Saturday, April 28, 2012


My picture was taken at Sunset and you wonder if it will storm again tonight. We had a very quick moving one go through last night. It didn't last long and depending on where you were at if you had any damage. They said that the wind was 40 miles an hour. 
I got off work at 4 because the guys wanted to go home. I still had work to do, but you know what, if I get my statements done on Monday, If not I will finish them on Tuesday which will be the first day of May.
How many remember making May baskets and hanging them on doors when you were a child. You opened the door and there was your May basket.  The roses are blooming and the peonies are in full bloom. I guess if you decorate graves you are going to have to use artificial ones because everything we have always used will be gone. 
My adventure started off early to go to breakfast. We had to change our mind about where we ate because the first stop they had no electricity for some reason. It was fun going through the lights at busy intersections without them working. Everybody was courtesy.  Oh yes, the mail recovery unit found the checks that I was missing. I was happy about that. 
We went to the quilt shop today to get the needles she had ordered for me and look at all of the pretty fabric. They have expanded their shop and had several rooms to go through. I found the border for my grandson's pillowcases I am working on. The material had horses and long horn cattle. They had a chair for my hubby to sit in while I looked around. They are so friendly and helpful. Customer Service makes it much more fun to shop.
I found my new shoes. They are Sas "Maria ". They are made in the USA. Really comfortable on the feet. I haven't found any new slacks that I like yet plus he was getting tired.. I did get my new purse I ordered from E_bags.  I like the E-bags that fit over the handles of the wheel chair and are reasonable priced. We went to Joann's he wanted some yarn to finish his afghan that he is working on at the moment when he feels like it. 
Enough of my rambling for one night. You all have a wonderful weekend. We are to have rain again. Hopefully no storms. Take care.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Is the week over yet? It has been a heck of a week and I would love to have it over and done with. We didn't get the answers we were hoping for Monday. They still can't tell us what caused hubby problem that put him in the hospital except that it wasn't his heart or else they don't want to. I was about ready to fire the doctor. I am just frustrated at the moment.
Then to make matter worse I had a box of checks get lost or something happen and the box that I did get were weird the way that they were packed. So I had to go to the bank and close the bank account and open new one  they were going to make sure that nothing got sent back and they would take care of everything. We got the social security office taken care of because we have direct deposits. They printed me two boxes of checks and gave them to me to bring home. I have banked there and always ordered them by mail for over 50 years. My parents started me when I was in college and we stayed there when my hubby and I got married all those many moons ago. I still have some other changes yet to make, but I can handle that.
We had a e-mail from our son and he is going to be going to Jacksonville, Florida to work for the same company he is working for in Louisiana. He will be seeing more of the US. They are international so who knows where he might go.
I wouldn't mind coming to Florida to visit him. I don't really care for the driving in Louisiana especially 6 lanes of traffic. I don't care for all of the causeways that you have to cross. You can tell that I like land better then water. We went to New Orleans a long time ago on vacation. I did care for it back then and it is worse now.
If I figure out bloggers change, I might get to add some new family pictures. Are you have problems too? I just need more time then I have at the moment. If I don't get enough done so I can send statements on Monday. I may work for awhile on Saturday. Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

 I thought maybe flowers would make a better day then the one that I had. It didn't start off good and it didn't improve much during the day.
First, hubby wanted to go to breakfast so I thought o.k. maybe that would help. He dropped the most expensive pill that he takes. We had people helping us look for it. In a way it was amusing, we rearranged the furniture, but I didn't think so at the time. Our waitress found it for us for which we were very thankful.
We  got down to the doctors office a little early, but not to bad. He got his lab work done. The doctor told us that he would have to see the iron studies before he could decide what he was going to do. Well, I have look at the lab work done this last month and the month before and it shows that things are dropping. They don't like for you to compare one lab to another. I haven't understood that. 
They are suppose to call, but don't know what day.  I hate this waiting for results and to get into their office to see them. Why do they always make you wait???
 I guess I just want a miracle that shows maybe some improvement. When we stopped to have lunch, he told the waitress he just wanted a deli sandwich. We finally got him to tell us what kind of deli sandwich he wanted, but it had me worried. It was so stressful and the drive left a lot to be desired. I hate tailgaters. You never know if you are going to get rear ended. 
I took a nap after I got home not really intentional, but rather just happened. I guess I needed it or I wouldn't have done it. 
The blue guest towel is one that I finished in a couple of nights. I have it in my etsy shop. 
I have been working on a few things, but not as much accomplished as I  wanted done. 
Well I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I had better close for tonight. You all have a good day. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have big plans for your weekend? How did your week go?
I am glad that there is only one day left this week. It has been very trying and I have bit my tongue more then once to keep from saying what I thought. I don't like being asked for an opinion and then get told to just go away that  I don't know what I am talking about. Don't ask me for an opinion if you don't want it.
My weekend is going to include some shopping for some new shoes for both hubby and I. I want something to wear beside sneakers that is durable. I just want something different to wear to work for a change that has a good arch support. Hubby has to have his diabetic shoes. I don't know where we will find those. The store closed that we bought his last pair at.
I would like to find some different kind of slack that is not dressy, but different from the usual jean. Something that I won't get asked where I am going because of the way I am dressed.
Tomorrow night if it don't rain my youngest grandson is suppose to have his first t-ball game. They were to have practice tonight. It has been about the only one that they have had. The coach couldn't be at one practice so he just cancelled. Needless to say there were parents that could have worked with the kids even with him gone. That is the way that they did with Matt last year.
The first Saturday in May is the first horse show which is really not that far away. Where is the time going? It sure is flying. We go Monday for another doctor visit so I guess you could say I am going to have a three day weekend.
I got my new lenses today. It does make a difference from what I was wearing. I was even able to read without getting out the magnifying glass  the fine print on a medicine bottle. Hooray for me.
Well it is time to hit the sack as the saying goes  I got to work tomorrow. Have a good weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012


First let me say my heart goes out to all of you who suffered from the tornadoes and bad weather this past weekend. It was something else. They say ours was straight line wind, but when does straight line wind twist trees when it breaks off branches.
We had sun on Sunday but was really windy. 
Do any of you have a suggestion as to what to do with empty plastic pill bottles? I am getting a collection and I really don"t know what to do with them?.
I had to take time to watch Dancing with the Stars. They have so many good ones this season, that it is going to be hard to tell who is going to win. 
I am looking for a border to put on my tea towels. I thought about using fat quarters in different patterns, I don't want to put lace because I want whoever to feel comfortable using them. I got my tractor pillow case done except for putting a border on it for that special little one. It turned out really cute. I have so many things I want to get done, but not enough hours. I got to rip out a color on the project I am working on. I put the wrong color in so I have decided to  quit for a while. Trust me the only way I can get it out is to cut it out and I wasn't in the mood. I can only read so long until my left eye starts to blur. I ordered my new lenses on Saturday. Hopefully that will buy me the time that I need before having surgery.
 We were out to our son's yesterday and I was hunting my grandson. I asked his mom where he was at. He wasn't in his tent, under the bed, she showed me another of his hiding places under the bathroom sink in the cabinet. He put some things that he wants to play with that he doesn't want his brother to know where they are at. He says he won't look there. He is something else. He wanted quiet time so he crawled into his secret hiding place. 
We had a few more sprinkles this evening. The river is going to flood in some of the low lying areas or so they said. They are still releasing water to the north of us. That is what caused our problem last summer.  I don't really think the Corp of Engineers, and the government know what they are doing. I will be glad when the election is over with period. 
Has anybody else had the problem when  they go to some one's blog it keeps coming back to where you think you may have a virus or is that just blogger acting up. You all have a good week  

Friday, April 13, 2012

This and That

 The weekend arrived but  we won't have a good one weather wise. It is already raining and it wasn't to get here until about 1 A.M.. Just about three hours early.
Work has been hectic what little I did get to work. I hope to get more time in this next week. I just have a lot of catch up to do. I probably could have worked tomorrow, but I needed to see about my new lenses and get me a perm for a couple of things. I don't know what else we will do. 
He has been using the wheel chair all week where ever we have gone and that is not a good sign. They just tell me to finish the doctor appointments and we will go from there. I just don't think they know anymore whats going on then I do. 
At least I have a new ride to make sure I get to all of the appointments. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but not the navigator that you could just touch the screen for whatever you wanted. That was just to much money. Hubby picked the color  which is Candy Apple Red metallic with a charcoal gray interior. They definitely can see me coming that  is for sure. We are getting about 30 miles per gallon gas wise which is not to bad.
Our youngest grandson passed his guppy test in swimming this week and our middle one had his first riding lesson. They were both on cloud nine. We were very proud of them. I still can't get over how much our oldest has grown just since Christmas. Mom is holding off getting him new jeans until closer to show season for fear he will out grow them before he really gets to use them. 
The month is almost half gone and it seemed like it just started yesterday. I have about got my tractor pillow case done. i haven't got to do quite as much because of other commitments I have right now. 
You all have a good weekend and I am going to try to do some visiting your blogs tomorrow. Have a good one and take care.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Why are decisions so hard to make when they affect oneself? I had my eye exam for a second opinion. I knew I had cataracts on both eyes but was told not to worry by my eye doctor here that I still had time before I needed to make the decision. I had started to notice some changes that I knew needed to be checked out. My primary referred me to a new eye doctor for another  opinion. I wanted to know exactly what was happening or at least that is what I thought. Being the primary caregiver I knew I had to find out. Well I was given two options. I could try some new lenses or have surgery. After much thought, I elected to try new lenses that would get us through all of his doctor  appointments that we have scheduled at the present time. I have to go back in 4 months and if the new glasses haven't helped then I have no more options. I am not use to having to be dependent on someone else  help for a long time but if surgery is necessary then I will need a driver for a couple of days. I will check into new lens this weekend. My insurance won't pay for them because I just got new ones last September. They only pay for one a year. I am sure glad I am getting a refund on our income taxes.  Of course you ask all the questions, how long will I be off work, how long before I can drive again. and etc. It was the first time of being shown a comparison of where my eye sight was with my current glasses and where it is now. There is a big difference in the left eye. When you are a primary care giver you have the tendency to put yourself on the back burner.and others first.
His doctor appointments have gone fairly well. We will be going a little more often so that they can keep tabs on what is going on better and hopefully keep him out of the hospital. They think he will do better if we can get his blood counts, and everything that goes with it up. The only way to do that is iron infusions. They may have to be every month for a while. We will find out on the 23rd.
Frost is possibly coming tonight . We are to get down in the 30's. Well it is back to work tomorrow so I probably better head to bed. You all have a good day and take care.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

How did you spend your day? Some spend it with family, we had our Easter yesterday late afternoon and evening yesterday so they could spend today with the other grandparents.
Age doesn't matter when it comes to hunting Easter Eggs, but it makes it a little harder when you have to hide them in the house. We had rain yesterday and it never did really warm up that much but the boys had fun anyway even the older kids.
My daughter has gotten a new dining room table which with the leaves it goes out to 108 inches. We all set at the table for a change. She had been looking and finally found one at Nebraska Furniture. They are gradually getting the house to look the way they want. She hasn't found her new storm door for the front door yet. She wants to be sure that she really likes it before she parts with the money. .
Of course, we all talked to our son in Louisiana being he couldn't make it home even for a short trip. He has been really busy worked 10 1/2 hours Thursday and 15 1/2 Friday. He doesn't mind. He is just glad that he has a job. He is gradually furnishing his apartment. He moved into an apartment so that he could control what it is cleaned with. He always looks forward to those phone calls. I never know what his nephews talked about. I know that his Oldest and him talked about the  new gun he got for 4-h because he thinks that he wants to learn to shoot well enough that he can maybe compete in competitions.
We didn't have the traditional ham for our dinner. We had barbecue pork. a new potato dish, that the potatoes were sliced  long way in strips. They  had spices on them baked in the oven. Cheese was added when they were just about done, hot rolls, green beans, of course mac and cheese for the boys, raw veggies, brownies, lemon pie, and cheese cake pie with either cherry or blueberry topping. The cheese cake pie was made by my oldest grandson with instructions from mom.
She is really a good cook. I enjoy them because mom only has to take the veggie tray and the girls do the rest. Even my son and son-in-law get into the cooking.
We were a little tired watching the kids, but we had so much fun. I was a little disappointed because my pictures didn't turn out for some reason.
Today we slept in a while had brunch and then looked at all of the pretty flowers. Everything is so far ahead of schedule. We are suppose to turn off cold this week I hope it doesn't frost. Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Mine with be short at work with a couple of doctor appointments to get through. We just take every day we are given. Take care

Thursday, April 5, 2012


We made it down and back to the doctors today. It was good thing I hadn't really planned on working today because it took most of the day. Our diabetic doctor is basically leaving everything along and just keep working with it because so many things that we are doing aren't helping his blood sugars at the moment. You can't adjust for the unseen. 
He did give us a new test meter and strips, but I wish I knew the problem I was going to have when I went to pick them up. I had to fill out  paperwork, come home and get hubby's insurance cards, the pharmacist questions the quantity, and then I had to pay almost 60.00 for them on top of the other meds I had to pickup between it all close to 300.00 dollars.  Supposedly there is a deductible on the test strips and our supplemental insurance doesn't pay. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. 
We normally test 4 times a day, but if he has a low blood sugar then it is more. We had one of those last night for some reason. I said that he didn't eat enough, but then that shouldn't have been with everything that he ate. A lot depends on whether the liver is working or not. 
The sun did come out tonight, but the low temperatures of a morning is a bummer. That 70-90 degree weather spoiled you even though we didn't have it that long. We are suppose to get down to freezing next week. Everything is bloomed out way to early. 
My heart goes out to our friends in Texas and other areas that had the bad weather. Tornadoes are not fun and living in what is called tornado alley you never know when one is going to pop up. Our weather has sure been weird. 
Our youngest grandson was decorating cupcakes at his other grandma's house for  Easter. He was also going to color eggs because it was a no school day. 
Tomorrow he is spending the day with his dad and I don't know what all they have planned. They are meeting mom for lunch because she has to work. 
One doctor visit down and 4 left to go this month. You all take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Plans for Easter

Plans are made partially for the weekend, but not all the way as of yet. I just hope it is cooler then it was today. 90 degrees and this is only the 2nd of April. We didn't have air-conditioning and needless to say my office was a little warm. We  have had our air-conditioning on for a few days here at home. It is very necessary right now for health reasons. 
The family will be together Saturday afternoon and evening for our Easter celebration so that the kids can go to the other sides of the house. Dad and I will have a quiet Easter which will probably be needed after watching the boys. They can wear us out especially the younger two. We have doctor appointments Monday and Tuesday of next week so we will be on the road. 
I don't know for sure what the menu is going to be yet. The girls, my daughter and daughter-in-law are handling the menu. I am to take a veggie tray which I usually do. I have request from the boys for cauliflower and broccoli.  I am glad that they like raw veggies. Of course, you have to have dip to eat with them. 
I know Angie asked dad if he liked Lemon Meringue or Coconut cream pie. Her mother-in-law loves to bake and she is teaching her to make a Lemon  meringue . I could never make those with the actual meringue. I always used dream whip. 
The boys are getting excited about showing their horses. The first show is a little over a month away. Matt is going to take some riding lessons. He is excited because before he was always to young to do this or that. His riding instructor has him and a little girl the same age that she will be working with. They are called M and M. Matt and Morgan. They are alike in a lot of ways. I was told the only difference in the personality is that one is a boy and the other is a girl. It will be fun to watch. 
They are out of school starting Wednesday at noon for Easter break. I will be dropping in as much as possible, but I will be a little busy this month. I am sure you understand. Keep us in your prayers. Have a great Easter if I don't manage to drop by.