Friday, May 29, 2015

What I have been doing

   This is where I would like to be sitting on a beautiful afternoon to have some peace and quiet. I have been staying with my oldest and middle grandsons this week and that is where I will be spending time all summer long. Hay season will start as soon as the rain lets up and gets dry enough. It is so muddy with water standing. My heart goes out to all of those suffering from the floods, tornados, and extremely bad weather. The smaller rivers are out of their banks in our area. I had water in my basement so I am drying it back out again. It just came way to fast and we have had areas here in our city that we had flash floods. Luckily I was home and didn't have to worry about getting home. We have more storms expected tonight. I just want the rain to go away so that our horse show season can get under way. So many have been cancelled already. The busiest time will be this next month with a show every Saturday and Sunday. 
   My oldest grandson putting what he learned about welding to work. They have the fence completely done except for nine caps I think that is done now. 
The next picture is my favorite with the sun going down at the arena.  We have our program ready to go to the printers. The boys and I are going to put them together this next week while I am at their house. 
   My middle grandson and I have a reading competition going on this summer. The library is having s summer reading contest where you can win prizes. The parents and grandparents can also get involved. He is trying to catch me in the number of books that I have read. It will be fun. 
   I am going to see hubby tomorrow and I need to find out who I have got to talk to about the latest episode. They are putting him to bed at night without a brief on and it upsets him. I called them tonight and this makes the third time I have told them about it. They tell me that the head of nursing is telling them to do it so I guess she is the one that I am going after. I always thought it was their job to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and do what the patient wants in that respect. 
   The Mustang base ball season has officially started here in town. They had over 3,000 people there opening night. I just don't know where they parked everybody. 
    I will be dropping by as much as my schedule will allow me to do. This summer is something that I haven't had the opportunity to do and I am enjoying it. I just want to help out as much as I can. 
    Take care and keep the prayers going for those in need. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

School is out

School is officially out until fall for most of the kids  and this is who I get to hang out with this summer. The first horse show got rained out so we will see how the next one goes that is coming up the first weekend of June.  I went to his award assembly this morning and was so proud of him. He has made the honor roll all four quarters. He had to eat his final hot lunch because they were having corn dogs. I don't know what it is about corn dogs that all of the kids seem to like.
   I know that both us are doing the reading program through the library this summer. I like to read and that way he will continue to read during the summer.  We are going to have a race to see if he can read more books then grandma. Competition is always good to make them try just a little harder.
   I now officially have a 4th,  5th grader this fall and a junior in high school.  The school year went fast or so it seemed. I just know that it will be a different summer for me. I have never got to stay with the kids like I will this summer because I have always worked so it will be a different one . I am looking forward to it. Big brother is going to be working in the hay fields.  It will also give me a change of scenery from the nursing home. When I do go, my grandsons will be going with me so grandpa will get to see his boys.
    I hope the funerals are over for a while with losing my brother and my daughter-in-law losing her father. We knew with her father it was a matter of time since he had the original stroke and then at the last he was having mini strokes that they were saying was seizures. It was a blessing for both of them.
   We have had such stormy, rainy weather. We did get my yard cut and the weed eating done before the last rain came. I haven't decided if I am going to' try to' have some flowers or not, Looking at the  schedule I don't know if I would really have the time to take care of  them. 
   Everybody has a long weekend so we are going to have a cookout tomorrow evening at my daughter's house. I only have to take hamburger buns. Food always taste so good when it is  cook on the grill. The girls have planned the menu so it will be fun to see what else we have besides hamburgers. The boys will get to play together. 
    Our son-in-law is continuing to improve in his physical therapy. He is up to 4 miles a day on the stationary bike. He has really done good so far, but it sure was a scare for everybody that much I do know. 
    Hope every one has a good weekend. If you travel, please be careful on the roads. Prayers continue go out to those in need whether dealing with the aftermath of the storms, floods, or sickness.  I know that is what helps us and we take every day that we are given .

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's Beem Happening

      Today was my youngest grandson's award assembly. He is the one in the red shirt. I am so proud of him because he has been on the A-B Honor Roll all year, plus getting his reading award. He told me he bowled three strikes yesterday and won the game they played. They also had a pizza party for the kids that have been bowling. He is now officially a 4th grader in the fall of the year. They are just growing up to fast. 
    My middle grandson's award assembly is this next Friday which is their last day of school. Then it will be grandma time. I will attend that one for him.
    Our daughter-in-law's dad passed away this week. He had been in failing health and hospice care. We knew it was going to happen just not when. She has lost both her parents. I would like to have a break for a while.   
   Our son-in-law is doing really well in his physical therapy. We just have to remember to slow our steps down for him when he is with us. He is up to 3 miles on the exercise bike and 2.6 on the treadmill. He did the driving today when I went to the award assembly with them. I am glad that I didn't drive because they don't have the parking. They have to do the assembly in shifts because of their gym not being big enough for all of the parents. 
    I thought I would show you a couple of my latest embroidery. The 4th of July is going to a new home. I have one more of it and my Easter Egg one left to do. It is keeping the hands busy and that is what I need at the present time with everything that is happening. 
   We went to the city on Tuesday for a doctor appointment for hubby. We just need to keep stressing how they give the one medication. It has to be mixed with the right amount of water to make it work. They didn't  change any medication. We will go back in June for an ultra sound. 
   We have had rain all day off and on. It started a lot earlier then what the weatherman said that it was going to do. My oldest grandson did get my yard cut except for weed eating. He finished the main part in the rain. He said that he was sure glad that I have heated seats in my car when I took him home. He is the proud owner of 88 Ford p.u. It will get him around where he needs to go when he turns 16 this next month. 
    Prayers for all of those that have suffered in the bad weather whether tornadoes flash floods or snow.  Our son was in Oklahoma City within three miles of a tornado. It was to close for comfort. I was really glad when he got home.  Take care. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


  I know I have been missing for a few days and I thought I would check in so that you know that I am all right. I lost my brother a week ago Tuesday and his funeral was last Friday. All of the brothers and sisters  were there excepting for one sister who has health issues which was good for ten of us. We have nine of us remaining.  It was hard but I made it through the day. Right now I am trying to be strong for my daughter-in-law who's father is in hospice. I have been helping her this week however she needs help whether with my two oldest grandsons or just to listen when she needs to talk. I can relate to what she is going through.
    I helped her get the car home from the shop last night and she made home made pizza for supper. Talk about something being yummy. Today was field trip day for my middle grandson. He was excited and where he was going they were even going to serve them lunch. He didn't give her any argument about going to bed last night. 
   It is always amazing how kids know what buttons to push to set their mom's off. The first horse show is about a week away. It is a fun show with games they even have a mystery race. That could be very interesting. 
   What should  the rules  be for kids to be able to go on field trips? If they have been a class interruption with being sent to the office, in school suspension, or out of school suspension, should the rest of the class be made to suffer in what they get to do for a field trip. Should they just continue to let them be a disruption. Thank goodness school is just about over. 
   It is going to be a different summer for me and for which I am very thankful. It will give me a change of scenery. One of the things we will be doing is go to the library so that he can do their reading program. We will get to spend time together that is the main thing. 
   I went to a kick ball game the other evening watching my youngest grandson play. Two cub scout packs got together for the game. There was only two rules. You could not throw the ball at the runners and to have fun. I don't think they kept score It was an enjoyable evening and the rain held off until it was over. The storms are out there for sure. I worried about my son who was in Oklahoma City this week especially after the tornado sirens and talking about the airport. I knew he was staying close to it, but he called to let mom know everything was all right. Prayers were answered. 
   Prayers to those in need because they do help us make it through the good and bad. They help us to remember that it is in god's hands. We are all god's children regardless of color, where we are from, and some people need to realize that. 
   All of you take care and have a good rest of the week. Hugs and Prayers to my blogging family.