Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week Almost Over

The week is almost gone and it can't end any to soon for me. It has been a rough week working short handed and trying to do my work that I have to have done for deadlines.
We have had beautiful weather for the month of July. It has been 60's at night and in the 70's in the daytime. Usually it will be very hot, but not so far. We are suppose to have rain this next week which might mean we will slow a little as we are going to be one short. We have a very small crew the way that it is .
Birthday party Saturday evening for our youngest grandson who will be 4 years old. He is my biker. It is a pirate birthday party with decorations. He is singing it's my party. He is such a little character.
My oldest grandson gets to show mom and dad what he has learn from his riding lessons. He is excited because he got to jump yesterday. She teaches them to ride bareback, western saddle, English saddle. She wants them to ride using their body and not relying on a saddle horn to hang on to.
He had already asked if he can do the fall lessons. They have found something that he is really interested in. She makes them do homework and I think that it will help with school work, also.
He was great help with brother while we babysat last Sunday. I rocked little brother to sleep. He told me he didn't need a nap. I told him that was fine we would just read a book and rock. It didn't take to long. Of course big brother had to have his turn. also. We spoil our boys and we would not have it any other way. Our family reunion is, also, this weekend. It will be inside in the air conditioning which is always good because we have to many who have health problems and can't be outside in the heat. There are 10 brothers and sisters. It will be a good size with our children and their children. last year there were 7 brothers and sisters with families there. We always guess how many we think will be there this year.
I must close as I need an early night. It is statement day tomorrow at work and I know that I have over 250 statements to do. Take Care.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I decided to do changes tonight. I changes the avatar and banner of my etsy shop and my blog. I was just in that kind of a mood this evening. The weather has turned off very hot this weekend, but it wasn't suppose to. I think it has something to do with the Tennis tournament that comes to town. It has been hot and stormy for the last three years. It stormed bad enough one year that they had to move it inside.
I went birthday shopping today for my youngest grandson, who has been wanting building blocks. He is having a pirate party with decorations. He wants a pirate cake. I haven't figure out that one because he watches Sponge Bob, Dora and others on television. We haven't watch a pirate show when i have babysat him.
My latest project is just about done. It will be Christmas in August. They are both Christmas tea towels. They were easy to take with me while visiting the doctor's office. We will be doing that quite a bit here until we get things back under control with my husband.
We were visiting with some people while I was getting my car serviced today. It is amazing how many people are a caregiver of a spouse. He was the caregiver for his wife of over 40 years. He does some of the similar things that we do like taking drives looking at the scenery on two lane highways. I would sooner drive on the two lanes because you don't usually have the traffic that you get on the major highways.
We had a fly-in today at our airport by people who were going to the big air show in Wisconsin. The planes were neat and you could tell they had spent many hours in their upkeep .We usually have breakfast on the weekend at the airport restaurant just so that my husband could see the planes. He likes planes and trains. I still would like some day to be able to take a vacation by train. The shows that I have seen on television make the routes really look enjoyable and you see scenery that you can't see by car.
I must close. Have a wonderful week

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool Weather

We have had the most unusual weather for the month of July. It really makes you wonder because the hot weather was in June and this month we have had some cool, cloudy, rainy looking days. We had some rain this morning and it looked as though it was going to a few times this afternoon and evening.
I helped my daughter-in -law and son put corn in the freezer over the weekend. It will really taste good this winter when the snow is on the ground. The best part it was free and all they had to do was go and pick it. The boys helped mom and dad pick it and Matt soon to be 5 thought it was so much fun. Jake, 10, helped by counting the ears that was going in the water, flatten the packages of corn so they would lay flat in the freezer. He had to show me his picture of him riding bareback during one of his riding lessons. He is really enjoying that.
We went for our scenic tour on Sunday. We went out to Chillcothe, Missouri to see the plane that was being restored. They have it done and it is back marking the entrance to the airport. We left there going through some small towns winding our way back to North Kansas City, where we stopped to have a late lunch at Kelso Pizza. It is one of the places that we like to stop and they are reasonably priced. We then came home through Parkville and Weston. It was an enjoyable drive because there wasn't a lot of company.
The hills had such pretty green colors. They have built a new house that sits next to the hills with a wrap around porch that the view would be absolutely beautiful regardless of the time of the year. It isn't a big house and I would really like to see the inside. Some builders are starting to build a nice size house at a reasonable price. It isn't the two story costing mega bucks. People are starting to look for a more economical house.
It is clouding up again so we may get some more rain yet tonight. Everybody take care.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I thought I would send a bouquet of flowers out to my friends. It has been a trying time at my house and I have also had some friends going through a rough time. The weather was beautiful today only in the 70's and it is to get down in the 50's tonight. We are to have a nice weekend and then it will be back to the heat again.
Some of my friends know I have been dealing with the after effects of shingles. The pain and burning hasn't gone away and we don't know how long it will take to have it go away.
We had a trip to the hospital with my husband dealing with the heart and today I made a trip to pick up my son who had a chemical asthma attack besides working. Quite a week.
The county fairs are going on and before very long it will be our state fair. My daughter in-laws take their trailer down and spend the week. They always take it as early as possible so that they can get their special parking space.
We will probably take a drive tomorrow for a change of scenery to see some of the countryside. We won't know where we are going. We just go.
We had A10 fighter planes and Apache helicopter at our airport last weekend. They were taking part in an air show north of us. They had some other planes parked there that was really neat. You never know what you are going to see when we go over there to the restaurant for breakfast. I will try to write more later. To all my friends who are suffering, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Every body take care. Please leave me a note when you visit, I love hearing from you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Two of my latest tea towels. They will be pressed and the final pictures will be taken before I list them in my etsy shop. I have the edges to put on another one and I will soon have five done.
We took time out last night for the 4Th of July celebration at my daughter and son-in-law's house. We sat inside their new garage to eat because of the fine mist that was coming down. It didn't stop anybody from shooting off their night time display which really had some neat ones . You wonder how much was spent. One look like the top of a hot air balloon. How far it floated we don't have any idea. The last time you could see it, it looked the size of my thumb. One of their neighbors shot that one off.
You could watch the fireworks being shot all of the way home. It is amazing the type that we saw. It was 1 A.M. the last time I saw the clock and they were still shooting them off in our neighborhood.
Today we took a drive before it got warm. It is 82 degrees and the temperature will be going back up for the rest of the week. We did have a week of relief from the triple digit heat index.
We went over into Kansas, going to Troy, Atchison, Weston,Missouri, coming home through the scenic rolling hills. Some of the wheat have been harvest and a lot of the crops have finally got planted.
We had our tractor drive for Camp Quality last weekend with 270 tractors participating. It was really awesome to sit along the highway and watch the old tractors go by. We had several states represented. We had a couple of tractors that I had never seen before. Just looking you knew that they had spent a lot of money restoring them.
We hope you all had a safe and Happy 4Th of July. Take care.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, We have had rain all day and we are in a severe thunderstorm watch for the evening. At least we won't have to worry about the grass being to dry and catch fire.
I have been a little under the weather so I haven't blogged lately like I should. I have been doing a work in progress. I have 4 new tea towels ready for laundry and pressing before going into my etsy shop. I will give you all a sneak peek before I list them.
I was on the road today. I only worked until 11 A.M. . I wish he would have let me have the whole day, but it was o.k. I needed to do some things that I normally do on Saturday, but some of the places will be closed. I don't know what my next project will be because I have been a little under the weather with shingles. They are very painful, can itch, but mine was a burning sensation. I just wish the urgent care would have given me the medicine that my primary care doctor did. It really helped.
I am not positive what we will do the 4th of July. We have been invited to our daughter and son-in-law's in the evening. I need to touch base with them tomorrow . They have been shooting off fireworks since about Wednesday in our neighborhood. Some sound pretty good size. It won't be quiet that is for sure. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July.