Saturday, June 6, 2020

Checkin In

       I can't believe my oldest grandson is turning 21. It seems like yesterday that he was riding his first horse "Charlie" and going with him when he was learning to drive. It makes you wonder where those 21 years have gone. I can remember when he was little and I was trying to teach him how to embroidery. He would pull the thread out of the needle and just laugh. He went with me to craft shows taking his animal puzzles and boxes made out of different kinds of woods. He tried to sell more than grandma. Oh those precious memories. 
     He has ordered a strawberry cheese cake and mac and cheese so far for the family party. I don't know what else they will have. It will be the first family get together since Covid 19 started. I am looking forward to having the day with all of my kids and grandsons.. 
     I am wondering when all of the rioting, looting, and destroying people's property is going to stop. Why are they so determine to destroy everything? Going into cities that they don't even live in and small communities where people get along. I don't know what our world is coming to today. 
    My fingers are kept busy. I mailed a custom order to Maryland this week and working on my next project. My hands have to stay busy because I don't want them to get stiff.  We have a heat advisory out for today, I haven't done my own shopping  Covid 19 started. My daughter has done it for me.  
    We  had two very stormy nights and the first caused damage with trees down, roofs torn off buildings even on an apartment building which I am thankful that I didn't live there. We did have some tree damage in our parking lot at my apartment building. We had rows of trees separating the rows for parking. One car had a tree on top of it. I don't know how much damage it had. It took and moved Hot Rods shed  180 degree turn turning it up side down and landing about 20 feet from where it originally was. That was the only damage at my son's house and Hot Rod was fine. They are trying to say it was straight wind, but it wasn't because the trees were twisted off and you had the sounds of the train. A lot of people lost lights, but I was lucky and mine wasn't off that long. A lot of lines were down with the trees. A good friend of ours had a tree fall on the house going through the roof into her daughter's bedroom. I am thankful that everybody was alright. 
    Month of June there is suppose to be a horse show every weekend, but so far today's was cancelled because the ground in the arena was to wet. It is kinda like last year because the first two shows was cancelled because of  the rain causing the arena to be to wet. My grandson's equine tour to Kentucky was cancelled because of covid 19. A disappointed boy because he was looking forward to it. He had been working goat sales, throwing hay bales to earn money toward the trips that he wants to take. Last year he got to go clear to Canada with stops along the way.
    He has his learner's permit for driving, but he won't be 16 until October.  I will have a freshman and sophomore in high school this fall. It doesn't seem to like they should be that old. Enough of this and that. Have a great day and stay safe.