Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flooding in Parts of the City

 Flooding has officially hit some of areas of our city. They think that it has peaked, but they don't really know. We have several area roads closed so the fun is getting around. Especially if you aren't familiar with the area.
People wanting to see the flood waters have been causing some problems with people trying to get out. Our casino parking lot is flooded and the picture later in my post shows vehicles that were still on the parking lot. Believe it or not our Nature Center Museum is also located in the same area. I am curious where the water is because they said that it would not flood. I think that it will.
Parts of the city lost electricity early Monday morning when the storm came through that gave us several more inches of water.
The Platte River and Third Fork east of the city is both out of there banks. I just wish we could pipe it to some of the areas that need the water so very bad. We would be more then happy to share with you.
The next picture was taken at the Casino which is on the river. It shows a couple of vehicles how high the flood waters has gotten. We have one at work who lives where he could flood. So far, the levee is holding. Some of the homes have so much flood water that I don't know if they will be salvageable when the water goes down or not. It just makes you sick because it isn't caused by Mother Nature. They have opened a Red Cross emergency shelter at one of the high school.
The last picture is of my latest set of pillowcases. I have listed them in my etsy shop.
We went to a t-ball game earlier this evening in the small town of Cosby, Missouri. They have a nice park and it was really nice sitting there watching the game. We watched part of an earlier game while we were waiting for ours to start. It is the next level up.

It is getting late and morning will come quick enough. Someone is shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood. They have been shooting off since Sunday Evening. Have a great week.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nice Weekend except for rain

The weekend has been different then we had originally planned and maybe it was for the best. We had over an inch of rain yesterday and we are in a severe thunderstorm watch tonight until 1 A.M. in the morning. We have had our Senator, our house of representative, and our governor all here this weekend looking at the flood damage in Northwest Missouri.
It is really bad and it just isn't our state that is effected, and to top it all off there is a letter from the corp of engineers talking about wanting land to increase the wet lands for the environmental protection of the sturgeons. When does wild life come  before people. Somebody definitely has their priorities screwed up
 Dad and brother warming up the horses before the show started. You can definitely see how long my oldest grandson legs are with him on brothers pony. Of course he handles the teasing that everybody gives him. Mom is in the background with the sunglasses. It was a beautiful evening with a nice breeze. It got cool enough that I put my sweater on before we left.

Brother is waiting on his pony and is ready to ride. He is standing on the 55 gallon drums that they used for the barrels. He entered two events. The first was called down and back. He rode Baby Sis down and around the barrel. The second event was the clover leaf barrel race. Of course, little ones don't get to go that fast yet, but he would if you would let him. He is my daredevil and not afraid. He fell off his pony last year and that didn't bother him at all.

Here he is riding his pony all by himself. He told his mom that she had to have her tail trim before he rode, He came away with two blue ribbons and was really proud of himself.
Saturday was spent at home except when we went for  a drive in the afternoon after the rain let up. It really poured. We got home from breakfast just as it was starting.
We could see it coming out the window. It got dark enough that the street lights came on.
We was suppose to have another show today, but the arena was to wet from all of the rain that we got yesterday and they were forecasting storms so they cancelled it to next month. They didn't want anyone or horses getting hurt.
Today other then going to Wal-Mart for a few things I have been home. I finished up a custom order for a wedding present. I really like them. I will have to get permission so that I can show them to you all. I have another order that I am working on for a bridal shower. It is fun knowing that you are part of their big day. My niece is getting married in September so I will have to decide what I am doing for her to do yet.  I didn't even have to fix supper because our son did the cooking tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Try to stay dry and safe.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The weekend

I was so happy when 4:30 came today and I have a couple of days off. It has been a rough three weeks working short handed. My poor legs hurt from up and down the steps when I got home.
We have managed to keep going with basically three of us and a part-time one. We just do what ever we have to do.
Tonight we went out and watch Matt ride his pony in walk trot down and back and the barrels. It was the first time  he had ridden all by himself. Daddy led his pony in the arena and then he was off. It was so cute. When we left he was riding Cleo with a little girl riding double with him. I have pictures, but I need to do some editing of them. He plays t-ball in the morning and then the horse show starts at 11 with both boys riding. Then again on Sunday starting at one p.m.  in the afternoon.
Tomorrow is also the tractor cruise for charity. We have to go a different route to the t-ball game because of it.They are going on the highway that I normally take to the baseball field.
Last night I didn't know whether I would work today. I was sick after I ate lunch and I didn't eat supper. I don't like tasting the food the second time around and living in the bathroom. I don't  think I want anymore from where we got lunch. I am glad that I didn't eat all of it.
Tonight was a beautiful night for being out side with the breeze blowing and about 74 degrees. The temperature has gone up since we got home. So many people getting flooded and roads closed in our area. Your know what hurts is that it is not because of mother nature, but man made because of water being released from dams that is suppose to control the water. How would you like to have a new home on the lake not moved into yet that has over 8 feet of water in the garage area. They built the living quarters 10 feet off the ground. I know when I heard they were building there. My comment was it floods.
My heart goes out to all of those effected by the floods, tornadoes, and bad weather. This year has really been different.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stormy Night

There is no way that we are going to be missed tonight with looking at the radar. They are saying hail and high winds. I hope they are wrong, but probably not.
It just means a night of not sleeping very well because the severe weather watch is in effect until 3 A.M.
What is wrong with the younger generation? They want a paycheck, but they don't want to earn it,  you see them standing around, talking on their cell, or text messaging. They can be text messaging the person across the room from them.
I always believed that you did your job the best that you can. Oh, well, I guess they don't care now days.
I started using some new type of fabric that you copy your picture and then peeled the back sticking it to whatever you wanted to embroidery. I must say I am not overly impressed with it. I think I will go back to my light box. It is hard to get the need through it. Maybe it would work better on a different kind of material.
My grandson and his puppy Abby waiting for story time. I think it will have to be another night. Abby sleeps on his bed right beside him as though she is his protector. He has a lot of fun with them. I wish she had gotten a picture of him reading to his daddy. He is so ready for school to start when he can go all day. He has really enjoyed summer school.
Well I hope you all are staying as cool as possible. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you are out in the heat. Have a great week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

The weekend has been different then what we thought it was going to be. The t-ball game was cancelled because they didn't have enough players and then the horse show got cancelled because of the rain.
We have had a stormy weekend and have a possibility of some more later this afternoon.
Hubby went with our son this afternoon so I am enjoying some quiet time. I have been embroidering some and I listed some new items in my etsy shop.
I finished my butterfly and it is now in my etsy shop. I was happy with the way that it looked when I got it done. I hope other people like it.
The bear at the top of my post is a birthday present that my son built yesterday at Build-A-Bear. He likes doing those for birthdays, get well presents, or for a little one who has lost a parent, grand parent.  It gives them something to hang on to of their own.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  I lost my dad on Christmas day several years ago, but I would spend time with him when I would go home from school or go home for the weekend. I always would end up at the barn sitting on the steps as my dad milked the cows. We enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table with both parents voicing our own opinions and they would voice theirs. Normally we did what they wanted, but at least we were given the opportunity to express ourselves. I see so much now days where the kids don't express themselves. I don't know if it is by choice or not allowed.
What you think of my new decorative pot holder. They are easy to take to the doctor's office to work on while we wait. I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Ours is hot and muggy definitely the right feel for the storms to pop up. We had levies brake to the north of us and I-29 is shut down so you have to figure out a different route if you are going north of us.
Looking out the window, the trees are starting to move so at least there is some wind. I hope we get missed but we will have to wait and see. Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You can tell that is the summer is quickly approaching with the way that the temperature is going up during the day and cooling off in the evening. We just have not had a spring this year, maybe they were right about only having two seasons instead of the usual four seasons. Only time will tell that and what the outcome will be in the next few days of how bad the flood will be. We just want everybody to pray maybe the sand bagging and the levee's will hold.  I thought I would share a few more pictures from the birthday party last Saturday evening. The cobbler was very yummy  with the ice cream on top. the next picture that you see is of the birthday boy, Jacob and his best friend Andrew. He lives up the road from them and they both go to the same school. They both ride thesame bus. One of the things that Jacob got for his birthday was a rifle to go deer hunting this fall. It is one that he can grow with to learn that it is not an automatic. He will take the hunter safety course because of his age. He is excited. Of course his dad and uncle tried it out, plus letting him try to hit the target. It will take practice. Andrew told him anything that he didn't want for his birthday, he would be happy to take. They are so funny. They are both very helpful in carrying things for you or getting you something. Ethan was getting his ride. You can tell he is so excited by the expression on his face. He will 6 in August, but you take him for older because of his size. He loves going to summer school and doesn't want it to come to an end. I am so glad that he likes it. He will be in kindergarten this fall and go all day. His other grandparents will take him and pick him up. It will be different for them because preschool was only a half a day. Ethan's mom had to take her turn on riding too. It  had been quite a while since she had rode a horse, but as the saying goes once you learn, you don't forget. Her nephew wearing the yellow shirt is as tall as she is and they can switch shoes. She wore his boots while she rode and he wore her flip flops.
Her husband works where there is the possibility of it flooding. If it does, he said they were told it would be two months at least before they could go back. They were suppose to move the trucks to higher ground. He said that he has some other things that he can do during that time that they will be o.k. You can't worry about it because you can get ulcers.
It's official our oldest has met all of the requirements to officially have graduated from college. His diploma is suppose to come in a couple of weeks. I can officially say I have three college graduates.
This is not the post I tried earlier to do because I couldn't get to edit like I needed. It was frustrating. I hope you enjoy this one better then the first. I have been a little busy lately and I am trying to catch up with you all. Have a great weekend and stay cool.  

Monday, June 13, 2011


They are basically sitting and waiting for the water to get higher and try to be better prepare to have less damage here. Some people won't be as lucky. The picture is of the river running bank full as of this past Saturday. The current looked swift and moving quickly.
Because of all of the flood water some of the others will flood because the Missouri backs up into them. Some of the areas north are all ready flooding due to the levee breaking.
Check out the birthday cake, It is a very berry cobbler taken off the fire and served with ice cream. My grandson didn't want the traditional birthday cake. I think everybody should chose if they get the option. We love the cobblers that she bakes in her dutch oven.
What do you think of my grandson's fashion for riding his horse for us to show what he has been doing at riding lessons. Shorts and cowboy boots. He and his Aunt Angie traded shoes because she wanted to ride Cleo. He wore her flip flops and she had his cowboy boots. They could change their shoes very easy.
It doesn't seem like he should be 12 years old already. I can remember the day he was born very well. Her mom was suppose to be with her, but I ended up there because her mom couldn't handle it. I guess I did because I had been dealing with his grandfather's health issues for a long time.
Pat was riding when we first got there so that Cleo would be ready to ride when everybody else got there. Our youngest grandson  Ethan wore his cowboy boots in hopes Uncle Pat would let him ride Cleo.
They all had a good time and you couldn't ask for better weather. It got cool in the evening when we were out on the deck that you needed a sweater. It is down to 66 degrees so far and is still dropping. We have already dropped below our supposedly low for tonight.
We are trying to get  Pat to show Cleo in his age range. I don't know if we will succeed or not. We will have to wait and see what happens.
Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Weather and its Only June

 It is only June, but you would swear that it is July and August weather as hot as it has been lately. I  know that I come home with headaches from being in and out of the air-condition all day at work. 
The river is getting higher and they are preparing for the higher waters to keep from having what we had in 1993. The worse problem is that part of it is because they are releasing water from the dams. They could have done it sooner when the river was lower.
This year has been very different from the floods, tornadoes, snow storms , I think we have just about had it all. They are saying we had an earthquake on the Eastern side of the state. You wonder what next. Mother Nature hasn't been choosy where she has struck this year.  
This is one of my decorative pot holders. It is strictly for hanging on the wall for decoration. They are fun to do and don't take that long to do one.
I got my tea towels today so I can try the new sticky fabric that you can print your pattern on and. peel the paper and stick it to your tea towel and embroidery. It sure sounds simple and easy. I am anxious to try it and if it works like they say it will open a new door for some designs that I want to try. I have been busy, but tonight is "Me" time. I am spending time visiting here in blog land. Tonight everything has been cooperating, It is amazing at times.

Being Matt didn't get to show his pony , daddy was leading him on Cleo. His Uncle John was standing there beside him. He would come and sit with him during the horse show which made it easier to keep track of him.
This weekend we only have a morning t-ball game and then the birthday party in the afternoon. I will post pictures of what I got my grandson after the party because he looks at grandma's blog to see what I am talking about.
It  is clouding up maybe we are going to get a shower. In a way I would like it  to cool it off and settle the dust. I got my car washed, but you can't tell it.  Have a safe and hope full cool rest of the week.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


 I don't usually get fresh flowers, but I did and I wanted to share a picture with you. They were so very pretty and lasted several days.
We had a very busy day and  it turned off hot. We had a nice breeze this morning, but after the shower which didn't last long, it turned off very hot and muggy.
Hubby made it through this morning at the horse show and the t-ball game, but came home after that. Our son John and I went back to the horse show because Jacob was showing and Matt was going to attempt his first time in the arena all by himself with his pony.
We got back in time to watch Jacob in his second class. He got 5th with Cleo and this was his first time showing her. He also showed her in the halter class which had 15 horses. It was a good experience for him.
 Matt was taking a breather waiting for the others to take their places on the field. They don't keep score at the game like we use to do. They just let each team bat so many times. They think they are to young to learn what it is to win and lose. I don't know what age they think it is alright  for that.
He didn't get to show his pony Baby Sis. He almost got thrown when they were warming up and daddy being the protective dad that he is would not allow him to show. I told him that he need to practice some more and we would come to watch him. He had been riding in the round pen at home which is smaller then the arena. He was going to try to do the pee wee barrels. He did get his pony to trot which made him happy with daddy riding beside him hold onto a rope.
He is only six , but he thinks he is big cheese.
The last picture is of Jacob and Cleo in the halter class. He looked really handsome in his new shirt. Have you ever tried to find a long sleeve shirt in June? He picked it out himself.
Dad said that he was going to have to find another horse so he could ride too.
Jacob was glad when each class was over and he could take his shirt off and cool off. I felt so sorry for them out in the son, because it was hot even in the shade.
Next weekend we will celebrate his 12th birthday. He will have this summer he can compete at that age and then he will have to move up to an older age bracket. When he rode her, and placed 5th, the smile was on his face. Most of the classes were large this time because a couple of the shows got rained out and some of them ride for points. Jacob doesn't because you have to go all over and they want him to stay closer to home until he gets more experience. Well take care. Have a great Sunday and stay cool.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are You Ready for Summer

 Are you ready for summer? We hit 89 today and by the weekend they are predicting the 90's. We got woke up early with the thunder, lighting, and rain. It is so crazy with the sun shining one minute and raining the next.
I just know I don't want rain Saturday. It is Jake's first horse show of the season. He is showing Cleo and Baby Sis. Baby Sis has another name which I can never remember, but Matt calls her Baby Sis. Have you ever tried to find long sleeve shirts in June in a Men's small? You have to really shop to find it.
Matt has a t-ball game Saturday afternoon. I think I can get to see both. I know that I am going to try.
I thought I would show you a couple of the projects I am working on. I have had a few interruptions and no I did not take the pictures. I got them from Herschner's catalogue. I always change things a little from the way that they show them. When I list them, they will be my own pictures.
Their picture only shows half of the table scarf.
My butterflies are coming along. I have had a few interruptions where I have not been able to work on them.
I had to take out some stitches on my butterfly tea towel. When I am tired, it it best that I don't. The oranges are really close together in color. I think they will be pretty when I get finished.
I wanted to go to Cabala's on Sunday to finish a birthday present for my grandson, but I don't know because Nascar will be in town. It might not be to bad if I can get down and get it while the race is going on. I will have to check and see. Otherwise the traffic will be horrible bumper to bumper. I can drive in it, but I don't want to do it.
Well tomorrow is Friday  another work day. I hope to get more done then I did today, but then we only had three of us doing it. When we are short handed, we do whatever is necessary to get it done.

My heart and prayers go out to all of the people affected by the storms and the flooding. They keep saying the Missouri River flood is going to worse then 1993. I hope not, but people have had a lot of advance notice.
Have a great weekend. Stay safe and cool.