Monday, February 24, 2014


     It has been a long week for me in dealing with some issues. I found out that they had stopped hubby's eye drops. I don't really know why, but he got one dose today so we will see what happens next. I just get tired, why can't they do their job the way it is suppose to be done. 
    The basketball tournament was fun to watch even though they lost. They didn't get beat that bad and I found out that the teams they played all they play is tournament ball. They all want to play again and hopefully they can all be on the same team next time. They learned and that is the main thing. 
     Supper was yummy last night. My daughter-in-law was cooking on the grill. She was cooking hamburgers, brauts, and a potato dish that is seasoned sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and onions, Of course, I just love food cooked outside. They do that quite often. They are in the process of building a shed. When I got there they were putting on the trim. Dad started the screws and my basketball player would finish them off. My oldest grandson put the metal roof on. Dad helped him with the first piece. Dad doesn't like heights, but it didn't bother my grandson. It will look good when it is finished. He had gone skiing the night before  down at Snow Creek. They came home early. Two kids got hurt, one with a broken collar bone and the other possible broken shoulder. They found out why they wanted insurance information, doctors name and etc. They still had a good time. 
    I went to the city today for my doctor appointment. I had to have lab work and EKG, you know those yearly kind of things. Of course, my blood pressure was high from the drive and being told I owed money that I don't think I do. I think they filed the claim wrong. It means phone calls and be prepared to be transferred several times. We now have our picture taken for identification purposes. You know it is strange they don't require a photo id to vote, but you have to have one for everything else. Maybe it needs to be there too. The good news is that my EKG was normal, now just to wait on the lab results. I will go back in six months at least we won't have to deal with the cold. Probably hot then.
   We are back to the cold weather again, it is no wonder people get sick. You go from one extreme to the other. I am just tired of the layers. I notice the price of gasoline jumped a dime after I got gas this morning.  Enough of this and that. Well I hope you all have a good week. Take care.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spent the Day With

    I got to spend the day with my oldest grandson. We were going to check on belt buckles for high point for a horse show they are having this summer. When we got there, the place didn't look like it was a business. As a matter a fact it look like something else. When we asked about it, we were told you had to make an appointment. I told my grandson, I didn't like the looks of it and I was afraid that maybe they wouldn't get what they were wanting. I know what I thought about it look more like, but I will keep those thoughts to myself. 
   They are in the process of selling advertising for their program booklet getting sponsorships and etc for their horse shows.  His dad found out about the first  one because he had them send it to his dad's e-mail address. He told him that he had the second one when he called wanting to know about e-mail he received. He ended up with the three all total  and then we went to see his grandpa, my hubby. He was surprised to see us. We were a little later then I thought, but I enjoyed my day of being chauffeur. I needed some light bulbs put in here at the house and he took care of that for me. I was suppose to get to spend time with both him and his little brother today, but his brother was sick. His brother ended up at the doctors office and he has strep throat. They put him on meds and he was feeling better this evening when I took his brother home.
     We only got lost once and had to turn around. We were actually right to start with we just hadn't gone far enough. The place that we were looking for was out in the boonies. We  looked around, but the saddles that they had were used. The money was almost as much as if you bought a brand new one. I wasn't that impressed. We had lunch at a new restaurant with him buying because he knew I wouldn't let him give me money or pay for the gas. For me it was just a grandma fix by spending the day with him. Sometimes having that change of scenery helps a lot. It gives you something else to think about.
     Today other then the wind, it was beautiful melting a lot of our snow. Just in time for possible more later in the week. Spring is just about a month away  only roughly a month away and really I can't wait. I will be happy to quit dressing in layers. To be able to wear something different. 
    Have you been watching the Olympics? I watched the ice dancing where we won gold. They made it look so easy. I have watch them grow up and skate on television. I have watch some other  sports that I don't normally watch. I just don't watch that much television anyway. I just have to have noise in the house. Do you have to have either the radio or television on whether you are watching or not. 
   Time to call it a day. Hope yours was good.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet the King

 A lot has happened this past week, my hubby was crowned the 2014 King at the nursing home. It was a shock to us both. I had gone to look at a new room with him. He wanted my approval. As we were walking back toward his old room, they took him into the activity room. They had been telling him all day that  he had to go to the party and he kept telling them he wasn't . He was really surprised. It was fun and he gets to wear his crown whenever he wants for this year. 
    We did move him to a new room and he has a new roommate.  A quiet gentleman who just wants someone in the room with him. They talk if they want and  its just a better situation all the way around. I know he is  much happier. They both sleep at night and don't get unruly with the nursing staff. I have seen him smile more in the last two days then I have seen for quite a while. His room is on the south side of the building which makes it warmer for him. He can watch out the window and see who comes and goes which is really nice. A better view if you ask me.
    My youngest grandson is working on his ice skating badge for scouts. He isn't brave enough yet to turn lose and skate without holding on to something. I am glad that he wants to try whether he does anything else or not. It is something they can have fun doing. His mom skated and her last competition was the National Collegiate competition. It was the only one that I didn't get to go to, but we couldn't afford to fly and to far to drive. 

     His mom and dad  were getting ready to race their cars at the pinewood derby. They had to race each other. They both laughed about it, but it was where the adults could race cars. They didn't have to follow the rules like the boys do. 

    Basketball has come to an end today excepting  the tournament at the end of the week. I can watch and then stop by the nursing home to see  hubby on my way home which should work pretty good. They lost today, but it was fun to watch.

    I am glad my hubby is moved. I can rest a little easier because he is already sleeping better. He is making up for all of the sleeping that he has missed. Well I hope you all have a wonderful week, mine will be busy with getting taxes figured. a trip to the city for a doctor appointment, staying with the two oldest grandsons, just to name a few. Take care and stay warm and safe. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

     Do you have a  special Valentine's Day plans or is it just another day? Did you have a Valentine Party at school when you were growing up? We all have our own special way of celebrating a day. It is fun to watch the younger ones how they do for their celebration. My middle grandson decided he was just signing his name on the from spot then he could just put one in each of his classmates boxes without worrying about putting the wrong one in the wrong box. You know he just might have a good idea in that respect. The fun part was always making the heart sugar cookies and decorating them. You aren't allowed to send home made treats to school anymore.
     The memories of growing up can never be taken away from us. We look at each day forward as a day of making more memories, some may be fun and some may be painful, but that is life. To think about what we went through in our times and what the younger generation is going through today is really two different things. How do you explain something that is wrong when it is a parent that is doing what is wrong to a child growing up? What happen to teaching the child how to lose as well as win? I spent last Saturday watching my youngest grandson racing his pinewood Derby car. You watch them compete against each other and the expressions on some of the faces were happy when they won, but when that lost came, there were tears, with the parent telling the child the race was rigged. I thought what does that teach the child. My grandson couldn't care less what happened. He was there for the fun. He did come in 2nd in Districts which we were proud of him. After the race he went over to the little boy that won told him congratulations and shook his hand. They talked a few minutes about their cars. He lost by an inch to get to go again the second time with the same little boy. Grandma was really proud of him of where he place  and also what he did after the race. You don't see that much anymore. It is called sportsmanship
     My oldest grandson had to get all dressed up yesterday because the Governor was playing a visit to their school. They got  to observe the swearing in of the Agriculture Director for the state. There is over 80 kids in their FFA group.
    My grandson's basketball team play on Sunday. They won so far they have only lost one game. It was snowing when I left home and snowing when I came home. The car didn't cool off enough to have to clean snow off of it. It was enjoyable to watch. 
    Hubby is trying  really hard to walk and he is showing some progress. It took conversations to get what we wanted, but really I don't see why it has to be that way. If we could only get the problem resolved with them keep shoving his roommates bed over on his half of the room. Their solution is for my hubby to move. No that is not the solution there is other ways of resolving them. Why should he move when he was there first. We will see if anything happens or if we just got lip service yesterday. 
     This post has been a little of this and that. At least the sun is trying to shine and we are suppose to have warmer weather. It will just thaw and make for sloppy streets and ice when it refreezes. Oh the fun of winter. Have a safe and warm day. . 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow and Doctor Appointment

      The Cardinal is just one of the several that steals  the dog's food at my grandsons's house. They even bought bird feed, but they seem to like the dog food better. I don't know what they are going to try to do next.
      I thought I would show you a couple of the things that I have been working on. My redword Valentine is actually on a black striped towel, but it looks green. I have it listed in my etsy shop and have another one ready to list.
      My baby bibs are something new that I have been doing. My kitten is actually a grey, but for some reason the color is showing up  a different color. It was suppose to be a steel gray maybe it had a little blue in it.
    I spent the day with my oldest two grandsons yesterday and this was looking out at their back deck. You could see how deep the snow was. They had paths scooped to the dog kennel, the horses, and you almost thought it was a maze as to how it branched off to the different places. They had a path to the shed where the hay was kept and all.
    My daughter in law has a statue in her front yard by the front deck and this was all that you could see was his head. They had drifts in places and I was very happy that they came and got me plus brought me home.
     My grandson's first opportunity to go sledding. He came in red cheeked, but he had fun. He had hot chocolate with marshmallows to help him warm up. They were doing chores feeding the dogs and the horses. Poor Shorty, their corgi was having quite a time in the snow with his legs being so short. 
     I made my eye doctor appointment which was a follow up from my cataract surgery. He was pleased how well I can see and how well they are healing. 20/20  He will dilate them when I go back in six months. I told him at least it would be better weather when I go back, but as he reminded me we have had snow in May. Mother Nature hasn't cared where you lived this time. I didn't have a problem except when an idiot driving a truck decided he wanted my lane. I got partially off on the shoulder and held on praying that staying partially on a dry lane with one side of the car and the other on snow that I would make it by him. I didn't wreck, but I need my mouth washed out with soap with what I called him. I don't use those words. It must have really scared him because he hung back from me after that. He would have got me in the driver's door. God was sure looking out for me today. I was glad I wasn't seeing my primary care doctor today for my blood pressure probably went through the roof. 
    Hubby doesn't walk far, but at least he is trying and that is the main thing. I am hoping to go see him tomorrow as I have only talked to him since Sunday on the phone. I normally go every day the weather permits. At least it warmed up some. 
    Pine wood Derby tomorrow so I am going to try to go watch my youngest grandson tomorrow. He was mad that he had to go back to school after being out three days. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm. Take care.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


     We got over a foot of snow yesterday and into today. My snow picture is from a previous snow storm. It has been so nice today that I haven't had to get out of the house. They plowed my driveway with a truck today instead of the normal 4 wheeler with a blade. It was hard to push because there was so much. It is so I can get out if I need to do it. My grandson called and was insistent that they bring me something so they  brought me a loaf of bread and lunch meat. My oldest grandson cleaned off my car and scooped what he cleaned off the car so I didn't have to walk through it. She  is coming to get me early in the morning to go stay with the boys while she and dad work. He got to the end of their road when they texts him the office was closed today. She had taken the day off to stay with the boys.  She said that it took them over 1 1/2 hours to clean out in front of their garage and driveway.  
     I don't know what the day will bring for sure. I am going to take some of my laundry out and use her washer and dryer. My oldest grandson thought he was going to have to do laundry, but he was just fine helping me do mine. I have some sweatshirts and jeans I want to do. 
     They can make their grandpa Valentine's which he will like. I said that they could mail them that way he gets some mail.  I assumed they are going to be off all week as we are suppose to get more snow Friday and Saturday. 
     Up date on hubby he is going to go to PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a while which will make it nice for a change. He said that it felt good to try to walk. Didn't walk as far as he wanted, but it is a start that is the main thing. He was sore, but that was to be expected because he used muscles that hadn't been used for quite a while. 
     They had a February birthday party for the residents today. He even played BINGO believe it or not. He won and his prize was peanut butter and crackers, and a package of cheese and crackers. Something for a snack. We have talked several times on the phone today and doesn't expect me to come in this weather. A lot of different people were doing things that wasn't their normal jobs because people couldn't get to work.
     The boys and their mom was going to stop and get some bird feed on the way home because the cardinals are stealing the dog food. I didn't know that they would do that. They are already cancelling things for tomorrow because of the roads. They had so many wrecks because they weren't driving for the road conditions. I don't know how many wrecks  we had here, but in Kansas City they had 25 injury accidents and a 125 non-injury accidents. They had almost whiteouts yesterday I could tell that just  from looking out my window. The wind didn't help matters either. 
     If you are  in the winter wonderland, please be safe and warm. Everybody take care.

Monday, February 3, 2014


    The good news is that hubby is suppose to get to go downstairs to PHYSICAL THERAPY tomorrow morning. Maybe the conversations that were held this past week really did get some attention. He sounded excited about just getting the opportunity to maybe try walking. Yesterday, he never got up out of bed said he just didn't feel like it. He doesn't like the pain medication because it makes him dopey. He wants to know what is going on around him. He uses heat packs which helps.  He did have a surprise in the afternoon. His oldest two grandsons and mom came to see him for his birthday. He hadn't seen them since Christmas. I get to see them a little more often  with watching basketball.
    The snow is coming in later tonight another 5-6 inches is expected tomorrow with some more at the end of the week. I don't know exactly where it will be put. We had 5 inches this last weekend. I can deal with the snow, it is the ice that I can't handle. I have cancelled the appointment for tomorrow because of the weather. My doctor told me that he didn't want me driving in it. I don't have any problems, basically it was a wellness check that you have to do once a year.
      My youngest grandson was a little disappointed that the Pine Wood Derby got cancelled last Saturday. My driveway didn't get cleaned out until 4 in the afternoon on Saturday. I wasn't going to get to go anyway because of my driveway being plowed shut when they cleaned the street. I live on an emergency snow route so if I can get out of my driveway I can make it to the grocery store which isn't that far away. We are to get a new pharmacy in our neighbor hood. I have with the bank, the grocery store, Subway, Taco Bell, K-Mart right close to me.  We don't really have city blocks out here because most of the houses around me were built on farm land. When we built our home a long time ago it was like living in the country also with all of the farm land around us, but it isn't that way anymore. At least we don't have apartments.
    What did you think of the Super Bowl? I was happy that Seattle won, because I think Denver thought they had it won before they even played the game. I thought they needed a reality check. I know that Denver is closer to home, but I just think their quarterback has an ego problem. I know that I am probably stepping on some toes and I am sorry, but that is just my opinion . I don't voice it often about football. I did like some of the commercial especially Budweiser's " Puppy Love". I cried when I saw their Welcome Home for a Hero serving in the military. I think it hit to close to home knowing what they go through when they are in harms way. That is partially being part of a military family with having 5 brothers serve in the military plus my oldest son went in right after he graduated from high school. He was in the first Gulf War. I got ban from the television because I was to emotional because I wanted to know what was going on. I have a nephew in Afghanistan right now. 
     There is an election tomorrow to narrow down the people running for the City Council. The final choices will be made in April. I really don't know who to vote for because I don't know that much about any of those running. They haven't really talked that much about any of them. I know that we need a change, but in politics do we really get it when we do vote new people in. I think most of them just give lip service. 
     What a array of subjects tonight's blog  has? Hopefully I didn't step on to many toes and If I did I am sorry. If you get the bad weather, please be careful and stay safe. Take care.