gone to see him every day like I was. It has given me a much needed change of scenery. I am having fun with them and that is all that matters. 
    Tomorrow the boys and I will do some errands that we didn't get done today. I just don't know what time we will get started. We officially have a doctor and registered nurse in our family. One of our nieces passed her doctor's board and going into family medicine. The other niece passed her boards for a registered nurse and is working in OR at one of the big hospitals in KC. She is also planning her wedding which will take place this next month. We have a cpa in the family because one of our nephew passed his Cpa Exam. It just shows with effort kids can accomplish whatever they want to do.  
    Well I am off to visit some of you tonight before I call it a day. Stay cool if you have the hot weather. I know i will do my best. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This and That

   Spring is almost over and summer is quickly approaching. The weather is not cooperating in our area. We want sunshine and some dry weather for a few days for our horse arena to dry out so that we can have a horse show.It rained today.
   I love flowers, but they don't like me. I was never bothered with allergies until I got older. Now it is entirely a different story even fresh mowed grass makes me sneeze. I didn't take the flower picture, but just thought that they were pretty.
  Our day was changed all the way round with the rain that we got today. There was almost an inch in the rain gauge at my son's house. I made my grandson open the garage door to let me in so I didn't get soaked. We were suppose to go mow a yard this morning and I was to ride shotgun as I called it so my grandson could drive the truck with mower and trailer. Then he was to put up hay this afternoon, but none of that happen. Instead we stapled and folded our ad booklets for the horse shows. We are going to be hand delivering some to our sponsors that help make it possible to put on horse shows. My youngest grandson was telling me about his bowling experience in the picture. He is so funny and if he is a little embarrassed then he tucks his head like the picture.  I still laugh about the evening we were teaching the three boys how to play cards at our daughter's house. It was an evening filled with laughter.With everything that happen the kids felt that we needed some happy family time.
   Hubby thinks he is on the back burner because I don't see him every day, but that is o.k.. It is giving me a much needed change of scenery. My middle grandson just loves to keep you guessing what he is going to do. He took and moved the settings on the passenger seat in the car so that when brother got in not really paying attention he fell backwards because brother had laid the seat back as far as it would go. Electric seats are a play toy just to annoy big brother ever opportunity that he gets. Now you know why the two can't stay by themselves. They are always picking on one and another. I can remember picking on brothers and sisters when we were growing up. It never came to blows because mom and dad would step in and we definitely didn't want that. 
   The sun came out late this afternoon. Tomorrow we are to get in the 80's which will maybe help dry out things. The kids are having to get a new heat pump/ac unit. The compressor went out of the one they have. So hopefully it won't be to extremely hot while they wait for it to happen. 
    Well a little of this and that . Take care.