Monday, February 28, 2011


First my picture is from, but  it made me think of some that we have on the ground. We have had such weird weather. I got home last night from the nursing home to thunder, lighting, sleet, and rain. I figured we would have ice this morning, but we didn't.
I didn't get out on Friday or Saturday because of the weather. We had fog on Saturday and the ice so I just stayed put.
Today was such a mess. I evidentally drop the money I had in my pocket when I pulled my cell out of my pocket so I can kiss it goodby. Then I went to the nursing home with the expectations of bringing my husband home, to find out that there wasn't anybody that knew anything  about it plus there was not any discharge papers filled out.
It will possibly be done tomorrow. They are to call me when it is done. I am not holding my breath. He did walk down the hallway with me which he hasn't done for quite a while. We were both disappointed. We will just have to take it one day at a time. It hasn't been a good day that is for sure with everything going wrong that could go wrong. Tommorrow has to be better.
I didn't get my statements done like I wanted, but tomorrow it won't take that much longer I hope.
I worked some on my personal taxes that I have to have finished before Saturday. I just can't seem to concentrate like I should. I guess I just have to much on my mine right now. I would like a holiday.
It  has to get better. We are to have sunshine and be in the 40's that will be an improvement.
I have got my Luck of the Irish napkins embroidered and I am working on the table runner that goes with them. I did a couple of the napkins while my hubby was watching the race yesterday. The pattern wasn't real big so it didn't take that much time to do.
I didn't watch the Oscars. We don't go to the movies. I don't even  remember the last time. Usually we find a dvd that we both like for $5.00 which is much cheaper then what they charge if you go in the evening. Maybe he will want to do more after we get him home, I don't know. I wish I did. \
Have you ever felt like crying because of the frustration because of the way things are going?? I haven't been able to go see my grandsons, because they all have been sick. I definitely don't need what they have been having. I told them to hurry up and get well. I needed to come and play with them. I have been warn that I need to read the rules on the new card game, because if they can con grandma they will. 
Well tomorrow is another working day so I had better call it a night. Have a great week.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The snow is back and I can't get out of my driveway because the city has plowed it full and have drifts around my car. They don't have any place that I can park my car cleaned yet so I am stuck at home with statements due out Monday. I didn't want to burn another day of vacation this way. I have to many things to do and it is a short month the way that it is. We only had another 8" of snow. The warm weather made you think that Spring was just around the corner. My magnolia tree was starting to bud out. It always has such a time anyway. It can be very pretty if the weather cooperates. I guess I will go an embroidery for a while being I can't really do what I wanted to do.

Ethan with his snowman
My hubby doesn't get to come home just yet which is just as well with all of the snow that we have on the ground and I don't get to go see my grandsons because the oldest has Influenza. His mom took him to the doctor yesterday. He is running a fever. They are having quite a go of it right now. Matt had strep throat and now Jake with this. You always wonder what next.
The snow we have would let you build a good snowman, have a snowball fight, or build a fort. I think it would be good for skiing because it is powdery. I know that it was over the top of my boots when I was cleaning my car off. I know that it is only 19 degrees, but it didn't seem that cold. I was bundled up today. I only know it took me 45 minutes to get home seeing two accidents on the way. Visibility was horrible, but I didn't have any problems. I had just got home when my boy called and told me class was out. He took the bus and it took three hours for him to get home. The first bus that he was suppose to catch was in an accident. They only had over 50 of those in the city and many could have been avoided if they had only watched how they drove.
Traffic backed up on the Interstate because people couldn't make it up the hill and the median looked like a parking lot with all of the slide offs. I know I didn't go to the nursing home because of the weather, but I took his cell phone to him so that we could still talk yesterday.
You all have a good day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stress Load

Have you ever wondered just how much stress you can handle before it is to much. I thought maybe it would be easier once my hubby was out of the hospital. I am beginning to think that I was wrong. It could have something to do with work trying to catch up from being gone. I haven't got it to where I feel comfortable with it and statements are due out Monday. I would just love to get away for a few days where it was warm. I am tired of the dressing in layers because you never know what the weather is going to bring. I think I can guess as good as the weatherman does here lately.
I am going Saturday to see my oldest two grandsons and play with them for a while. We will be playing a new game. I can see it now unless I read the rules. They will be made up as we go. I am just glad Matt is feeling better. He had strep throat and so far no one else in the family took it. My daughter-in-law is going to fix supper for me before they leave. She wanted to know what I would like. I told her what ever the boys wanted. Grandma is not picky.
I have already told my hubby that I would not be up tomorrow evening if the weather is bad. We are in a winter storm watch until 9 P.M. tomorrow. I hope they are wrong, but looking at the weather map I don't think so. It is suppose to start as rain, turn to sleet, and then snow all in the same day. We got to 62 degrees earlier in the day, but it dropped to 46 as I was coming home. I am so ready for Spring and Spring Flowers. I want to be able to walk barefoot in the green grass. I am still the country girl because I love going barefoot.
When we were growing up that is one of the first things that we did when the weather warmed up. We always had our areas in mom's garden for our things, whether we were trying to raise flowers or what. She had a lot of patience when she was teaching us.
We can only wish for some of the fun going to the outdoor movies in the middle of town. Sitting on a quilt. Having an ice cream cone that makes ours of today look small for a nickle. The old time soda fountain and the county fair picnics with talent shows, queen contest and basically a time for friends and family to get together. The only money you were out was what you bought and ate. It didn't cost you money to get in.
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. Take care.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haven't been home to long from the nursing home. He told me that they told him in physical therapy that he might be coming home in a couple of days which would be Friday. I would love that.
He has been working on steps. We have steps no matter how you go here at home. I just want him to be able to do like he was before. He says he feels good.
I am going to go Saturday Evening to babysit my oldest two grandsons. I need a grandma fix. I wanted to go earlier, but Matt had strep throat. I didn't need that for sure. He is getting back to his usual self. He is going to play soccer this summer. He wanted to play other sports as well, but they told him that he could only play one to see how it goes.
My youngest grandson says he is going to race cars and he needs a pit crew. I think they are going let him try to see if he likes it. They have a program in Topeka, Kansas for his age. That is the closest. He told his mommy that he was drinking root beer in a hot tub with hot girls while she was at a conference out of town. His dad babysat him. He has a very good imagination and you never know what he will tell you. Don't ask either of the younger two a question if you don't want an answer.
It is getting late so I had better close for tonight.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quiet Time

I know Valentines is over, but I liked the flowers in the picture. The Home, Lawn, and Garden show is going on at our Civic Arena and it makes you wish it was Spring with all of the beautiful flowers.
I am enjoying some quiet time before the day gets started on this Sunday. It is a cool 49 degrees and we are suppose to hit 66 later this afternoon. We are suppose to be back in the teens by the weekend. Such crazy weather and we have are suppose to have Global Warming.
I spent the afternoon at the Nursing Home with my other half and attended Mass with him yesterday. They have mass right there at the nursing home and they bring everyone in their wheelchairs or however that want to attend. We got to sit by the birds that are enclosed in a glass cage. I don't know what all kinds of birds are in it, but you will see people sitting there watching them.
He had a surprise visit from our oldest two grandsons and their mommy. The boys brought him a plant that have these tiny little yellow blooms on it. They had to tell papa John about what they were doing. The youngest Matt is going to play soccer this summer so that will be fun to watch. Our oldest told him about what he was going to be taking in school. He is going to take Spanish, A woodworking class as his electives. In middle school they give them a sample of different things to see what they like. By the time they get to high school they are suppose to know more about what they want to do with their life. They start them so much younger now days.
He will be showing his pony again this summer. He is wanting a bigger horse. He is growing so fast this year. He is already over 5 foot tall and is only 11.
Hubby is progressing that is the main thing. We will just take everyday that we are given. I will go spend the afternoon with him later today. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday. Take care.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Day

I really appreciate those of you that have been visiting the last couple of weeks. It has been rough and scary.
We went to the doctor today. He confirmed what I thought that Blood thinners are out of the question to dissolve my hubby's blood clot. The next plan of action is get him built up enough to come home from the nursing home. He is making good progress with walking and building up his stamina.
After we get that accomplish, then we will go to talk with the liver transplant team, don't know if he will be a candidate or not, but they can maybe give us ideas of how to live with knowing you have a blood clot. It is in the portal vein of his liver. We have come a long ways from when he first got sick, and we appreciate every day that God has given us. We still don't know what cause the last bleeding episode that put him in the hospital.
We will have more doctor appointments checking everything. Our primary didn't want to change anything at the moment because medicare rules are so crazy now and they are paying for his being in the nursing home.
Today was a beautiful day 74 degrees other then it was terribly windy. It will be back down in the 50's tomorrow. You wish it was Spring already, but you really know it is not. At least the snow has really melted. I understand there is a possibility of some flooding in our area which is not surprising. I really must close for tonight. We really appreciate your prayers. Take care

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I just got home from visiting my hubby at the nursing home. He was telling me about physical therapy which has been going really well. He isn't using a walker either which made me really happy. They don't think he will have to stay to long, but we still have the main issue to address which is the blood clot. Thursday is the big day that we will find out more.
I really appreciate all of your visits and kind words right now. It means so very much and helps to give me the strength that I need to do everything. We had found out our last hospital stay was in July of 2009 so we had made it longer then a year.
One of his nurses knows very well how quickly things can be fine one moment and then everything goes haywire. Her mother has a similar problem both of them with their liver. They have been very nice and taking good care of him. It helps me rest better knowing that.
I am working which gives me something else to think about for eight hours a day. The weather we have been having makes you think that Spring is just about here. They are already advertising the season opening for baseball is the 31st of March. The time is really flying that is for sure.
I am going to do some visiting of you all before I call it a day to see what you all have been doing. Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine

I just want to take a few minutes to wish all of my friends in blog land a Happy Valentine Day. Things have been upside down in my life at the moment and we don't know what the next course of action is going to be. We moved from the hospital to a nursing home yesterday. They are going to do some physical therapy to help make him stronger. We just don't know what is going to be done about the blood clot with where it is located. We don't know where it came from nor how long it has been there.
I am going to go to work tomorrow for a change of scenery. He went to the nursing home to give me some much needed ME time. I don't know what I want to do with the Valentine Tea towels I got done, but didn't get listed in time for Valentines. Anybody got any suggestions?? I made some Hearts and Flower Napkins while I was at the hospital. I did one in one night. I didn't think at first I would like them, but they turned out rather nice. I just need to get my pictures taken.
I will be going each evening to the nursing home for a few days after I get off work. I don't know how long he will have to stay there. It could be a couple of weeks or longer. We just have to wait and see. I will be visiting you all when I have the time . Take care and have a good week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I need your prayers for us. My husband is sick. We made it down to the doctor on Tuesday with everything seeming to be OK., but getting my hubby out of the car when I got home was a different story.I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to get help. I got him out of the car and into the house.
He said that he was going to lay down because he was just tired. I went on to the college to get our son and when we got back I found a mess. He had a loose bowel movement on our bed and when I was trying to clean him up. He wasn't cooperative and I knew that I had a problem. We got him back into the car and I headed to the Emergency Room on Barry Road in Kansas City. I will not take him to our hospital because of a bad situation and all of his doctors are in the city.
We found out his ammonia level was to high along with some of the other things out of range. We. also. found out that he has a blood clot on his liver, which we have been given a couple of options neither are good. One is trying to dissolve it with blood thinners which is out of the question because his blood is already to thin and there is a problem with it clotting. The other option is a possible liver transplant, but there you have to weigh the options of whether he would make it through the surgery or would he bleed to death. It is a catch 22. We have an appointment with our primary care doctor on Thursday to talk with him about his health.
In the meantime, he is going to go to a skilled nursing home to get so he can walk better, for at the moment it is with a walker. I want him to be a little self sufficient, They didn't feel like he could stay by himself while I worked, but then if he has another problem like the last as quickly as it came on even if you had home health, they would not be here every day. It would also let me have a break for a few days or at least that is what I hope. I just felt at the present time maybe it was best to do put him in the nursing home. I know the tears will roll after it is all accomplished and I also know that it means his health is going down hill. I am just not willing to accept the fact. I just wish you would all stay an extra prayer for me. I have spent the week sleeping in a chair that made a bed living at the hospital 24/7. Have worked very little, but I did come home tonight to sleep in my own bed. I had some things that I needed to take care of here at home.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I am so glad today was Friday. The whole week has really been different with the ice, snow and bitter cold. They came and got me Thursday to go to work. I think I really could have driven only they didn't have a place cleaned out that I could park my car.
I did drive today. The main streets weren't bad, but the side streets left something to be desired. I tried taking my picture at the college of their clock that doesn't run. It has been the same time for I don't know how long. It also showed you some of the snow that was there. They did a good job of cleaning the roads through the campus and their parking lots.
I really don't know what the weekend will bring. They are talking snow flurries so I will have to see what I can get done, like the grocery store, post office, and the pharmacy. We have been home more in the evening then usual. Even after they cleaned my driveway and the snow drifts behind my car. It is very unusual that my hubby didn't want to get out of the house. He hasn't been out since last Sunday. I don't think he is feeling good. We go to the doctor Tuesday and guess what they are predicting snow showers. We only have three this month. Maybe we will get some answers. My car goes to the body shop on Monday and I get a rental car. I would feel much better driving my own, but I want the mine fixed after it got hit at work with the forklift sliding into it while they were trying to clean the snow from the one previously. We had to have someone else to clean our parking lot this time because of the drifts. We had a three foot drift right in front of the door.
I think my daughter and daughter-in-law were both glad to see them have school today. The boys were getting a little tired of one and another. My daughter had the older two with hers and he isn't used to having someone there all the time. He normally spends the day with his grandparents when he isn't in preschool. He wanted some quiet time. The younger two are close in age and use to having their own way. They had a few problems, but it was solvable. I think the biggest problem was they just got tired and needed a nap.
Our weather hasn't been kind to anyone. Texas getting snow and ice. The football fans thought they were going somewhere it was warm. Did they get a fooling. Closing airports, major highways hasn't helped matters.
We want spring to come early. I really hope it does. I just want some warmer weather.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and safe.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Conditions

I have spent another day at home. We had the freezing drizzle yesterday and last night. Well the snow hit today with strong winds and bitter cold. We haven"t got as much as to the South and East of us, but the snow is drifting and at times you couldn't even see my next door neighbor house because of the white outs. I am praying that those who do have to be out reaches their destination safely. Those that are going to be hit with the storm just be prepared in the next feel days I hope it loses some of its strength, but that remains to be seen. The only thing that has helped us is that we were on the outer edge, but still being told that it will be another 10 inches before it is done.
It is definitely shutting everything down. I can't remember when I-70 has ever been closed, but they closed it between Kansas City and St. Louis. because of drifting snow and whiteouts. I was watching the news and you could watch the traffic report live. You would see the car go behind them and then they were gone because of the whiteout condition. Can you believe people driving without their lights on in that. My family all checked in to let mom know that they had made it home safely. Whether we work tomorrow or not depends on the drifts and when it stops snowing.
I have watched television the last couple of days some. Now I know what my hubby means when it says that there isn't much on. I don't have a favorite at the moment. I don't care for American Idol not so much as the kids as the judging is something else.
Stay safe and warm where ever you are at. Bad weather stay home if possible. You all take care.