Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Quickly Approaching

 It doesn't seem like it should be the end of March already. Did it fly by for you to? It seems as though a week just gets started and it is gone. Is that a sign that I am getting older? I hate to admit my age at times but then I get reminded by my oldest grandson, he is going to be 13 his birthday. A teenager, who keeps growing so fast. He got a new pair of boots and dad said give him three months then dad would have a new pair of boots that is just how fast he is growing.
Last weekend was so pretty that my daughter got to ride the orange beast as she calls it. They took it over to the middle school that is close by and let her see if she could handle it. It is bigger then her bike. Of course, her husband had to make sure she could handle it because it is his bike. Hers is black and more of a show bike. I don't know if his back will allow him to ride yet. He fell on the ice and cracked some ribs on the backside this winter. The picture was taken a couple of years ago. Of course E-Man as they call my youngest grandson thinks that he should have a bigger bike. He parks the one that he does have right in front of the door and you have to move it to get in the house. That  is his special parking place.
He is not going to get to play soccer they didn't have enough in his age bracket. She had an e-mail address for the other location, but it is not meant for someone who has never played before and games are scheduled from 9 to 2 on a Saturday. They have so many teams. I have gone by on a Saturday and you wouldn't be able to find a parking spot. .
I thought we were busy when they were small, but it is nothing compared to all of the activities now days that they get involved with.
Have you ever put something where you would know where it was at only not be able to find it? Or am I just the only one. Where I thought I put it was wrong. Just added a little icing to the cake with the kind of a day that I have had. That is an expression that I like to use. I didn't really feel good today with my allergies bothering me. All of the pollen in the air and then they planed a bunch of cedar which never helps.
Two more days and then the weekend. I am hoping for another nice one, but that will remain to be seen. Have a great day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Evening

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend. It was in the 70's yesterday and today we went into the 80's. We took a drive today going over two-lane highways looking at all of the trees that are blooming and seeing the greens of Spring. The red bud, crab apple, and pear trees are so pretty. You would see quite a few red bud mixed with other trees that you wondered how they got there. You thought maybe they were planted, but you don't know. Of course, the main thing it gave us a change of scenery. Small towns are always friendly and will wave at you when they meet you. They give you the feeling that they appreciate you coming to their community. You can find some good home cooking at some of the little restaurants and make you feel right at home.
I just know the weekends are much to short and there is only a week left in March.I don't know where it has gone, but the time is flying and you wish it would slow down or at least I do.
With the temperature in the 80's you wonder if we are going to have Spring at all or go directly to summer. Flowers that normally bloom in April are already showing their color. I know the weather has been weird all over and I pray for everybody who is affected with the bad weather. Mother Nature doesn't show any favoritism or what she does.
I attended a seminar about the sync features on my car. It was interesting and I learned things that I didn't know. It even has a 911 feature that I hadn't  thought about before. They can pin point where you are and get you help.
Our neighbor must be having health issues again, the fire truck just went by and there goes the ambulance. The guys that I know at the fire station says our neighborhood has several that have health issues and our houses are marked on the map in the fire station that may need their help. I don't know what the problem is but that makes the 3rd time within the last 6 weeks.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and hopefully we can have a few more days of sunshine. I did turn on the air, but I wasn't really wanting to, but with having allergies, pollen doesn't need to come into the house.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine for a little while

The sun peaked in and out during our drive to the city today for our doctor appointment. It was just the start of them for a while. We have five on the calendar already for next month. They are going to be monitoring his blood count very closely for one thing with it so low it is putting stress on his heart. 
He just has a lot of strikes against him and I know that one of these days I will no longer be able to care for him at home and still work. I told the doctor that I am not ready to think about that yet, but I know the day is coming. 
Lets talk about happier things. The rain held off until we made it home and I need to go shopping for Easter for my three boys. I really don't want to buy candy because I know they are going to get enough of that without grandma buying it. I am thinking along the idea of gift cards to where they get to go shopping and pick out what they want. I thought about taking the three of them shopping, but I know grandpa would have to go and I don't know if I can handle the three or if their parents would o.k. that. It would definitely be interesting with the younger two. Maybe my daughter and daughter-in-law would go to. I will asked and see what they say. Of course I got reminded of how many more days until Easter by my youngest. Anybody else have any suggestions for kids that have everything.
I was going through some embroidery work and I found one of the baby quilts that I have done except for the border and some out-lining that I need to do. It is amazing sometimes when you are hunting something else what you come across that you have forgotten about. 
I am taking a little me time and going to go visit some of you all to see what you have been doing. Have a great weekend. I plan on it because it is to be in the 70's and sunshine. We have dropped 12 degrees since we got home. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The rain started yesterday and has continued most of the day sometimes heavy. It stayed on the cool side in the 50's. We are maybe going to have a break Thursday with the rain coming back in the evening. I just want it to stop long enough so I don't have to drive in the rain when we go down to the doctors. 
We needed rain, but we don't need the flooding. They are talking about one of our Rivers going out later in the week. 
I know I was glad to get home and change clothes. You get wet just getting to your vehicles. Hopeful I don't get sick. I am going to put a towel in the car so I can dry my hair. I even hurried, but I still got soaked.
We have  had the storms all around us. It is like we are sitting in a pocket. I hope we don't get any of the severe weather. 
Honestly, I didn't wash my car, so you can't blame me for the rain. I did think about it, but that is as far as it went. 
I have been doing some embroidering, reading your blogs, and trying to leave comments.  I fell asleep in the chair last night with my sewing laying in my lap. I was going to watch the news. I didn't see any of that.  I was told I needed to take sleeping pills to help me sleep. I don't want that because it would probably make me dopey and not able to do what I needed to for my other half.  I will be o.k. once Thursday is over with. I am still doing some tweaking with my computer.  I put my Norton 360 on today and took off this weird one that was installed because I didn't like it. I did get my e-mail account working for work. I had the tech come from our Internet service. It didn't take him very long at all. It was a 25.00 learning experience. 
My youngest grandson is counting down to Easter. We are having an Easter party at his house. He wants everything to be a party. My older two has been really busy lately. You have to call to see if they are going to be home. Between school, scouts, 4-h, and other activities they are very busy. They are all healthy at the moment I am almost afraid to say that. 
Have a great week.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clouds Moving In

My bunnies
 This is my magnolia tree in bloom this year. It is starting to lose the petals since the wind has been blowing strong the last couple of days. The clouds have been moving in all day and then the sun shines. You think maybe it is going to rain, but it is any body's guess when that is going to happen.
We have spent more time at home this weekend for a change. After running errands yesterday morning, we came home and hubby slept all afternoon. Our son didn't believe that we were actually home. It is an exception to the rule. 
We were gone for a while this morning, but we have been home all afternoon until we went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. I got us a small pizza and some salad mix that was supper. It sounded good for a change. 
Finding things just for two people is a challenge. We will know more of what we can do after the doctor appointment this coming Thursday. 
Don't you like my bunnies. My blue flower in the middle doesn't show up that good in the picture, but they are blue, purple and lavender. I thought of my friend Shell at Raspberry Rabbits when I made this one. Now you know what I did while I set at the hospital 24/7. I take small projects because they are easier to work with then my quilts. The next couple of tea towels the patterns are a little different then the normal. I am always looking for something different and I never know where I will find them. They will be listed in my etsy shop some of them are already.
I have everything set up on my new computer except I am still having problems with my e-mail. I can retrieve it a different way so that will go on the back burner for a day or two. I need to get things done for my current month. 
Matt has decided he is just going to show his horse this summer. They missed the soccer sign up and t-ball was going to interfere with his showing his horse. He made the choice.  My youngest grandson doesn't have a horse, but he would if he could. He always wants to ride horses when he goes out to our sons. 
We will just go where ever this summer that we can do. We take every day that we are given and pray for the best. Some days are good and some days aren't. You just roll with whatever you are handed. 
Pray for our boys in Afghanistan right now. They need us in the worse way. I have family over there and know some more getting read to go.
You all have an enjoyable week. Ours is suppose to be storming for the first three days. Take care

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Pat's Saturday

One more day this week. I got to work all week which is an exception to the rule. Just talked with the doctor on the phone. Is everybody ready for St. Pat's Day? Do you attend the parades? Do you have corn beef and cabbage?
We are having our corn beef and cabbage for lunch tomorrow at work. Needless to say my hubby thinks he should have that in the evening so I will probably take him to Cracker Barrel. They usually have it this time of the year. 
I will have to pick my route carefully for my errand running on Saturday. I don't know if we will be watching any of the parade or not. Hubby is using the wheel chair right now. He is just a little wobbly on his feet. I have my thoughts as to why but I don't want to stress him out anymore then he already is with waiting on answers.
We haven't been able to visit any of the kids since we celebrated Dad's birthday a week or so ago. They all have been having the junk that is going around. As the saying goes when they go to school, they bring everything home. We just chit-chat on the phone. You can have some wonderful conversations with the younger two. Don't ask them questions, if you don't want the answer . It it time for parent-teacher conferences. I would love to be a mouse and listen. 
I have so many things I want to do, but just not enough hours. I am still working with my new computer at work. I still haven't succeeded in getting my e-mail to work. I don't know my problem there, but I will keep trying.
Enough rambling I want to go and visit some more of you. Have a great weekend. Take care and be safe if you party. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My Magnolia Tree Starting to Look like this. 

Are  you ready for summer?? We had 82 degrees today. That isn't Spring temperatures to me. 
I have been learning to do all kinds of things. I got brave today and put my accounting program on my new computer. I. also, got my accounting transfer from my old to the new. It took some trial and error before I got it accomplished. I wanted to pay some bills, but I had to align the checks so they would print right. It took experimenting a few times to get that worked out. I haven't tried my payroll checks. I will try that one tomorrow. 
I haven't figured out how to retrieve my e-mails yet. They are suppose to call me tomorrow from where we have our Internet service through. 
I have to call the doctor tomorrow to see if he wants me to sit tight until Tuesday when we see him or do something before then. Hubby is losing blood. To figure out from where, they should have done a lower while he was in the hospital. You always have some that really don't want to stick their necks out with complicated problems. He is that, I am getting a medical degree one day at a time with him. 
We all have been wanting some nice weather, but not summer. I don't want to turn on the air-conditioning yet. I was just wanting some around the upper 50's and 60's. Here we go again getting picky
I found out I can do seat replacements on stools in the bathroom. The instructions said that it was simple and all you needed was a screwdriver. Do they really trust seniors with screwdrivers?? I made it. Mission accomplished. 
I have been trying to stay away from the ones that have been sick with what is going around. I don't need to bring that home. I even spray some air-freshener that is suppose to kill germs. 
Well enough rambling I have a couple of other things I need to do yet tonight before I call it a day. Take care and Have a good day.  Oh yes, the tree in the picture is mine that lives in my front yard. It is not this year's picture.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunshine Today

We had sunshine today and was in the 60's today. It wasn't to bad for the errands I had to run. At least I don't have any medication that I just filled that  changed this time. 
Just think St. Paddy's day is just a week away. We won't get our usual Irish supper so you all will have to have it and think of us. He is a little limited to somethings that we can eat until we go see our primary care doctor. He is fitting us in on his lunch hour. He has been there with us since day one.
I have to keep very busy and I do have a couple of new tea towels I got done while spending 24/7 at the hospital. It felt so good to have my own bed last night. We did have some snow and freezing rain early Thursday morning, but let just face it . Our weather has been weird this year. 
We did have a wonderful dinner last weekend with the family. We are going to do it again. Our grandsons want to go there for their birthdays. My boys like to read. Matt got two new books, one about snakes and the other was John F. Kennedy. I am not to enthused about snakes, but I will be brave and let him read his new book to me. 
I am just glad that they like to read.  I am looking forward to the summer and watching the boys with all of their activities. Our oldest grandson is thinking about competing in shooting guns shooting clay. He passed his gun safety class that is required for them to belong to the 4-h club.  
We are going to take every day we are given and  we know we will be thrown some curves along the way. It is just a set back that we have to deal with. Take care all of you. Thank you for your visits, It means the world to me right now. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Home

We made it home from the hospital this afternoon after spending from Tuesday till now. My hubby called me at work to tell me that he was having chest pains. I asked him if he had tried his nitro and he said no. I told him to take that and after three he still had chest pains so the emergency room we went. He didn't have a heart attack, but we have issues to address and lots of doctor appointments. We just have to plan our next course of action. We know that his liver is going down hill and he is not a candidate for a liver transplant. They are afraid that he will be bleed to death because of his bleeding disorder where he doesn't clot good.
It has been a stressful few days with not knowing what is going on and still not feeling comfortable about the situation. I wasn't real happy at getting told that we should start thinking about things. I know that we are living on borrowed time, but my biggest thing who told us was a nurse practitioner and not the doctor. She said that she was speaking from experience because her mother was so ill.
We have been fighting his problems going on 13 years. He gave one of the night nurses a scare because the bottom dropped out of his blood sugar. I found out today they weren't giving him Novolog instead they gave him Humulog with his Levimir, We can't take Humulog . They told me that the insulin is the same as we used at home. They aren't the same and all medications does not work the same with everybody. I want to do some reading of your blogs hopefully later today, but right now I am off to the pharmacy. The calendar just has a lot of doctor appointments, but the nice thing  is they made the follow-up appointments before we came home. You all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to two

The flowers made you want it to be Spring. Aren't we all ready for the sunshine and warm weather? The kind that makes our flowers grow. 
We have a had a very busy weekend with our son being home from Louisiana. The boys were trying to figure out a way to keep him here. He flew out today headed back to work. He will be working seven days a week. It was good to see him even though it was short. We went to dinner last night with the family. Our younger son didn't get to go for being sick. I talked with him tonight and he still didn't sound good. He said he was a little better, his wife came home on Friday and took him to the doctor. He didn't even argue the point so you know he was really sick. He had rode to a training school in the city with one who coughed all the way down and all the back. He called in sick two days in a row  so he just expose our son and the other one that went too.
He didn't want to make his dad sick or any body else so he stayed home. His wife took him something home to eat. 
After being with the family most of the weekend it seems quiet. We ate breakfast with him, and our daughter's family this morning before he left. Our youngest grandson was not about to let anyone take him to the airport excepting them. He wanted to see his Uncle John's plane take off. Dad and I went for a drive even though it was really windy and in some area's if you were close to where the flood went through last summer it was like a dust storm with the wind blowing strong.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and we don't have anymore bad weather for awhile. 

Friday, March 2, 2012


Weird weather in the Midwest for sure. I left for work this morning it tried to rain, then it turned to these big snowflakes, and then by noon we had sunshine with 50 degrees. You never know what to think.
This morning the snowflakes made me think of having a feather pillow fight and the feathers coming out of the pillows. It is 41 degrees at the moment. I was so ready for the weekend. It is family time with all of us together. My grandsons can't wait until Uncle John gets home. His plane should be in the air headed our way. Our daughter was going to pick him up. I offer to do it, but they think mom shouldn't be on the road that hour of the night.
Is that implying that mom is getting old??? I keep telling them that you are only as old as you feel. Some days I feel my age, but other days I don't.
My craft show got cancelled so I will be adding new items to my etsy shop as soon as I get my pictures taken. I can change my plans on what project I start next.
We are suppose to be on the cold side this weekend and back up to 62 degrees by Tuesday. We  live in an area referred to at times as tornado alley. We just pray alot and have our weather radio turned on. It does scare you if  it should happen to go off during the night.
Why do they call it a straight line wind, when a storm sneaks up on them. Even though the trees look twisted instead of the kind of a snap the wind would do. They had a new business in North Kansas City that looked interesting that I thought we would stop at when we went down to the doctors on the way home. We won't get to because it was destroyed by they say a straight wind. 
We count our blessing and say prayers for those in harms way. It makes you really wonder what Spring is going to bring us. Are you ready to Spring forward? I just wish they would change it a half hour and leave it alone. Everybody have a great weekend. Take care and be safe