Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Week

My picture today was taken by Anne Christian Lorys while she was sitting in her swing on the front porch. I loved it and she consented for me to use it on my blog. She is a very gifted photographer. I know that I envy her ability to take such beautiful pictures. 
We hit 85 yesterday and we are suppose to have another hot one today. Then drop 40 degrees. I am trying to decide if I want the air on so the house won't get hot while I am gone.
Are we going to have another year where we don't really have Spring again? They even said that we are going to have the possibilities of snow and rain mixed on Thursday. I really don't know what to expect any more. I think our weather people are just guessing. 
Tomorrow is a big day for my youngest grandson, He is going on his field trip. He is excited. I had supper with them on Sunday evening so he could give me my pass to get me into his ball games that will be starting. It is going to be fun to watch. I will take the camera so I can take pictures to take to grandpa. He gave me hugs to take to him.
Hubby has already called today wanting to know what I am doing. I told him I would be up sometime today. They kept their window open in there room last night. We only got down into the 60's.
He really enjoyed his night out with the boys. They had fun with the wheelchairs getting them where they were suppose to go. They all got washed during the night after they got home to get the mud off of them. They really enjoyed watching the mutton bustin with the little ones. They are so much fun, but that is where it all starts when they think they want to be bull riders. I think the girls that got to go had a good time too. 
It doesn't seem like my oldest grandson is finishing the 8th grade. He has been on the high honor roll all year and will be starting high school in the fall. I just don't want to admit that he is growing up. He already has all of his classes chosen that he wants to take. He elected not  to have a study hall so he will have homework to do. He  said if he chose the study hall he would not be able to get a class that he wanted. 
Well I really need to get myself around and start my day. Hope you have a beautiful one. Ours is nice and sunny which is a welcome change for a while even if it is going to be hot. 
Take care

Friday, April 26, 2013

May Almost Here

These are my two grandson's that I will be watching starting the 11th of May. Their first show is what they call a fun show. They don't have to wear the mandatory shirts that will be require when the official first competition starts in June.  The horses have had all of their shots and test ready to go. They will pick Lady up from my brothers this weekend so my oldest will be showing two horses instead of one. 
The pictures were taken last year when they were doing trails at one of the shows. It required them to wear white shirts which is hard to keep clean while they are doing that. 
They are both getting anxious to start. I think then in June it will be every weekend. At least they will not being competing against each other because big brother had to move up a level.

 I think that made both of the boys happy for a change. I will be taking pictures so that I can show grandpa.  Grandpa and three others are doing the Boys Night Out at the Nursing home. They are going to take them to see the Bull riding competition. Two of the aides and the van driver will be going with them. It should be a fun time for them. Normally it is the women that is having a shopping day or something.  I think it is rather nice. They wanted to know if I cared and I said no. 
The last picture is Matt with his two friends. They are going to be riding horses and can't wait. They all play together when they have a show. 
The kids whether boys or girls they all get along and have a lot of fun.
We warmed up today to a whopping 56 degrees, but the wind and the rain made it seem cooler then that. We didn't get the rain that they have predicted. We are suppose to get to 70 tomorrow, but I am not counting on it. I haven't really planned my day. I just do whatever I feel like. I have been working on a custom order. I had to go get some more thread today for that one so I could get it finished and ready to ship. 
At least when we had the snow, it didn't last to long. The ground was warm so when it started warming up it melted pretty fast. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Snow

Can you imagine my magnolia tree looking like this on top of the blooms that was turning brown? We had rain last night and today we are getting snow. So far the only place that it has stuck is to the grass and trees. It is getting close to the end of April and we should be having sun shine and warmer weather not this. 
I have been home most of the morning, but I am getting ready to go out. I am going to the nursing home and then picking up my oldest grandson and taking him home to help his mom and dad. I was going to be up there anyway. 
I have been working on a custom order trying to get it ready to ship. It always makes me feel good about having someone liking my work to have me make some special for them. 
We all have been wanting warmer weather, but we haven't had yet. It has been up and down with some flooding in our area. It hasn't been as bad as the last flood when it was man-made and not mother nature. This has been mother nature with all of the snow we had making the ground wet and now the rain with more snow. 
My oldest grandson got to go to my brother's and ride "Lady". I keep wondering what the name is beside Lady and when you hear them for the first time you wonder what horse is that, because you aren't use to the registered name. He started off on her in the bull pen, if he got bucked off, it wouldn't be a hard landing, but he definitely would be stinky. He didn't get bucked off and when he got her on the grass, he had no problems, you didn't realize that she hadn't been rode all winter. I have only seen pictures of her. They need to go get her because the first show is the 11th of May. Then in June I think they have a show every weekend or at least they did last year. 
I would like to welcome my new followers and thank you for your comments.  Well i need to head out the door. I hope you are having a wonderful day. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Where are You

 It is getting close to the first of May and we started off at 29 degrees this morning. What was a beautiful Magnolia tree is now brown because of the freeze that we had. We have had some flooding in our area because of the rain. It wasn't as bad as we have had it in the past.  We should have warmer weather, where is it at. Do you have it if so, share some with us.
I just know it was cold at the craft show today because their door wouldn't close right. With people coming in and out, the door was standing open. It was cold where our table was and I wouldn't have wanted to be close to the door. 
I didn't sell anything, but it was an enjoyable day of meeting new people and having a change of scenery for the day. You always need a break from everything for just yourself and that was today. 
I thought I would show you part of my table and the tea towels that I have done. I just need to get them listed in my etsy shop so that I have something new.
 My little blue bird, bouquet of flowers , my hand embroidered handkerchief. burp towels, bibs, were just a few of the things that I had on my table. I had lots of compliments and lookers. Most that was sold was vendors by from vendors. There was a city wide garage sale not far from where we were at which they said they thought was part of the problem. Of course, you never know what days to pick, you just take a chance when you make plans. 
My daughter in law was at the craft show with me, so my son and the boys were doing the grocery shopping. I would have loved being a mouse and watching that. They were texting asking where in the store was this and that located. You can tell my son isn't use to doing the shopping. They went to my brother's this afternoon. He wants my grandson to show his horse that he had bought for his grandchildren. They have to have the papers to turn in by the 1st of May or he wouldn't be able to show her.  You have to turn in the names of all horses that you think you might show or not.

 The next pictures is of her booth. On her stand is all wooden puzzles that they make using a scroll saw.  On the third shelf down was the spider that my grandson made. She wanted him to make another one, but he hasn't been willing yet. It sold today so maybe he will change his mind. They made the bunk bed and the regular bed in the next two pictures. Your American Girl doll would fit in them very nicely. She had planned on having mattresses and all on them, but ran out of time. 
She has her hands full with working full-time , her family, and dealing with her dad, who is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke which left him paralyze on the left side. He thinks that he can go home because he sees other people go home. He has to have 24/7 care the same as my hubby. Only my hubby is not as hard headed as her dad. She said that she never dream of becoming a care giver for a parent. I told her you just never know. 

I thought they did really a great job and they are cheaper then what you can buy them in the store or the American Girl catalog for. They do sell  and ship them. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I want it to warm up. I am glad that I had decided to postpone getting me a few flowers. They are saying that we might possibly get snow this week. Take care and I am sorry it is a little long post tonight. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Happening

What is happening to our country? I have been home today so the television has been on for company as I finish a few things for my craft show this weekend. Boston's tragedy leaving people dead and hurt. Was there any kind of advance signs of problems? We will never know. One minute the news media was saying someone had been arrested and they had to say they hadn't. Are they so anxious to be the first with the story, that they forget what they were taught about reporting the truth. Wouldn't it be better if they kept some of the details to theirselves? Sometimes there is just to much information given to the people who commit these crimes.Then to have the letters back again with the poison, how much more is going to happen in this country. Have we lost all of our common sense to protect us?
 It is a big race weekend here in the midwest. They have already started planning  for extra precaution with the number of race fans that it brings here to the Midwest. They are hoping to prevent an event like what happened in Boston. My heart and prayer goes out to those families who lost love ones or whose love ones were injured. We have a trauma nurse leaving to help at the hospitals from our area. 
There is so much more violence in our country any more. Is it because of all the drugs that have been brought in that is causing it or is it somebody trying to make a name for themselves. Would it help to have more jobs for people to where maybe they wouldn't have a lot of time to get in trouble? If they get caught, should they face a more severe punishment then we are seeing? Do we have the right to protect ourselves and our homes?
 Quite a bit to think about and try to figure out the answer. I will be curious to see what kind of response I get to this post. It isn't my usual kind. 
The weather has been rainy and cold only in the 40's. Hope you all are having sunshine.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

May 11th

The magic day of May 11th is the first horse show of the season for the two boys. They took the horses yesterday so that they could get all of the shots, test, and etc that they had to have. 
I ended up going out an spending time with the boys because dad needed to go to the ER. Cleo didn't like the way she was having to be backed out of the trailer and put him into the divider gate. It was scary because it was the same shoulder he had rebuilt in the past when he had shatter the ball. He didn't break anything nor puncher anything, just going to be sore for a few days for which we can really be thankful. 
The picture is of my oldest grandson and his horse Fergie taken the last show of the season when it was cold, rainy, just not really that great of a day. They let them wear coats when they showed. I missed it because of grandpa being in the hospital. One thing about this year brother will not be competing against brother for big brother had to move up an age bracket. 
They are both looking forward to getting started.
The past week went much to fast while our oldest was home. I did enjoy the time that I got to spend with him and I had a phone call a little while ago letting me know he had made it back to his apartment o.k. . He was on the backside of the storm and just had to deal with the wind, which has been something else here today. They said that our airport had gust up to 40 miles a hour today. We have had a little rain, but nothing to really speak of. We could use some more .  We never really want him to leave, just reminded me of when he would come home on leave from the service.  He stopped by the house and picked up a few things before he left.
I went to the city yesterday to JoAnn's which they have remodeled.  Their inventory looked bigger then it had been. I spent over a hour looking around and realized I needed to start back home. I could have spent more time just looking going up and down the isles. They have one section for crafts for the younger generation to get them started enjoying it with the rest of us.  If  you are into scrapbooking, they have enlarge that area and have so much more to choose from. Our daughter and I will be going down when she has a day. They were busy so I went by myself. 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am not sure what mine will bring. Take care

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The storms came through early this morning waking me up. I don't like the sound of lightening close to the house. We have had it hit once and that was enough in our 47 years living here. 

The temperature has been dropping all day and if the weather man is right my magnolia tree won't look like the picture in the morning. It is so pretty right at the moment. It is something that we planted a long time ago watching it grow. The trees that you see in the background is part of our yard. Most have been raised from baby trees over the years. 

I thought I would show you my bunnies. They are on the end of a table runner that I finished. I know they are a little late for Easter this year, but someone may want to purchase them for next year. It has flowers in the middle with bunnies on each end.

It has been an enjoyable time even though it has been storming while my son is home for a visit. Our grandsons have been good about going to school while he is here, but they are having a lot of fun with their uncle. The visits are never long enough, but he seems to know when mom needs to hear his voice. He went and surprised his dad at the nursing home. 

I have enjoyed your visits and comments so much. They mean a lot to me with everything going on in my life. I have taken the day to have a little "me" time  with it raining and cold. I like to curl up in my favorite chair with a piece of embroidery in my lap and the tv on for company when we have stormy weather. I can not stand a quiet house. 

Has your Spring weather officially arrived in your part of the country or is yours crazy like ours. Hope everybody is having a good day.


Sunday, April 7, 2013


 Later this afternoon our oldest son will be home for a few days. Even though our time will be short, it will be enjoyable to see him. I know our three grandsons are waiting anxiously for him to get here. They think they can stay home from school leave it to them to try. 

We will have a cookout later this afternoon at our younger son's house. He is fixing pork chops on the grill. I am hoping they also fix the potatoes, onions, carrots, and mixture that they do at times that is so yummy. We will, also celebrate our oldest birthday which was this past week. 

They say it is going to be stormy later this afternoon. It is on the chilly side right now, but we had 70's yesterday. The wind was really strong. I thought I wasn't going to get my car door open. After that episode, I watch how I parked so I wouldn't have that problem. I can just see me climbing over the console of my car to get out the other door with people watching. They would have really laughed at that.  

I thought I would show you a couple of my new tea towels. I have a couple more that just needs the borders. On my bouquet of flowers I used two shades of purple for the edging and my owl I used a shade of dark green. I am doing a craft show here in a couple of weeks so I am trying to get them done. 

I put together a resume that didn't look bad according to the employment agency. They send the resumes to the company and they decide who they want to interview. Oh well, we shall see. I am just glad that I can still wear my navy blue pant suit and didn't have to fit some new clothes in my budget.

Our youngest grandson wanted a rabbit for Easter. He didn't get it so he has this idea when his oldest dog dies, he will get a rabbit instead of another dog. He even went to the point he wanted to measure the oldest one so that he could see what size of a hole he needed. He is going to get his Uncle to show him how to build him a house for his rabbit. You have to love the ideas that they come up with. He tried for chickens because he wanted to have fresh eggs. He starts baseball practice today. 

Hope you all have warm weather, sunshine, and a beautiful Sunday. 


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Want to Win A New Tote

Would you like to win one of the these beautiful totes ? Just hop over to Vicki's blog at 2 Bags Full. I wanted to put it on my side bar, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. Her give away will end May 5th, and I hope maybe I will be lucky enough to win one of these. Vicki is one of those special friends that comes to visit.A lot of us participated in her grow your blog. I love to read about her  trips that she takes to so many wonderful places. I enjoy all of your trips because that is my way of traveling now through your pictures. I need your prayers tonight that tomorrow is a lucky day. I got a referral to put my application in for a job and I am hoping I get it. I decided that I would wear a navy blue pant suit with a pair of heels. I went and got my hair done today so it would look good. The job is doing the same thing that I have been doing the last 22 years of my life. 
At first this evening, I was just going to stay home, but I decided to go to the nursing home. I am glad I did because he was not having a good day. His blood sugar was almost 500 which is not good. They had got it down some, but it was still to high. It is a little nerve racking because they don't take into consideration what the menu is when they figure how much to give him. I hate the sliding scale that they use in the hospital and there
My daughter went back to work today. She said that she was a little tired, but other then that did o.k.. Can anybody tell me where March went? It has flown so fast and this month is moving right along. We are starting to warm back up again which is really good.  Well I am off to visit some of my friends. Have a wonderful weekend.