Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Horseshow

We woke up this morning to 81 degrees and I wondered if we were going to be able to go to the horse show this afternoon or if it would be to hot.
The man upstairs must have heard my wishes because it clouded up with a wonderful breeze. You couldn't have asked for any better and the sun came out as we were getting ready to leave the horse show grounds.
The first horse is Scoot. The horse actually has a long name, but his owner Amy calls him Scoot. Jake rode him yesterday around and today he rode him in the trail ride event. The horse had never done anything like that and considering the first time for Jake they didn't do to bad. The second picture is of Jake and Charley after they had won 5Th place in a group of 8. We were thrilled because it was the first time he actually showed his horse. He would take him and just ride him around the outside of the arena before. He has a wonderful riding teacher, who has done a good job of working him and encouraging him. She was there today with him so that they know what to work on during his lessons before the next show.
The next pictures were taken by my 5 year old grandson. Grandma got tired of trying to keep track of him. His mommy and daddy didn't think I should let him play with my digital, but it was fun to watch him and see what he got. He was so tired . He didn't get to do all of his events on Friday night, but I forgot my camera.
I had taken my car down to the dealership I bought it from the night before so they could do the recall. After working Friday, taken the loaner back and

picking up my car, I thought we did rather well. We made it before the show started. Not by much. Matt didn't want to do the stick horse race. He just wanted to ride his pony.

We were so proud of Jake and Charley especially when it was against riders who was a lot older then he was. It was an open class where age made no difference.
I will show you some more pictures that my 5 yr old took in another post. I am sorry this is a little long, but you know proud grandparents. Have a great week.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Storm Damage

We weren't lucky this time from the bad weather. There is damage all over town with the worse being toward the southwest part of the city. Trees were topple blocking streets, house trailers with no roof, part of the roof blown off of our Sam's Club just to name a few.
We were gone to my brothers for his two grandchildren birthday party. Miss Emma as we call her turned 3 and her brother Collin turned 5. We were told by his brother-in-law that we were really getting hit down here. Of course, I wondered just what kind of damage I would come home to.
Our oldest was home he said that the transformer made a funny sound, it got real still, then really black and then it hit. We lost power, but not near as long as some areas here in town. They clocked the wind at our airport across the river at 70 miles a hour. The main thing is we didn't have any serious injuries. We can replace lots of things, but we can't replace a life. We are in for another round yet tonight for sometime after midnight.
It makes you wonder when is the rain and storms going to stop and if Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. We made the news outside of our local news with the Storm damage. Now it will be the problem of rebuilding. You will have the people who try to take advantage of people during this time. It happens every time you have this kind of a situation.
Hope you all have a wonderful week. Ours is suppose to be hot and I am hoping dry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two down one to go

They ran two test yesterday and I have one to do this coming Monday. I get to go to sleep for that one and I don't have to drink the yucky stuff that makes you wonder where they came up with the taste. They tell you oh it is not that bad, which makes you wonder if they have ever had to taste it.
We took the interstate down to the city and the traffic was something else. I don't care what speed you drive they always go faster.
We are still getting some rain this evening. The Platte, 102, and Missouri Rivers are all out of their banks. It is not as bad as the flood that we went through in 93, but we haven't crested yet. They have sand bagged the Nature Center to keep the river out. I really don't know why they built it so close to the river, but they did.
You just wonder when is it going to stop. Mother Nature is not listening to us very good. We would gladly share with those of you who need the rain and take some sunshine for a few days. I thought we were going to have sunshine all day today, but it didn't happen that way.
I felt sorry for a bus load of boys from Utah that was broken down by where we ate supper this evening. They were having fun playing ball. There was two buses and they sent the girls on in the other bus. They were waiting for them to come out of Kansas City bringing the part to fix the bus. They had been there since 1:30 this afternoon. They have been traveling for over two weeks and they were on their way home. I never did figure what they were using as their ball and bat. They had just graduated from high school. They were very polite and it makes you feel good when you are around kids like that.
You all have a wonderful day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

RAin Go Away Little Johnny Wants to play

I was so in hopes we would see sunshine today, but we had more rain, plus the humidity was high. We have had several roads closed due to flooding . They closed one of the parks to camping due to high water. My heart goes out to all of those who lost people during the Arkansas flood.
How many of you remember the poem Rain, rain go away little Johnny wants to come out and play. All of the rain we have got makes me think of that nursery rhyme.
Oklahoma City really got hit a lot worse then us today with the rain. We are under another severe storm watch tonight until the wee hours of the morning.
I just don't want it raining when I have to make the drive tomorrow to the city. I will decide whether I will drive the interstate or not. I may have to because of the flooding and road closing in our area's.
I have to find time to find out how my oldest grandson's riding lesson went. His horse is having a little training, also. He says his horse is on a Jenny Craig diet because he is so fat. It is to be expected not being rode all winter. This is his second year of riding lessons. She doesn't take them to teach until they are 8 years old. At the end of summer, she will have an exhibition where the kids get to show what they have learned. I will be anxious to see how Jake and Charley get along after both being schooled as the saying goes.
It is late tonight and I need to close for this post. Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday"s Birthday

We spent the day at our son's celebrating our oldest grandson's 11Th birthday. The younger two got to ride Matt's pony Baby Sister. I don't have a clue why Matt chose that name. He will be riding in a horse show this next Saturday, but we are already committed to another birthday party that day. We will go watch him ride before the summer is out that is for sure.

Ethan wearing his Uncle Pat's hat would love to have a pony, too. His mommy and daddy are more into riding Harley's plus living in town makes it hard to have a pony.
The food for the day was barbecue and was delious. Trica made a cherry cobbler in her dutch oven cooked over the charcoal that was so yummy with ice cream on top.
Ethan and Matt thought they were special because they got to put the candles on Jake's cheesecake pie.
Uncle John built the younger two a helicopter without any instructions using Lego's and they thought that was special. He has a lot of Lego's sets and is always getting the boys them for their birthdays.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week. We are scheduled for more rain and more flooding. I hope that they are wrong. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Almost Gone

Wednesday, the middle of the week, which means another week almost gone. We have the floods right now and my heart goes out to the ones that have been devastated by the tornado's and high winds. I always love when they say it was a straight wind, when the trees show differently. You never really know when they are going to pop up anymore. I set and watch the radar and the storms were popping up so very fast the other evening.
This weekend will be busy. My oldest grandson turns 11 on Saturday. We will celebrate on Sunday so the ones working can come to the party too. He is going to be in middle School and doesn't seem like he should be that old. I remember the day he was born quite well.

This picture is my youngest two grandsons taken at Easter. I was going through some pictures now that I finally found where they were at on the computer. I just saved them to a different location then I normally do. I guess I was tired the night that I did that.
Today was warm and they decided they wanted to freeze me out. They are in and out of the store so they get hot. They turn the air-conditioning colder. The only bad thing is the same thermostat regulates the air in my office. I keep telling them I would like one so that I could regulate my own.
Well I must close for this evening. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer isn't here quite yet

It has been so hot and muggy the last couple of days and the air quality has definitely not been good. The heat index was a hundred yesterday before the storms started popping up all over. I know I was out for only about ten minutes last night and when I came in I could feel the water running down my back.
My two young boys came and took care of my yard. They are earning their money to go to basketball and football camps. There is so many more sports camps for kids to go to now days then there were when we grew up.
It is starting to cloud up again and there is a possibility of more storms tonight. I hope they are wrong.
I have been embroidering right now to keep the mind and hands busy so that I don't have to think about other things right now. I haven't got the results of my bone density test yet. I just know that my lower back gives me fits at times.
We made it through the day yesterday with a very short crew. I did close 15 minutes early and postponed one coming to look at some stuff until Monday. I can't understand him and I didn't really want to deal with him. I let the guys do it.
I have two birthday presents bought and one left to go. We have three birthdays and two weddings coming up. It is that time of the year. I still have to get the graduation presents in the mail.
Some of the girls that I graduated with were going to get together for a picnic. It sounded like fun, but I didn't go because of being off with doctor appointments and the test coming up week after next I will be gone again. It isn't a good time for that, but I need to find out what is going on.
Well you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun. I would like it cooler, The temperature is 92 degrees as I write this and I don't know about the heat index.