Friday, March 25, 2016


   Have you made your plans for Easter? Do you get yourself flowers if no one else does it for you?  We are going to celebrate Easter tomorrow instead of Sunday that way my daughter and her family can go to her other side of the house. I will spend Easter Sunday at the nursing home with hubby. He has good days and bad depending on what is going on with him. We are having weekly blood draws so that they can monitor his ammonia level better. It is slowly coming back down. 
   Tomorrow  the boys are going to hunt Easter Eggs. The oldest will be looking for his because they will have gas money in them. That way he can't say that he is to old. 
   They fitted my middle one with a hearing aid to try. He will wear it for a month and then he goes back to the see the doctor. They don't want them investing in one until then because they are expensive. His ear is ringing all of the time which has to be bothersome for him. He and I get to hang together on Monday because brother has school in the afternoon. I am going to be staying with him this summer. He thinks he is old enough to stay by himself, but not hardly. 
   Haven't we been having some crazy weather? My heart and prayers go out to those in Kansas and Oklahoma who are suffering because of the devastating wild fires. I think about those that are fighting the fires. We have family both who are trained to do that. I always say prayers for them that they stay safe. 
   My fingers have been staying very busy embroidering. I have to try to keep something else to think about right now.  
 These are a few that I have finished in the last two weeks. They don't take long when you spend two or three hours doing nothing else, but this. The kitty cat will hearts was part of a wedding shower gift. I made four all kitty cats. Later on I will do some that are all puppies for another wedding.
   Have you ever heard of a wine tasting bridal shower?
That was a new one for me.  My daughter said it was very different.  Then they wanted you to buy some to help the bride to be to stock her wine rack.
   The bird singing is part of a house warming gift. She loves Spring Things and what better way then listen to the birds sing.  Her other one is Plant-Grow-bloom which her flowers are the color of Dahlias . I made them burgundy with yellow centers.
  The chicken scratch edge sets both of them off. I don't  know if that is the proper name or not, but that is what I call it.

  I made two for a nurse that is graduating in May.  Some of the Saving Lives I tried to keep as close to what they really looked liked.

  The bottom Kitty cat and apron tea towels were for the fun and are going to be going in my etsy shop. If you have an etsy shop, have they changed the way it looks. Have you checked it out and do you like what they want to to do.

  Saving Lives tea towel shows the border that I referred to up above.
  It is a little long and I just thought I would  check in. Have a wonderful Easter and if you are traveling have a safe journey. If you can't be with family, pick up the phone and call them. Phone calls can mean a lot to people.

   Take care.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


  The sunshine is out today after yesterday, with the bitter cold, a little snow, and a mixture of rain and snow. It didn't amount to much. It hasn't warmed up much today yet, but tomorrow we are to have 64. It is unreal that is for sure. 
  My magnolia tree before the cold weather hit. Two nights in the 20's now it is brown looking. Oh! well, got to enjoy it for a few days. 
  I thought I better check in before I go to the nursing home. It has been very emotional days without getting the answers. Hubby's ammonia level went back up and they can't tell me why. When I get irritated, I cry especially when I get really mad. I still think they are missing something. He made the decision if they find him unresponsive and not breathing that he doesn't want them beating on him and breaking his bones. It is a hard decision to accept, but I thoroughly understand where he is coming from. He has been through so much over the years. We take every day we are given. 
   The music program was very enjoyable and made a great change for me. My oldest grandson has got his truck put back together finally which made him really happy. They did the work at school with his instructor supervising. He was only out the parts which was way lot cheaper then if he had someone else do it for him. His instructor just happened to look at his brakes and told him that his truck didn't roll out of the shop until that was taken care of also. He is learning so much. 
   I let him use my computer and found out when I went to post that he hadn't changed things back like I wanted. It makes you really wonder about these kids at times. When you ask a question, they just take care of what you need and you still don't know how to do it yourself. 
   Have you ever had someone want to make a purchase and the next thing they wanted was your pattern? That is a new one for me. I make things for people only. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. 
  It will be hit and miss of me for awhile. I just don't have enough hours in my day to do everything I need to do. I really appreciate all of the prayers that you all are saying for us. You are a very special bunch of people here in blog land and help in so many special ways whether it is a comment here, and e-mail you are very special people. 
  Hope you all are getting ready for Easter. I just have to show up at my daughter's. The kids take care of mom because they don't think I eat. I truly do. Take care and stay safe and warm. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016


   There is a lot going on in my life right at the moment. They took my hubby to the ER last night by ambulance. He wouldn't eat and he had confusion. He had his daughter name being mine and he could answer questions and he would just look at you. Something told me to go to the nursing home yesterday. When I got there I found him sitting in the dining hall with two glasses of what he told me was kool-aid but in reality, it was grape juice that he needed to offset insulin because he would not eat lunch. I got him to drink it by holding it up so he could drink it. He just was not responsive. They did the usual testing and a cat scan at the hospital but  nothing showed wrong, but still a problem. They didn't admit him saying there was to much sickness in the hospital. The nursing home would be best place for him. I went up before lunch today and fed him what lunch he ate, but it wasn't much. He did eat a better supper for me. I had them call  downstairs and order what I thought he would maybe eat.
   They took away the pain medication and he can only have it as needed I don't want him to have it because I think it is part of the problem right now. They scheduled his one medication three times a day like I wanted instead of the sliding scale which was not working. When the liver doesn't work right, then the meds  build up in the system. I never did a sliding scale here at home I always gave it so many times a day and if the stools got to loose then I would cut it back.  I did meet the doctor today that they have there. I am not as dumb as she thinks that is for sure. I had been his primary care giver from Nov. 1999 until he went into the nursing home in October 2012 plus I worked full time. I sometimes wonder if they have even read his chart.
  Thank you all for listening to me as you can tell I am a little irritated. I am just glad that I had my embroidering with me because I did that in the ER and today while I sat there. 
  I did go to dinner with my youngest grandson Saturday night. He ordered me a taco salad. He thought I would like it the best. His mom ended up going with us also because her other half was still not feeling up to par. We didn't get to hang out but maybe we will another night. 
   Tuesday evening I stayed with my middle grandson while his mom and brother went to a meeting. His dad had to be gone for a few days of training for his job. We had fun. He told me his bed time was 10 o'clock, but he didn't fool me. He has a school music program coming up this next week. 
  My oldest grandson is getting an education with working on his truck during class at the tech school. They are working on the transmission because of it not shifting like it should. My daughter picked up the part that he needed and brought it home being she works in the city. I don't know if they got his truck back together today or not. 
  Hope you are having some of the spring like weather. My magnolia is starting to bud hopefully it will be pretty and we don't have a frost. Well enough of my rambling.

Friday, March 4, 2016


  It has been a very busy and trying time for me. With losing my brother and three others that were friends with all in a little over a week span was just a little much to handle. It made me think of how we are living on borrowed time with my hubby.  
  I had to take time to get a mammogram and  had a doctor appointment for me. My blood pressure was little high so we have changed my medicine for the time being. 
  Then hubby had to have a liver ultrasound done and we have a doctor appointment this coming Monday. I wish they could get his ammonia level under control. We will see what the doctor has to say. His portal vein is blocked and now the report that I got a copy of says that he has a blood clot there. He is to high of a risk to have surgery because we don't know if he will stop bleeding. His hemoglobin is dropping from a little over 13 to a little over 11 in a short period of time. They took him off some medicine that could possible cause that. If it isn't one thing then another. God keeps giving me the strength to handle it, but I sometimes wonder.
   I saved some money when I got my car, but the majority of that will go to the nursing home. I don't get to keep it for me. They don't want you to get to keep any extra for sure. You just wonder how they figure what you have to pay. I would sure like to know their method. 
  I am looking forward to tomorrow evening. My youngest grandson and I are going to dinner and hanging out together while his parents go to a retirement party. He has picked a Mexican restaurant for our dinner. He told me not to worry he would order for us. He is only 10, but such a little adult. 
He hasn't said what we are doing after supper, but I am to pick him up at baseball practice so that we can beat the rush for supper. He is something and those hugs are precious from those boys. Grandma goes to see them when I need a grandma fix.
  I did tea towels for my daughter for a wedding shower that she was going to this evening. I liked the way they turned out.  This was one of four that I made. I have to finish the border on my last one for a custom order so I have been busy. The fingers have to stay busy right now to give me something else to think about. 
  My oldest grandson has been working on his truck at the vo-tech school. There was more they had to do then they had originally thought. He had the highest score on his test in the afternoon class. Plus he had a big paper due that was suppose to take at least a week. He had his done in three days. He even had his teacher ask him questions and was surprised by the answers he got. He is going next month to check out a technical college. They do that their junior year of high school so they can apply for scholarships and etc.  You wish that you could keep them young.
  My middle grandson's little friend had his surgery and he is back to school for half days. God is there when we need him. Thank you for all of your prayers they mean the world to me. You are the best friends. 
  I am sending out prayers to those in need. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.