Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crazy Weather Weekend

 Saturday was hotter then the devil at the horse show. His dad got to hot on Saturday so he didn't get to go on Sunday. It was a weird day with it being cold, raining day, until late in the day. I wore a sweater, got wet, and didn't stay to watch Matt and Cleo get his reserve high point. She beat him in the races because her horse would run and Cleo wouldn't go that fast with him on. She takes very good care of him that is for sure. 
The classes were big on Saturday and Sunday only the 4H kids could show. My oldest grandson  got soaked. He didn't have a dry stitch of clothes on when I took him home. It was 69 when I left with it raining. He was chilling and I knew if  I didn't get out of it I wouldn't be walking that good. The bones hurt and get stiff when it is that kind of weather.They had them showing in the rain which I didn't think was good. They did decide to postpone it for a while when there was lightning in the area. If you ride, have you ever rode bareback in the rain with the horse wet. Jake's horse wasn't liking the weather. The only reason Matt was dry was momma had him in the truck and his horse was in the trailer. They didn't have small size shirts so his looks like he has his night shirt on. 
They have a show again this Sunday. It is starting earlier. I hope it isn't to extremely hot, but will have to wait and see. She was going to take them a change of clothes after that happened.
I found that I have a screw in my front tire so I will have to get it fixed in the morning. At least it is not in the sidewall so should be able to fix it easier. I just had to reorganize some of the things that I was going to do. 
We had quite a storm in the area yesterday. We were on the southern edge, but one small town had a tornado near it another had  no electricity, and I saw some tree limbs down, but nothing on the highway. I waited till I thought it cleared the area before I left. I was have to send more information on my other half, or he wasn't going to qualify for help so I had to make trips to the banks and credit union getting them to give me something stating that he was not on the account or that it was closed.Today when I checked on the status, the letter telling me that he wasn't going to get help was voided and he would still get his help.I wonder if I will get a letter telling me that. I didn't get the one that they sent supposedly requesting more information I know I was so mad that I cried when I talked to them on Friday afternoon after I received the letter. When I get really mad, I always cry. 
His little friend two doors down at the nursing home that use to always be embroidering passed away. They would talk and part of the time eat meals together. I would show her what I was working on and she would show me what she was working on. I watched her going down hill. They told me she was getting better. I wonder who they were looking at because it didn't look that way to me. They tell me I should work in that field. No, because I would not put up with some of the stuff that I have seen.
If it is hot in your area, try to stay cool. Have a good rest of the week.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Jake doing the grand entry on Fergie with two others. His horse is so gentle and didn't care at all that he had the flag. He kept losing his hat.There was just strong enough breeze when he loped that it would come off.  He didn't put enough stuff in the head band to make it tight enough. They did a wonderful job, but I could never get a picture of all three. I will be getting pictures from my son, because his is much better then grandma's. It was very hot and humid. I lasted maybe 2 1/2 hours, but I wanted to go tomorrow. The classes were big and lasted forever to judge them.
 Cleo is wearing Matt's hat. He was standing behind me with his horse waiting on his event that brothers went against each other. There was 14 horses and they were competing against more experience with how they did their age brackets.The more experience one's were the winners. Tomorrow will be different because it is only 4H kids competing. He was helping grandma drink her water and big brother was making sure that my glass stayed full. They didn't want me sick.
 Matt showed brothers horse in halter and he did get third. I was amazed, but the class was better age wise. They were closer in age. I wanted a picture of him. 
They were having the auction where I use to work today. I went down long enough to box up some file cabinets that they were going to sale. I had very mixed emotions on that one. It would be hotter there because you would have buildings blocking what breeze there were. I didn't want to be there.

Pictures were taken to up to grandpa and more pictures will be taken tomorrow. 

What do you think of the Pink Car. They definitely can see him coming. He uses it to promote cancer awareness for people to help raise money. We are having a horse show where they are wearing pink t-shirts to support the cause. One of our members has cancer.
Well I need to call it a day so that I can go tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain go Away

The boys got one show almost in last Saturday before it started to rain. It rained hard enough that the Sunday show got postponed until this Sunday so they will have back to back shows. Saturday is a big one for my oldest grandson because he is doing grand entry carrying the American Flag with two others, one carrying the state flag, and the other carrying the club flag. He has been helping me this week clean out an office. It is my old office where I use to work. I have some things that I want to keep because of memories. Twenty two years to be exact. I don't want to be there when they auction off what is left. It just makes me sad to see it go.
I did a craft show this past weekend so I didn't get to see the boys ride. I had mixed emotions that day for sure. I wanted to be in two places at once. It was the first time doing it and I will do it again. I know what type of embroidery I want done for it. The hands really have to  be busy lately. It keeps my mind occupied with other things instead of what is happening. 
They took the legs off of my hubby's wheelchair thinking that it would help him to strengthen his legs. They want him to try to move his wheelchair using his legs. I am hoping it will help, but you really don't know what it will do. We had our doctor appointment this past Friday. He told hubby no knee replacement surgery, then hubby thought then a brace might help, he told him that could cause an open wound if the brace wasn't put on properly. You would be trusting other people to do it which the doctor didn't think would be a good idea. He did give him another cortisone shot in the knee. I ate supper with him since I had not been up to see him the night before. It was to late after I got through what we were doing and took my grandson home. 
I think I am going to cut this a little short. I just wanted you to know I am still here, just have several things going on right now. I have been stopping by, but I haven't been  very good at leaving messages right at the moment. I will be back later. . Have a wonderful rest of the week. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Different Weekend

 I needed a bouquet of flowers after the day on Friday. It was so stressful in more ways then one. I was so stress that I didn't even go to my grandson's ballgame which they won. I had several discussions with them at the nursing home about some different issues all because of some not doing there job. I don't know if we were going forward or two steps backward. We go see the orthopedic doctor this Friday. We have the Oats bus taking us and not the normal one so we will see how that goes. Some of the care changes when you are forced on to medicaid.

This is what the horse arena looked like this morning after the rain last night and early this morning so needless to say the horse show was cancelled. The picture was taken by Joe Schrock . I could see my grandson and some more little ones playing in the mud and water to see who could splash the other one the most. 
Last night was the birthday party for my oldest grandson. His birthday is actually the 12th. but we celebrated when we all could get together. Supper was yummy. We had barbecue ribs, baked potato casseroles . One was made with chicken soup and the other with mushroom soup. green beans, salad. veggie tray, and cherry cobbler made in the dutch oven over the coals. Oh! I forgot the garlic bread.  I brought some of the cherry cobbler home and had it for breakfast with a cup of coffee. 
It was pouring down rain when I left their house. I didn't realize it was so late.  I slept in so I would have been running a little behind if they had the horse show. The first two was rained out. This next weekend they have two that are back to back. Today being there wasn't any horse show, I went to a jewelry party that my daughter was having. You build your own necklaces. They were so much fun to do. It was raining when I came home. I think I will just stay put and rest instead of going out again today. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week .

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Blessing

I came home from the nursing home to hear that family in both St. Louis and Oklahoma City are o.k. Neither said if they had damage, but that can be fixed as long as everybody is o.k. that is the main thing. You can't replace people, but you can replace everything else. It just might take a while.
The sun finally came out late this afternoon, but it stayed on the cool side. They had already turned the boiler off at the nursing home to switch from winter to summer so needless to say some of the residents were complaining. My hubby had put his sweater on over his sweat shirt. He drank coffee for both breakfast and lunch to help warm him up. I was amazed that since he has been there he is drinking more coffee. Usually it would be ice tea for breakfast switching to lemonade later in the day. He never drank it much when we traveled or here at home.
We went for our tootle around the parking lot with my pushing him in his wheelchair. We didn't stay out to long because the wind was out of the northwest and it was cold. Even with the sunshine, it didn't warm up a lot today. I spent a couple of hours today with him. I didn't get up early because he had called me earlier and woke me up then I went back to sleep. I had stayed up to late last night watching movies on the Hallmark Channel so I was sleeping in or so I thought. He had visitors this morning anyways. His oldest two grandsons came to visit while their mom was visiting their other grandpa. He is getting to see more of them.
The insurance adjuster finally came to access the damage at my daughters that was a couple of weeks ago or so. They had more damage then they first thought. He said that the damage was more toward a straight line wind. Now to find someone to do the work that won't rip them off. When you get storm damage of any kind, you always get those who try to make a fast buck. They don't know what they are really doing and they want money up front. If they are really any good, they won't need the money up front. I am still waiting for them to clean some limbs up out of my yard. They keep saying that they are going to do it, but the question is when. 
Hopefully we all have sunshine for awhile so the flood waters can go down and we can all dry out. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay safe.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother Nature is at it again last night with more damage from the storms. I watch the pictures of the storm chaser caught in the tornado on the weather channel. They were really lucky that they survived. When are we going to get a break from the storms? We keep asking for the rain to stop for a while with the flooding going on in our area, and others. 
My heart and prayers go out to those who have been affected with all of the damage. I haven't heard from our Oklahoma friends and family that lived in Oklahoma City. I keep praying that they are safe. We had family affected by the storm that hit St. Louis. I haven't heard from them either. I know with out electricity the Internet is out, but the cell phones keep saying all lines are busy. I know that as soon as someone hears, the chain of calls will go out. 
We had sunshine for a little while today, but we had rain again and the temperature never did warm up as much as they said it would. It is suppose to get in the 40's over night. We have had some really weird weather that is for sure. 
The baseball game and horse show got cancelled because of all the rain we had. Grandma's weekend wasn't exactly as planned, but nothing is ever exactly as you want at times.  I spent most of the day with my hubby. We went outside, but didn't stay long with the dark black clouds rolling in. Needless to say the rain started rather quickly after we got inside. 
As Father said in Mass today, we need to pray for all of those in need. Prayer helps people get through a lot in times of disaster. People can't be replaced, but you can replace a home, car, and other things. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday a day full of sunshine, with the temperature of at least 72. Take care, precaution, and stay safe