Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday's Travels

First I must tell you that I borrow the card to use on my blog from the Two Crazy Crafters. They have a wonderful blog and if you haven't visited you really should. Wednesday's is Barbie Wednesday and it brings back the memories of the barbie dolls. During February they had such wonderful Vintage Valentine's.
Now for my Saturday travels. We went to breakfast at my husband's favorite restaurant. They have foreign planes in going to school here and believe me they learned about our snow and all of the other elements.
Afterwards I need to pick up his insulin needles and test strips. Boy did I ever get a shock. I had to pay over a 130.00 for his test strips. I know we have a deductible with the hospital part, but I didn't know that medicare had a deductible with the prescription D. Part. It didn't make sense then I was told I would maybe get a refund in two or three weeks. After that I decided that I would take my paycheck to the bank. It was a pretty day and the sun was shining and my hubby wanted out of the house. They are building so many wind farms up in northern Missouri. I was amazed how many new ones have been built since we went that way the last time. Even with all of the snow that we have had. I read an article that said they had 22,000 acres they are using. It could be, but that part I am not so sure.
We got back home from that drive and he decided he wanted to go to this hobby shop that is in Kansas City. Well we went, but came home empty handed. We are looking for odorless model glue for him because our son with chemical asthma is coming to stay with us for a while and I don't want to cause him an asthma attack. When we got home from that drive I told him we were staying home. I was tired of driving for today.
The sun has felt so good today even if we only got in the high 30's. It just makes you feel better when you see the sun shine. Of course, the first day of Spring is suppose to be March 20Th. It will be interesting to see what we have then after all of the snow. The only state that managed to escape it was Hawaii and they aren't so sure there wasn't some in the high elevations.
I was so glad to get home from yesterday. It was statement day and we were short handed. I managed to get it done and to take care of the downstairs while the deliveries were being made. It was a little hectic, but it can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. I just know I was tired.
Everybody take care and enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something of Interest

WE have some mighty sick people out there who will give kids anything. This was given to me at work and it makes you really stop and think what is our world coming to.
The article is about a new drug in Schools. The new drug is known as 'strawberry quick'. It is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks (the candy that sizzles and pops in your mouth), It also smells like strawberry and is being handed out to kids in the school yards. They are calling it strawberry meth or strawberry quick.
Kids are ingesting this thinking that it is candy and being rushed off to the hospital in dire condition. Please instruct your children, grandchildren not to accept candy from strangers and even not to accept candy that looks like this from a friend(who may have been given it and believed it is candy) and to take any that they may have to a teacher, principal, etc immediately. Hopefully tragedies can be prevented by making people aware of it. If you want to read the whole article, go,2933,271215,00.html
Now days you have to be concern about everything that is going around you and it is so unreal. Why do people have to do these things? There is more and more drugs in the schools that they don't really want you to know about. Even where they have had the Dare Program, they still have the drugs in the schools.
I don't know if all of the unemployment has anything to do with these or not. They say our economy is getting better and the unemployment rate is going down. I would like to know where. We had two more businesses close losing another over 100 jobs.
That is enough of my soap box tonight. I don't usually blog about this, but I couldn't hardly
believe it. We had quite a discussion about it at work because all of us at work have grandchildren.
I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments left on my blog and I want to thank you all for doing it. It is greatly appreciated. I must close for this evening. Everybody take care.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Letter B

Welcome to my Vintage Alphabet Letter B.

My rhinestone bracelet. It isn't a very good picture, but it is three rows of rhinestone that belonged to my mother-in-law.

My pretty blue broch and ear rings that was some of my mother-in-laws'

One of my baby quilts that I have embroidered.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sun's Out

I got dug out for the second time since Friday. I didn't get to go to work so I have been doing some changing banners around on my blog and etsy shop. I like St Pat's day, the corn beef, cabbage, red potatoes, and carrots with Irish bread and butter. You don't have to be Irish to like that.
I like decorating for the different months when there is a special day during the month. They were suppose to have a Marti Gra parade this past Saturday evening down town, but the weather didn't cooperate. It didn't even cooperate for the Home, Lawn, and Garden Show that they had this past weekend.
You just didn't want to venture out. I didn't go until today and that was because I needed to go to the grocery store. I am not use to cooking for three, but it will be back to three for a while. Our son is staying with us at the present time. I am glad that he finally made the decision to stay here instead of where he knows he will have a breathing problem. He has chemical asthma, so you have to be very careful what you use around the house.
Well I need to finish up putting the onions, potatoes, and etc in with the roast that I am making for supper. If there is left overs, which I doubt, I will turn it into Vegetable stew. You all take care.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I thought I needed some flowers to brighten my day after looking out the window and only seeing the snow come down. Earlier we had 7.5 inches of snow and I don't know how much more.
My son called earlier to check on us to make sure we were at home. He had been out blading snow and even after he got done. They had received almost another inch. He said that we should see his snow piles. It has been unreal.
My oldest has been here all day and I am making him spend the night. We are on an emergency snow route, but we haven't seen anybody. I think they are waiting for it to quit snow. Matt bladed my driveway Friday night and we have got more for him to do. He will be by, but I don't know what time it will be.
I have worked on my baby quilt and it is taking shape, but I needed a break. I have been sharing my computer with my son. He had decided to go to bed so now it is my turn. They have already closed the schools and the colleges for tomorrow. I don't know whether I will be going to work or not. I will just have to wait and see what it is like then.
I thought for a while I was going to have to make a Trip to the emergency room, after working with some medication, he is doing better this evening. It bothers me, but the man upstairs is there for me for which I am very thankful.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. If you have warm weather, please send it my way. I am so tired of the snow and cold. Take care.

Friday, February 19, 2010


These are a couple pictures that I took when I got home from work. I had a thin layer of ice on my car when I went to work, then it turned to rain, the next thing it was sleet. About 8A.M. It started snowing and snow ever since. It was really a wet snow. Of course, you had the slush on the streets to contend with. We had our major highway shut down because of wrecks. Depending on where you lived you also lost your lights. I got sent home at about 1:30 and the drive was not fun. I saw a school bus slide in the dish which wasn't to deep, but they were going to have to pull it out. Then I saw a wreck. People just don't drive with any common sense.
Donna over at Byrnwood Needlework blog is having her 300Th post give away. She really has some neat things that she is giving away. Also check out her beautiful shawl and other knitting that she has just finished. Truly amazing.
I just heard from my son. They are on their way home from the city. They have the highway back open. He is to call me when they get all the way home so then I will know that all of my family is home safe and sound.
My blog followers count is growing and those that love my etsy shop is growing. I so do love the comments that you all love me. It is my of traveling.
I must close for now. You all take care.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday

I will be so glad when tomorrow is over with this week. I haven't had much luck in getting my own things done at work. Of course, I have been watching some of the Olympics. Ice skating is my favorite thing to see. I have seen so many pretty purple things on our purple blog party. It is one of the colors I like.
I do hope that our weatherman is wrong. He said we were to have snow after midnight and continue through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It would be one way to get to stay home and do what I would like to do for a change.
I was looking to see when Easter was and I won't have a hard time remembering because it is on my son's birthday. So we will celebrate his birthday and Easter.
Any one for a Candie Apple tea towel. It is one of my creations. I have several projects going, but I haven't got them done yer. I have an Easter tea towel done except for the border. Hopefully I will have decided the color of it by Saturday and I will do it then.
Everybody have a good day and Take care.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Purple Blog Party

These are a few of the things I like. O f course you know of my purple avtar. One of my favorite flowers is my pansies.

My new tea towel Sassy Susie in her purple dress.

My purple pansy pot holder.

Another of my purple flowers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Next holiday St.Pat's

The next parade is for the Irish. One of the favorite foods is corn beef, cooked cabbage, and new potatoes. They always have a big parade in Kansas City and I don't know about ours if it will take place or not.
You have to have a permit for everything and the rules change all the time. It is not a fund raiser, it is just a time when people want to get together and celebrate.
The results of the bike show that my son-in-law went to this past weekend turned out pretty good. Our daughter's bike took first place and his orange bike took second place. Our grandson still thinks that they should have taken his bike too. I will post pictures of her bike as soon as I get it. She is very careful when she rides and only at certain times does she ride in a group.
We didn't get much snow, but we had the cold north wind. It is suppose to warm up to the 30's and then they are talking about more snow. I hope they are wrong. I have been trying to watch the Olympics, but they have it put together to where there is so much in between what you really want to see. You all take care and have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring Please Hurry

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends . It has turned into a snowy day here and we don't know how much we are going to get. At times, it was snowing really hard depending on where you were at. They have had several multi-car wrecks in Kansas City due to white outs. The pictures of the worse one made the weather channel.
My cute Valentine came from Two Crazy Crafters, who have shared so many wonderful Vintage Valentines. There are others, who have done the same that has brought back so many wonderful memories.
I got to see some of the Valentine boxes that were made for my middle grandson's party. I think one of the cutest was made like lady bug. They have such an imagination.
The wreath was a present made for my daughter-in-law by my hubby. She wanted one for her front door so that it would seem more Spring like, We thought perhaps it would hurry it up a bit, Of course, that is wishful thinking on our part.
I hope that you have had a wonderful day. We went to breakfast at my husband's favorite restaurant the Airport Cafe. We have known the people who worked there several years. We were served besides our ordered breakfast a heart shape Valentine pancake for two to share. It was so sweet of them. After breakfast, we took the wreath out to our daughter-in-law's. We gave the boys money for Valentine with stipulations that they could not buy Candy or pop so they went and bought books. I let them pick their own so that I don't have to worry about what books they have or don't have. They called me to tell me what ones they got.

Our snow may not amount to too much, I think it is just going to depend on where you are located. The wind is strong and it is so cold.
I was glad just to stay home and have a lazy afternoon. We decided that we were staying home for the rest of the day.
I hope you all had a wonderful day. I am going to go see what they are broadcasting from the Olympics. I have the sports that I like and the ones that I don't. I want to see the ice skating for one and I like the free style ski jumping just to name a couple. You all take care and stay warm.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Tomorrow is one of the biggest day's of the year. It is a big day for flowers. I got my Valentine present which has nothing to do with flowers, candy, or the usual gifts. It was breakfast with my oldest son, who we don't see as much as we would like. The time share is more precious as we get older in life.
After breakfast my hubby and I took off to a quilt shop in Stewartsville, Missouri. They didn't have what I wanted, but they would be happy to help me put together what I need to finish my queen size quilt and machine quilt it for me. They also told me about a quilt shop in Kearney, Missouri. It wasn't far down the road so away we went. It was a neat shop call Sew Bee It. The building made me think of a historical shop, because of the way it was made. They had the needles that I like to use when I am embroidering. I also found some tea towels that I want to put a pattern on that will be different and I think very cute. I will post pictures after I try them. They are made of a different type of material then what I normally use. It should be fun.
Hey, I read that we had snow in 49 states on the same day. Some places had more then others. Hawaii was the only state that didn't have. We should have gone and seen family. It would only cost us the air fare because he would pick us up at the airport and we could stay with him. I would love to go, but it is further then we are allow to travel away from home with my hubby's health problems.

My daughter and grandson was headed to the bike show. He couldn't understand why he couldn't take his bike. He has an orange battery operated bike and really thinks that he is hot stuff.
I never know what my boys are up to. They definitely keep grandma busy if I have all three.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends. Take care.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I won Brenda's giveaway at With Thy Thread and Needle. It is a small journal and I am so looking forward to receiving it. I didn't even realize it was me until she said in her second blog that she was looking for me. I was so surprised and happy.
It was my pick me upper for the day. It started off with my hubby telling me that he just felt crappy, but couldn't tell me why. I didn't want to cancel the doctor appointment. We kept it and he is feeling a little better this evening. I think that the weather has a lot to do with it because we haven't been able to do as much in the evening or on weekends as we had been doing. I refuse to drive when it is snowing and you don't know how bad it is going to get at night. Unfortunately it gets dark so early. I got that reminder of when we are starting daylight savings time. I wish they would change it a half hour and leave it a lone.
We got up to 36 degrees today. You just don't know what you are going to get. We drove in the snow flurries this morning and I did a lot of praying that was all we were going to get. We did see the sun for a little while but it didn't last long.
I think of all my friends who have got so much snow and getting snow where they are not use to it at all. I keep praying that they are doing all right and staying warm. This is a very unusual year for the weather, but we are having global warming or at least that is what they want us to believe.
They were arriving in Kansas City to set up for the bike show. They could set up between noon and 7 p. m. this evening. My son-in-law left about 2 p.m. to head down. It runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
My grandson is still watching for his baby giraffe. He said that his brain told him to do it. His mommy and daddy are going to try to find a stuff one and send it to him to see his reaction. I told her if they couldn't find one I would put out the word to my crafting friends and maybe one of them could make me one and I would have it shipped directly to him.
He has a small battery operated bike that he thought he should get to take to the show with mom and dad's bikes. He parks it in front of their patio door because that is his parking space.
She is taking pictures so I will post it when I get it.
Valentine parties at school tomorrow and they are all excited. Then they have Monday off because of President's day. My middle one won't because his is a preschool ran by a day care. Mommy doesn't let him take a day because they have to pay for it regardless if he is there or not. She would have to find a baby sitter if she did because she still would have to work.
Well try to stay warm and be careful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Won't You Hurry

After visiting my friend's blog that are getting all the snow, I decided we needed to think about flowers and Spring. It can't get here fast enough for all of us. It hasn't helped us at work because the builders don't work when it gets really cold. The snow doesn't help us to get into the job sites that for sure. It should really be hectic when the weather breaks.
Kim is having a giveaway over at the Primitive Peddler. She is giving away some of her beautiful dollies. She makes such beautiful things. You need to go check it out.
It was nice enough this evening that we went out for dinner to get hubby out of the house. It is the first he has been out since Saturday. We have changed some medication and I am not to sure about it. We are suppose to give it a chance, well how long is that giving it a chance. A week, a month, or what. I just know the doctors and I have worked very hard to get him to where he is now and I do not want to go backwards.
I wonder if I am going to get new neighbors. There were tire tracks in the snow. I know that it sold on the courthouse steps. The owner passed away so the bank foreclosed on it. I don't think there will probably be enough for the kids to get anything from the estate. I didn't know he had that many kids until the funeral. I will just have to wait and see.
My youngest grandson asked his daddy if he got any mail the other day. His daddy handed him the junk mail. He told him that it was junk mail and he was expecting a package. His dad asked him what he was getting, he told him he was getting a baby giraffe, He ordered it from Africa and it was costing him $2.00. I don't know where he comes up with those ideas. They are going to see if they can find him a little stuff giraffe and send it to him to see what the expression will be on his face.
His daddy is going to be showing two bikes in the motorcycle show in KC this weekend at Bartel Hall. He customized the paint job on my daughter's bike. He is always repainting something so that no one else has anything like it. He used to paint pedal cars when they were first married, but kind of got away from that. He has picked back up some of the things that he likes to do. He does it at his own speed and doesn't over do. She is taking pictures so that I can see what he did to it.
Well I need to close for now. To all of my snow bound friends, just be careful if you have to go out. If you are shoveling snow, don't over do.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bitter Cold

The Valentine I am using tonight came from My Vintage Studio. Sharon posted it this evening and I do love Vintage Valentines as you can tell from my blog.
We haven't got the snow that they predicted, but we have had colder weather then we are use to. At one point today it was -21 degrees. If only the wind would die down, it wouldn't be quite so bad.
My oldest grandson was really happy because they went skiing today at Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri. He really had fun and is ready to go back again. I asked him if he got cold and he said not really. They had places for them to warm up. They didn't know for sure if they were going to get to go, but they all took their clothes to school as though it was going to happen. They didn't get back to school until 3:30, which meant they all had to do the after school program if their parents works.
My middle one wants to go bowling because big brother got to go to a birthday party at the bowling alley on Saturday. They told him that the lanes were all busy so he would have to wait. They went by one on the way home and he told his mom that there wasn't that many cars today so could they go. She told him finally that she would take him Friday after his Valentine party at school. He will remind her that they are going. Little ones never seem to forget anything.
I think about all of my friends that have a lot more snow then we have got now or in the past and they are suppose to get some more. It is so hard to get rid of when you have no place to put it. We are suppose to get some more on Sunday. I just ask that it stops long enough for me to get to go to the city for a doctor appointment that we have been waiting for over six months. If I thought it was an emergency, I could have got it sooner. I wanted to tell the receptionist that if I thought it was an emergency I would have taken him to the hospital and they could see him there. We get through this one then the next one will be when it is warmer weather. Must close. Take care and stay warm.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Quickly Approaching

My friends at Two Crazy Crafters have such cute Vintage Valentines on their blog. I couldn't resist their Mr. Elephant for my blog tonight. I thought he was so cute.
We have been getting snow over the weekend, today, and tomorrow, but it absolutely nothing like they have on the East Coast. Even at Christmas ours wasn't as bad as theirs. We had some patches of black ice to deal with today because of the blowing snow and freezing. Thank goodness that we haven't had that much or we would have had the snow drifts.
Today was a day of frustration in dealing with insurance companies. They changed some of my hubby's medication and the first two they wanted, the insurance company wouldn't cover. We found one, but if it causes side effects, then they will look at the others. It is something else when they tell you what you can have instead of what the doctor ordered. The good thing is they are going to finally give us help with one medication that medicare won't cover and there is not a generic for it. It was so nice to be able to get three months for less then I had been paying for one month out of my pocket. We get to do co pays for a while. Maybe we won't get to the donut hole as fast with the changes that was made. I don't know if they were good decisions or not. We will just have to hope and pray a lot.
My grandson was disappointed that they didn't get to go on their ski trip on Friday. They thought that the weather was to bad. They were suppose to get to go tomorrow, but I don't know if the weather is really going to be any better. I know the wind chill this evening is below zero. The boys are counting days until their Valentine Party at school. My middle grandson wanted to make Valentine cookies with sprinkles on top. He didn't want frosting, just sprinkles. I don't know what mommy was going to let him do. He will maybe be a chef when he grows up because he always has his little chair push over to the cabinets so that he can help cook whatever.
I don't know what we are going to do for Valentine's. A lot will have to do with the weather . Everybody is starting to advertise their weekend specials. We stopped at our Bob Evans on our way home from the pharmacy. It was getting late, with our having to wait for them to get the prescriptions ready. It would make supper to late.
The Olympics is starting and there is several events that i want to watch. I especially want to watch the ice skating. We have always enjoyed the skating. Our daughter competed when she was younger, and taught ice skating when she was going to College. She still does some judging when they have their special Olympics Winter Sports competition here. She has enjoyed watching how some of the kids have progressed. You can really tell when they are excited with their ice skating because of the expression on their faces.
You all stay warm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Week End Snow

These are a couple of pictures that I took this morning while I was warming my car up to go to work. We have had snow all day and it is still snowing some. We are to have snow flurries tomorrow and then more snow on Sunday and Monday.
The drive was kinda pretty this morning the way that the snow was sticking to the trees. The state highway department had been pushing the snow, but the city maintenance was only putting salt on the streets. You had slush on the side streets, because at the moment we are above freezing even though the wind chill is below.
Matt came and cleaned my steps , driveway, and where I park my car. He will be back if I need him to come and take care of it. He will even clean off my car if I need him to . He spoils me so much. He is young enough to be one of my children, and he treats me like he would treat his mother.
We are still getting some snow yet this evening, but it is another situation that they got more around us then we have had here so far.
I was glad to see today come to an end. I was left to handle things by myself. He did ask our yardman to stay later in the day for which I was thankful for. I could tell him what I needed and he could tell me if we had it or not. I knew what the day was going to be like before I even went to work this morning.
In a way I was glad to see the snow, because I knew that people would not be able to work outside.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I wanted to tell you about the second giveaway that my friend Donna is having at Byrnwood Needleworks. This was her picture and it has brought back memories of my childhood when we used the Scrub Board. You will have to go check it out.
She always has so many interesting post and I truly enjoy reading them.

In between working on my baby quilt, I have been checking out what my blog friends and other friends have been doing.
We started the day off with rain and it went to sleet, but so far we haven't got the snow that they have been predicting. We are under a winter storm watch. I just hope that they are wrong. We are going to be short handed at work so I don't know if we will work the whole day or not. It all depends on the weather so we will have to wait and see.
I had vendor's calling today asking about our weather, they definitely didn't want to send a truck on the ice, but they have changed the forecast all day so who knows. I don't think they even know.
My oldest grandson just wants to go on his ski trip tomorrow to Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri. He is excited about going. To my knowledge, I don't think that he has ever been on a pair of ski's before. I wish I could be a mouse and go watch. I think it would be fun.
I got the report on my lab work from the doctor's office. I have to go back on some medication which didn't surprise me at all. The next trip I am going to have a bone density test done to see what my lower back looks like. I have osteoporosis. That is why I can crack bones really easy. I haven't fallen on the ice yet this winter, but I get picked on about walking like a 90 year old grandmother taking baby steps. I just don't want any broken bones.
I have got me a cup of hot apple cider that I am drinking while I am reading blogs and leaving messages. Hopefully the weather man will be wrong, but so far we are escaping.
You all take care.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow, Snow , Snow

I borrowed the image from one of my blog friends Two Crazy Crafters. They love vintage valentines as much as I do.
All I have heard on the radio today that the snow is suppose to arrived tomorrow and stay around all day on Friday. I just want it to go away. They say it will be worse then the last one we had, but who knows. Sometimes I think they are guessing.
One of our crews from the 139Th left today to help fly relief supplies to Haiti. They didn't know if they were going to help state side or go all of the way to Haiti. Regardless of where they go, they will do a great job. I have watched them land the C-130's using very little run way.
It is awesome to watch them take off and land. Of course it can make you emotional especially when you know where they are going. We keep all of our military in our thoughts and prayers. Our military family goes way back, and I am proud of what they have done to keep us safe and I still have nefews serving in Iraq and Afghastan.
I have taken so many phone calls today wanting to know what we were going to do after the business that I work for closes. It isn't us, but another Lumber Yard down the street from us. We can possibly pick up some business from them closing, who knows now with the economy like it is all over the US and so many people out of work. We just keep praying that it gets better.
I need to get back to my baby quilt and work on it some more. It is fun watching it come to life. You all take care.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's soon to be here

Donna over at Brynwood is having a really neat Sweetheart Valentine giveaway. You really need to go check it out. She is really a unique lady.
Her blog is one of the blogs that I enjoy reading.
My youngest grandson told me that he has his Valentines bought for his party at school and that he got to pick them out himself. He was so proud of that and the birthday card that he made for his PaPa John.
We had gone to breakfast at the Airport Restaurant where you can see the 139Th's C-130 planes. Right now they are having school for other locations. We get planes from Germany, Spain, Canada, and all over here for school. They teach them how to fly in all kinds of weather. Just stick around and our weather is guaranteed to change. We had patches of black ice this morning.
Matt and Ethan had to go see the big planes up close. They wanted to go for a ride. Of course, we had a couple of small planes that flew in for breakfast. You never know what kind of planes you will see there. We are having an air show this summer that the Blue Angels are coming to perform here. I have seen them once before, but it is something that I would watch again.
I feel for the people that are going through the ice storm. We have gone through that and it was not fun. When we had ours, the kids would not let us stay at home after the third day. Our daughter had electricity so we went to their house. Dad and I was doing just fine. We were staying bundled up and the house didn't get below 40 degrees. I was getting concerned because of the medication we have to keep refrigerated and couldn't put outside because it can't be froze. We had a battery operated radio and knew what was going on. We were lucky because some were without electricitiy for over a week.
We only have roughly six weeks until the first day of Spring. I can't wait for the warmer weather. Have a good day.