Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend to short

Have you ever wanted to make the weekend longer and the work week shorter? Saturday was such a beautiful fall day even though September hasn't officially arrived. We took off with no particular destination in mind. We ended up in Fall City, Nebraska at a street fair. I hadn't been to one of those in many years. It was fun looking at the old cars, trucks, and tractors on display. If the 1937 ford had only had a rumble seat, it would have been like one my brother owned many moons ago. We could hardly wait until he got home so that we could ride in the rumble seat when we were kids. Of course, my hubby like the t-bird convertible. He always wanted one of those. .
There was craft tents, carnival rides, entertainment of all kinds. Many food vendors so you had plenty to choose from. They had the emergency trailer in case someone got to hot. I do know that wheel chairs don't roll the best on cobble stone streets. It was a fun day with the evening ending with splitting a steak and rib dinner. My hubby ate the steak and I had the ribs. The dinner rolls fresh out of the oven with honey butter was to die for. It is the best dessert that you could possibly ask for. 
I keep praying for my friends on the East Coast that they survive the Hurricane. I have heard from a few, but I still have some I would love to hear from. It could just be a one line post, but then I know there is a good possibility they have no electricity. Ours here in some areas of town was out for a week. We were lucky where we live and only lost it for about 6 hours. 
I got my quilt back from the quilters. I tried to take some pictures, but I don't like them. Anybody have any suggestions how to get a good picture?
I was pleased with the way that it turned out. 
My nephew and family have arrived from Arizona for the wedding this weekend. I haven't seen him for over a year or I should say when his other daughter got married. My sister and her husband usually flys out there for the holidays. She says that way she doesn't have to shovel the snow and worry about the cold. 
I don't know where the month has gone. It seems as though it just started and it is gone. Maybe it is because we are getting older. Have a great week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday

It has really been fairly nice the last couple of days. We started in the 60's and  got up into the 80's. Much better then the 90's with the triple digit heat index.
Today went fast at work with being busy. I like those kind of days. We were all ready for a couple of days off and next week we will have a three day weekend. We will have a wedding on Saturday night. It will be an opportunity to see some family that I haven't seen awhile. They live in Arizona, but came back here for the wedding as most of the family is here and it is easier for them to travel this way.
We lost a life net helicopter tonight killing 4 about 7 P.M. The crew was from here, but I don't know about the patient. They were stationed at our local airport. We know some of them and wonder if it is any that we know.
We took a drive down Highway 59 to see how far we could go since it has been closed because of the flood waters. When we got to where we had to detour, it looked like a gigantic lake. They keep saying the river is going down, but I keep wondering where.
To all of my East Coast Friends and family, I hope you all are safe and will let us know that you are o.k.. I know that it will be rough with the high wind and rain. It might accidentally weaken, but you never know. You can always dream.
This weekend will be a quiet weekend with just dad and I at home. We are going to go to breakfast and then do one of our trips where we just pick a direction with no particular destination in mind. We go and see the country side. It will be a distance where we can get back home in the evening. It might involve looking at some more of the flooding or just taking some of the country roads to see the country side. It will be a pleasant day regardless. We might even watch a college football game. My husband's cousin is the head football coach at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. They have a home game tomorrow afternoon. We go down and watch his team play some.
It is getting late and I probably should go to bed. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Days Left to Work

Just two days left this week, and we are still basically working with just three of us. It makes it a little rough, but we are managing. It wasn't working better until the heat came back, but then at least it waited for the lights to come back. Of course there is still some without electricity,
First, I would like the following people to e-mail me their address. The 1st winner of my drawing is Ornaments by Pink. 2nd winner is Brynwood Needle Works and 3rd is CathyJo.
I would like to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. We didn't do to much celebrating with the death of hubby's only aunt. Both she and his mother were to the 100th mark. We had celebrated her 100th birthday in May and his mom was two and a half months shy of hers.
They asked him if he was going to reach the same age. It remains to be seen.
I went down for my doctor appointment. I am gaining the weight that he is losing. We are going to change medicine just a little bit, but other then that everything went o.k.. My blood pressure is a little high, but with stress at work and all it makes a little rough. My boss is still in the hospital and don't know how soon he will be back to work. He had to have two surgeries this last trip to the hospital.
All of my grandsons are officially in school now. The Older two started school today. I think they were all excited about getting to go see their friends that they hadn't seen that much over the summer. They got to wear their new shoes. Mom made them wait.
The storm damage is still being cleaned up from the storms that we had. My niece wasn't so lucky. This is what is left of their blue spruces. The wind was clocked at 104 miles an hour. There isn't a pine needle left on the tree. The hail damage, wind damage is unbelievable. You think about having to have help when you have ice storms, or snow, but in the summer to restore everybody electricity.
My heart and prayers goes out to those in the earthquake area. I have been watching the hurricane reports and praying for my friends that they will be missed. You all have a good weekend.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Different Birthday

It wasn't quite like I had envision today with everything that has happened. We had a bad storm go through last night with very high winds, hail, lightening, and heavy rain. We have small tree limbs down in the yard. Part of my security light arm is laying in the yard with the light and cover shattered laying in the yard. Luckily it didn't hit anything. The tower that was on top of the highway patrol building is laying in a crumple mess in front of the building. At least it missed the car that was sitting there.
It was fun going to work with the down trees, no electricity in some of the areas. We lost ours between 10 and 10:30 last night. Our son and daughter-in-law still did not have theirs back yet this evening when we saw them . They were worried they were going to lose their food in the freezer, they have already lost what was in the refrigerator.
We have been at the funeral home this evening. My husband's aunt past away. We celebrated her 100th birthday in May. She had a heart attack the first of the month and never recovered from it. At least she won't have problems hearing anymore and she will be with her sister, my hubby's mom. The funeral is tomorrow. I told the kids that we could celebrate it anytime. My son brought his two boys to see me today at work so that I could have my birthday hugs and I got my third one from my youngest grandson tonight at the funeral home.
It was clouding up again as we came home. I hope we don't have any more storms like last night.I have family to the north of us that have broken windows, hail damage, and the siding on my niece's house looks like Swiss cheese. I told them the damage is repairable, but you can"t replace them.
They got hit by two storms in one evening. The first one missed us and we got hit by the second one. They are having their Trails West celebration this weekend. It usually storms when it is here. 
I hope all of you that wanted to enter my SURPRISE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY has done so. I will be doing the drawing over the weekend. Tomorrow will be a little busy. Take Care

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Day Friday

 Friday is the big day. My birthday. I have been lucky to have people help me celebrate all week long. I think it is because I hit the big 70. I keep telling them that I am going to deduct years off my age. Ha. We are going out to dinner that evening to where ever I pick. I am  so special I get pick what I want for lunch earlier in the day. I can go on a diet on Saturday.
We still have flood water and will for a while. If you live in our area, and want to see what looks like an ocean, take a drive up I-29 as far as you can go. It looks like an ocean when you come to where you have to get off.
 School has officially started for my youngest grandson. It doesn't seem like he should be in kindergarten all ready. The older two will start the 23rd catching the bus before I even go out the door to work. I think they are ready to go back to see their friends and make new ones. They will go to separate schools with Jake being in Junior High and Matt in the first grade this year.
We had a busy summer with the soccer, baseball, and horse shows, but you know what we have enjoyed every minute of it. The t-ball games were so much fun because you never knew what they were going to do.
The bottom picture is of the two first graders. My great great nephew, Matt, my grandson, and Emma. She is only four, but thinks she is older. They both got to ride Cleo at the horse show in Pickering, Missouri. They think they will get grandpa to get them a horse. I can see my brother doing just that. They aren't spoiled much.
It is not to late to enter my giveaway if you like surprises. Just leave a comment on my birthday post.
Have a great weekend. I am enjoying the pretty weather. Starts off in the 60's and gets up to 80's. So much better then the triple digits.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday week

 This is the big week of my birthday. There is still time to enter my surprise birthday giveaway. I am looking forward to it and surprising the lucky winner with some nice things.
The last few evenings has been working on the last of my wedding presents that I have been embroidering. I will be sharing them with you in a few days. I have enjoyed making them.
My week will be a little hectic. We already know that we will be doing lunch on Friday. I just have to make up my mind what I would like because who's ever birthday gets to chose the menu.
I don't feel that old until I look at the ages of the kids, grand kids, and the number of years that we have been married. I can still run if I absolutely have to, but prefer not to do so.

 We have one more horse show for the year. It has been enjoyable to watch even though it has been hot at times. It is fun to watch the expression on the faces when they place.
I thought I would show you my table runner that I completed. I finally got the pictures taken. It has a set of 4 napkins to go with it. The design on them is like the big 4 leaf clover in the corner.
I have one set of Christmas pillow cases done and half a set of another one done. My Christmas bells are finished including the lace on the edges of the pillow cases.
 We had our family reunion the first Sunday in August. There was 4 brothers and two sisters there with our extended families. I got to meet the youngest member of our family. Her name is Harper and she is ll weeks old.
It turned out to be a fair weekend. The storms had been to the North of us and the south of us. We listened to the weather all the way home and watched the clouds. You never know anymore just how fast the clouds can appear.
I thought I would show you a picture
Harper and her mommy. She seems so tiny to hold. Of course her grandma is looking forward to baby sitting.
School starts for my youngest grandson tomorrow and the older two starts the 23rd of August. I don't know where the summer has gone, but it sure has gone fast. Have a good week.
One last thing I have been able to read your blogs, but blogger has been given me a little trouble. I will now see if it will let me publish my post. Take care.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Week

The weekend has really flown by. It is probably because so much has been shoved into two days. We had some rain not much, thunder and lightening. Kanas City and the surrounding area got hit worse then us. We did lose our electricity on Wednesday afternoon about 2 and didn't get it back until nearly 4 A.M. We were fortunate that it was not the day before because it was 103. The way it was the house didn't start getting hot until morning. If it had been otherwise, we would have been looking for a place to stay.
We went to Ethan's  6th birthday  party on Saturday Afternoon. He had a bowling party. It was fun to watch the boys bowl. He was so excited. It doesn't seem like he should really be that old and starting to kindergarten here in just a little over a week. He is ready to go to school. He and his parents are going to the State Fair which starts this Thursday. He wants to ride the ponies for one thing.
We went to watch the boys and their dad ride at Pickering, Missouri. Matt won his first trophy and is so proud of it. You can tell the eyes are just sparkling. He doesn't care what he rides as long as he gets to ride.
He was warming up Baby sis so that he could do Trail Ride. He didn't do to bad in it, but she wouldn't trot for him. She just stands for him and he doesn't even hold on to her. Jake place in every even that he entered. Cleo doesn't care for him to try to open the gate while still on her back. They have been lucky in finding the two horses that they have.
Hope you all have a good week. Try to stay cool.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hope you all are surviving in the horrible heat that is going on right now We have cool down a little , but not as much as I would like. We  were at 103 when I left work. This month is my 70th birthday on the 19th and what better way for you all to help me celebrate then have a giveaway. I am not going to show you what it is because I want you to be surprised. I know you will like it. The rules of my giveaway are you need to leave a comment on this post. It is open to the US and Canada. You need to become a follower or if you are that is great, also. Please let me know if you are new to my blog or one of my faithful ones. If you don't have a blog, leave me a way to contact you. In your comment, I would like to know your favorite color and what is your favorite embroidery item.  I will close my giveaway at midnight on the 19th. I have donated things in the past for prizes, but this is my 1st giveaway that I have done myself.
This is a month of family birthdays at our house hold. My youngest grandson was born six days before his mother's and she was born six days before mine. I am looking forward to my weekend. We are celebrating my grandson's birthday on Saturday afternoon. Sunday we are going to my family reunion. We try to see how  many of the  brothers and sisters we can get together. There is ten of us if we are all there. Then with the extended children and their children we usually have a good turn out. It is pot luck and every one brings something. My oldest brother will be the oldest at 81 and I don't know how young we will have. Last year it was six weeks. It is a tradition that my parents started when they were alive. We have moved it inside in the air-conditioning because to many have health issues.
Try to stay as cool as possible, we are maybe going to get some rain by Thursday. It just means that I get to drive in the rain that day. I can handle that. Oh yes, my mammogram was good, don't have to go back for a year for those of you who might like to know. It made me feel good.
Everybody take care and have a good rest of the week.