Thursday, January 31, 2013


     I haven't froze yet, just close. The car register 10 degrees as I came home from the nursing home tonight and according to my computer we are at 7 degrees with the wind chill in the - digits. I just know what little time I was out of my car it was really cold. 
     I would love to have the 70's degree weather back. I just want good weather for the weekend and Monday when I go to the doctor for me. It will seem very strange going without my hubby. Hopefully he will get better. He told me that he got told he was coming home. I told him I didn't think so, he can't walk, get out of the wheelchair by himself, plus some of the other things that he has to be able to do. Just because my job is coming to an end, I am not going to bring him home for me to take care of. He has to be able to do some things that he can't yet. Granted it has helped to get his shoe, but there is still a ways to go. If he was coming home, why did I have to meet with the social worker and fill out all of the paperwork for Medicaid?
     Today was not a good day. The lock on the gate was froze at work and we had to pour hot coffee on it to get it opened. Then my printer went kaput in the middle of statements. We tried hooking up my boss's to my computer, but we couldn't get it to work. I did talk to an elder law attorney, who said, that there should be no problem with qualifying him for medicaid. The only thing we need to do is get a power of attorney for the both of us. That made me feel a lot better. We shall see, the paper work is done. 
      I did take yesterday off and baby sat my oldest two grandsons. Rather they baby sat me. Jake, 13 fixed breakfast and lunch for us. Matt,8 and I worked on a picture puzzle. I haven't done that in a long time. 
     Of course,I did get a lot of hugs. Matt even set on my lap while we worked on the puzzle. Mom didn't think the two could go all day with the oldest in charge. Little brother gets irritated to easy. She didn't want them fighting which I can understand.  The weather was lousy, but I took my time driving and had no problems. It was a good change of scenery.
     Take care and stay warm. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mr. Sun Please come back

What happened to our 73 sun shiny day ? That is what we had yesterday. Today it is  in the 30's rainy and we are in a winter storm watch tonight. They are predicting 2-3 inches of  blowing snow. I don't think our weather man really knows what it is going to do.   I am suppose to start at 9 A.M. in the morning, but with the  weather prediction  we will touch base in the morning and I may not  go to work.  It all depends on what we get tonight.
My 8 year old grandson read a 217 page book. It took him a little time to read it, but I am so proud of him. The last time I baby sat him, he read a book to grandma.
This coming Saturday is hubby's birthday. We are having a birthday party for him on  Sunday afternoon at the nursing home. The family will be there excepting our boy in Louisiana. He is coming home in March to take care of some things. He will be finding a different way around down there this week and weekend because of the Super Bowl being played in New Orleans. He could go by the Super dome, but he doesn't want to get involved with that.
I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I am trying to visit , but things are very hectic  for me as most of you who reads my blog know. My retirement is going to be because the business is in the process of closing. I am taking it one day at a time, praying a lot, and doing what I can get done.
You all be warm and safe.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


It has been a drizzly mist all day, just enough to be a nuisance requiring the windshield wipers  plus foggy. Visible at times wasn't the best, and you needed your head-lights on. They said that it was going to warm up so i thought maybe we would get rid of the fog, but we didn't. I was glad  it is a 4 lane highway up and back so makes it a little easier to drive. I didn't stay quite as long because it was still on the chilly side and you never know how fast the temperature will change. 
He was dozing quite a bit while I was there. It tells me that his blood sugar is still running high and his menu is not for a diabetic even though his meal sheets are marked that way. 
Next Sunday the family will all be there to celebrate their dad and grandpa's birthday. His actual birthday is on Ground Hog"s Day. I have already told him that I don't want him to see his shadow. 
We will be going down that week to see our primary doctor. I have an appointment with him for my yearly checkup. You know the drill, but I also want to discuss my other half. 
I just feel like I am on a Merry go round and I can't get off. I have so many things going on, but it will soon be maybe not as stressful. I just know I think I am going to like sleeping a little later in the morning. 
You all try to stay warm and safe. Have a wonderful week. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain Coming Maybe

They are predicting rain starting later tonight and continue tomorrow. I would like some rain as long as it doesn't turn to ice.  We are suppose to reach 60 degrees this next week and then back down. It is no wonder people get sick because  you don't know how many layers to wear. 
We finally got hubby's shoe.  I took it to where they were doing it and picked it back up. I took it up to him and went to physical therapy because I wanted to see how it was going to work. They say it is built up an inch and a half, but it sure does looker closer to 2 inches to me. I know he felt more secure when he stood. He is trying awfully hard because he is wanting to come home. I just know that he has to be able to do several things before that happens. It still takes two to get him up out of his wheelchair. 
I spent the afternoon with him and ate supper with him. We watched  the ice-skating championships from Omaha, Nebraska. I would have liked to 
have gone being they were so close. It brought back the memories of when our daughter use to skate many years ago. Her last free style dress and jacket is still hanging in the closet. It is amazing what we keep. 
I want to thank all of my new followers and  I will be around to visit if I haven't. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I got to get back to filling out paperwork for the nursing home to see about getting help. They sure do want your life history. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Are we ever ready for retirement?  Have you thought about what you are going to do in those supposedly golden years?  Was the retirement something you wanted to do, or was it because of your job coming to end because a business is closing?  How do you handle all of the unanswered questions?  As we all age, we think eventually we would like to retire, but with the economy like it is and the prices of everything we feel we can't really afford to. It just might be forced on you whether you are ready or not. Then you have the decision to make about what am I going to do. 
I am going to have to make those very decisions whether I am ready or not. It gets harder and harder to compete with the big box stores and with the prices of the insurance and everything else going up. You have to make a very hard decision whether or not to keep a business opened. That decision has been made for me that I am going to be going into retirement. I have always worked and with my hubby in the nursing home, it makes me worry. I know I have been doing an awful lot of praying that god will help me through this. It is so frustrating because I know I will find it very hard to find another job at my age. I have been told I can draw unemployment. It probably won't be what I make now.
It will be like starting all over again doing what is anybody's guess. A lot of places want someone younger even though you have a lot of experience. 
Say a lot of prayers for me because I am going to need it. I will be coming to visit some more, but after today, I think I will just call it a day early. Have a good rest of the week. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Growing Your Blog Party

Welcome to growing your blog  party. It will be a lot of fun going and visiting all of the ones in our group. You have arrived at Shirleystitches  and I need to tell you a little about me and my blog. First off my first name is Shirley, a mother of three, grandmother of three, a primary caregiver to my hubby, and work full time. My blog is about this and that which means about our adventures, family, the different things that I love to embroidery which is my stress reliever. 

It is my way of traveling and meeting new friends.  Exploring new places and seeing what they like to do.  I admire the ones who are very creative.  I have an etsy shop and you can see what I am involved. If I know it is a person's birthday, I like to stop by their blog and tell them Happy Birthday. They might be living by themselves.  I have friends who are caregivers just like me and we give each other support.

My hubby and I liked to go for drives and you never knew where the adventure was going to take us. We would just pick a direction with no particular destination in mind. My favorite time of the year to travel is the fall.  This  fall was very different  for us. We didn't get to do some of the things that we like.

In the summer, you will read about my oldest two grandsons showing their horses and their adventures. My youngest grandson is taking swimming lessons and I don't know how far he will take it. They each have there own personalities. 

The last few months extra time is being spent visiting the nursing home. My hubby had to have a hip replacement and it has been a very slow process.  Last but not least I thought I would leave you  with pictures of my boys, a couple of my projects that I have made.  I will be visiting you all and happy to have found you on blogland.
One of my new tea towels

my grandsons

My biggest project  I have made

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Strenght Needed

I need all of the strength I can manage to get me through the next few weeks. I got a phone call from the nursing home telling me that my hubby's medicare and supplemental would be out as of the first of the month. That he had used all of his days. How to do you find help in such a short period of time? Where do you go to try to find help? How do manage to make the decisions that will be best for him? I just know that he isn't walking, but they did say he took a few steps today. I am very frustrated as if you couldn't tell. I need a miracle.
There is only two of us at work and my boss  was sick today so I didn't get to work. I don't really know what is going to happen there, but I don't have good feelings about it.  I have a feeling that I am going to  try to go to work and there won't be a job regardless of all of the many things that I need to get accomplished.   I just have so many unanswered questions. I know I am saying a lot of prayers right now. I did get my long distance hug tonight. He had heard that mom needed it. He told me to stay positive, but you know it is awfully hard at times. 
Have you tried the new colored striped tea towels? I have tried the black stripe and I was really pleased how they are turning out. I am anxious to try my new spring and Easter patterns on the pastel colors.   I am working on a custom order at the present time. I got two more to make and they will be finished. 
I  hope you all are staying warm and safe. We got up to 50 degrees today and we are suppose to have that again tomorrow with the temperature dropping out this weekend. Just what I really want is some more cold weather. I just dress in layers. 
Well it is time to go to bed. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Snow Just Cold

You didn't have to drive very far to  find the snow. We just had very cold temperatures with a north-northwest wind that made it all the colder.  We were lucky that we didn't get the snow. It is 15 and suppose to get down to 7 degrees/ I know we need the moisture, but I want it to warm up and come in the way of rain.
There is so much sickness going on right now with flu bugs, sinus infections, and others. You try to stay away from the doctor's office and the ER.
We did go down to see the orthopedic doctor on Friday. He has ordered a special shoe built up by an inch and a half. I don't know where they will find that or how soon. He gave him cortisone shot in the knee that has so much arthritis which seem to help some. The only way to fix his knee is surgery and there is no way we (or I should say me) will allow that. The risk is to great to whether he will stop bleeding or not. 
Tell me something do you give a child milk products when, they are running a temperature and sick to their stomachs? I always thought you use like 7-up and soda crackers to help settle the stomach or something on that order. Don't you stay home with them and try to get them to drink as much as possible so they don't become dehydrated.  I don't know about the younger generation. 
I  have spent the last two days visiting at the nursing home with my other half. His room was so cold today. It is on the northwest corner of the building. It is a block and brick building and I would say there isn't any insulation in the walls. At least they gave them heavier blankets to help them stay warm. 
Well have a great week and stay warm. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Day

Today was an awesome day. I went to the doctor today about my knee. I didn't break it , tear any tendons, I have strain the tendon or muscle on the outside of my left knee. I have to wear a knee brace for the next 6 to 8 weeks while it heels I can handle that. He told me to take the pain medication which I will do basically at night so I get a good night rest. It made me happy and as it heels the limp will go away. The brace is like what an athlete would wear that plays sports.The one from the ER went from my hip to my ankle. That was going to be an accident to happen because if I got down I was having a problem getting up. My daughter-inlaw picked the one I am wearing. It works so much better. The doctor  told me that I didn't have any arthritis in my knee and that was good to know. 
Another piece of good news was that my dil father that had the stroke was able to transfer from his bed to a wheelchair with physical therapy's help. Even the speech therapist notice some improvement.  A lot has to do with the will power of those who have the problem. 
They are going to get my hubby a shoe with an 1 1/2 lift on it to where he will be level. They think that will help him learn to walk again because it will make both legs the same length. We shall see.
I know that I will go see him and spend more time with him. I just have to wear my knee brace and that is not a problem. I went up to see him this afternoon and had supper with him. He was really happy to see me.  His blood sugar was running really high and they couldn't figure out why. Well we had waffles for breakfast with syrup, hot chocolate to drink, and the snack is always ice cream. Milk raises blood sugar. Also when the liver is acting up the blood sugar runs high. This evening he had country fry steak, mash potatoes with gravy, and a triple layer salad with peas, cheese, lettuce and the dressing that they put it together with would raise the blood sugar. Of course, we must not forget the chocolate brownie for dessert.
I got asked if I was scared to stay by myself with a bum knee. I watch how I go up and down steps, plus I know if I move the wrong way even with the brace it will hurt. The doctors have been amazed at how little of medication I take at my age. I think a lot of that is that I am still active and I still work and will as long as my health allows it. Well it is back to work tomorrow so I had better go to bed. 
You all have a good rest of the week. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day At Home

 Normally I am working on Friday, but I was a little under the weather. I couldn't stay out of the bathroom. I have spent the majority of the day sleeping. I guess it was what I needed.  I have to keep the knee still elevated and going up and down stairs at work wasn't helping to much. I go the doctor  on Wednesday. 
The picture to the right is what they are predicting again for us for the weekend. I  can handle the snow just not the ice. 
I was surprised by the pictures that I found on my camera. I turned it over to  my oldest grandson to take pictures so I could take them to his grandfather.
 His Aunt Angie and him were wearing their hats on Christmas Eve. Her reindeer antlers blinked with flashing lights and his played jingle bell rock. They were getting in the Christmas mood before they handed out Christmas Presents.  You can see how tall he is and he has almost caught his dad.
He is a very adult 13 year old with all that he has gone through the last couple of weeks.  His other grandfather is back in the hospital with a blood clot as if having a stroke was not bad enough.  
This year has absolutely got to get better.  It warmed up enough to melt some more of the snow, but we could get the black ice back again that I don't like.

This picture was a surprise  on my camera. It was my little bag that says My grandsons.  that my oldest two grandsons gave me for Christmas. They are lined up according to age. It  is wonderful to keep all of my little sewing items in such as needles, scissors, seam ripper, tape measures and you know all those little things that you are always hunting for when you are sewing. 
I know from looking at my picture I looked like I have really aged lately. I didn't realize how much until I looked at that picture. I know the last three months of 2012 really sucked. I am hoping that things look up at our house for a change. 
The next picture is Mr. Sammy Snail pillowcase that I embroidered. I have already listed it along with Mr. Owl in my etsy shop. 
When you have to spend time, with a leg elevated you have to have something to do. I have been embroidering on first one project and another. I always have more then one going at a time.  Do you do the same?  I may add a green blanket stitch around the bottom of the pillow case yet. I am having a hard time making up my mind.
I have missed all of you and hope to be able to do more without having to have my leg elevated. 
Have a wonderful weekend.