Friday, March 28, 2014

Tornado Season

    The storm moved through fast yesterday. I was going out, but it started to rain big drops and I didn't think I had any business going anywhere. I backed up and came back into the house. We got the winds, rain, hail, but nothing else. They did have a tornado near Trenton, Missouri which is northeast of us. We were under a watch until later in the evening. I just told my hubby I wouldn't be up yesterday. 
   I kept the hands busy working on tea towels. I am trying to decide if I would like
 a craft show this fall at our shopping center. Booth space is a little pricey, but you would have more traffic then where it use to be held. I will sleep on it. My latest tea towel should have reached it's new home today. I really hope that she likes it. They are fun to make and I have already sent two to new homes. My latest project  is almost done I had to get some more thread. Why does it always take more then the pattern calls for??
    The boys are getting excited about the weekend with their uncle on his way home. I will feel more comfortable when I know that he is safely in town. We are going to be together for a late lunch on Sunday or at least that is the plans for now. 
   The two oldest grandson's will be getting their horses shots tomorrow that they need for the show season. They have to have the paper work before a certain date so that they can show in the 4H horse shows. I am glad I don't have to keep track of all of that. 
   The picture is of my son, daughter-in-law and middle grandson, who is losing his hearing. He is getting anxious to have his MRI done. He has already told me that they will put him to sleep to do it. It has been amazing what all he had been through so far in his young life. He was born with a heart mummer which they say that he has outgrown. He has had enough heart echo's and things done that he had the routine down pat. He would hop up on the exam table without having to be told.  He was always complimented how good he was and how still he layed. I didn't take the picture I just liked it. I got to put him on the bus and take his brother to school the other morning for their mom. Brother could have road the bus, but you can't rely on the bus driver getting them to school on time and they were going to a FFA Competition that day. 
     Enough rambling for tonight. You all have a great weekend. I know I will and then I find out on Monday what will happen at my one day a week job. The one that I fill in for is going to be leaving because of her health issues.  Take care. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where are You?? Warm Weather

The crazy weather we have been having makes you think that you are on a roller coaster ride. It is up and down, but then if you stick around in our area it is bound to change. We has a little snow last night. My car was white when I went to bed, but it had all melted by the time that I got up this morning. It is finally 30 degrees has taken a while to get there.
    I have had several things going on so my visiting and commenting has been limited. I have been able to read your post, but it wasn't my computer so I didn't leave comments. 
    We are still waiting to hear from the doctor. I am hoping that we do on Monday, but who knows how they work or else they are having a hard time deciding what to do. His room mate got to go home Friday so he has the room to himself at the present time. I just hope if he has to have a room mate that he is as nice as the last one.
    I had a nice surprise last night. My son called as they were coming home asking what I was doing. I told him I was trying to decide what I was going to eat.  I got to eat supper with them. We had a nice visit and I got to see my two oldest grandsons. The oldest has practice at the school today for district competition. I am going to pick him up and take him home and I will eat supper again with them.That is my payment for bring him home. I love my dil' cooking. She is a really good cook. They went and looked at a new horse yesterday. I don't know if it was like what they were expecting or not. 
     I have been doing a lot of embroidering this week. I just keep the hands very busy so I don't have as much time to worry. I will wait until I hear from who I was making it for if she wants it or not before I post the picture. 
    I will work tomorrow for a while. I didn't work this past week so we shall see what happens. 
    Where has the month gone? It is flying really fast. I just want it to warm up and be nice weather while my boy is home. There is a head hunter trying to get him to come back to this area  to work. I don't know what he is going to do because you don't know where you are going to work or anything about it. Decisions are awfully hard I know so we will just have to wait and see. It would make him closer to family. 
    I am headed to the nursing home. Have a great day and take care.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Long Day

Today has been a long day for me. I didn't know that transportation was taking someone else beside Hubby and I for his ultrasound. They weren't in the same location so it took longer to get back across town to get us. Now we have to wait on the results. Why do you always have to accommodate them, but then you have to wait?  
How would you like an Easter Basket?  My daughter-in-law and the boys made all of the baskets for a lady. They would just look good setting on your table with napkins in them. They are so cute, but she didn't want to see another one for a while. She painted all of the faces on the baskets with the boys help. She let them paint them with the solid colors. 
I thought I would show you a couple of my latest tea towels that I have made. I have had very busy hands plus I worked a little more then I normally do because the one I fill in for hasn't been walking for the past couple of weeks. They gave her a lot  of steroids and she is walking, but not the best. 
 My grandson had a good weekend at the State Horse Judging competition. He finished 13th out of 65 kids and their team finished 4th out of 15. We are really proud of him and he was happy that he beat some of the girls that give him a hard time. They had a good weekend until coming home when the weather changed. We got rain, sleet, and some snow on Saturday night, but not enough to cause us any problems. 
I wanted  you to to meet Myrtle Turtle. I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately. The hands have to keep very busy. I want to think of other things instead of what is going on right now. I went to my youngest grandson's Blue and Gold Banquet on Saturday evening. His mom and dad were both honored for the work they do in scouting along with him getting his awards. His dad has become an assistant cub master and his mom works behind the scene helping. They made a rabbit cake for dad and his cake for the auction. I will show pictures in another post along with his rocket. 
I have some things coming up with all of the boys. Next month, my youngest grandson race their go carts down the hill for scouts. I want to watch that and my middle grandson is going for his MRI. He is losing his hearing in one ear. They don't know if it is something he was born with just now showing up or something that could have happen when he got thrown from his horse last summer. They want to check him out before they just  prescribe him a hearing aid. Their family doctor sent them to a specialist. He is only 9 My oldest keeps reminding me that he will be old enough to drive in June with a license driver. I still don't know if I am ready for that. 
I am going to call it a day, but I am still here. Just a little hit and miss. You all have a good week, stay safe, and warm. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Storm Rolling In

    It sounds as though the wind has died down from earlier this evening. The temperature has dropped a good 30 degrees and they are saying we will still get some snow tonight. Yesterday in the 70's, today 60's, it is unreal. I just know the wind has been howling.The C-130's from across the river are flying tonight. There is several different countries in here for school. I guess they are learning how to fly in this kind of weather. They went right over the house. If the wind is just right, you can hear them warming up the engines. We had fighter planes in this week. You never know what will land at our air port. 
     My friend who has MS has been unable to work this week so I have been filling in for her at the office. I feel so sorry for her. They are now talking of giving her three days of steroid IV's to see if that will help. I just do what I can, I keep praying for a miracle that will cure a lot of diseases. 
    I went to the nursing home this afternoon and took hubby outside so that he could get some fresh air. It wasn't as warm as yesterday, but he still enjoyed his once around the parking lot. It is also a way of talking without being over heard. The wind changed to the north and the temperature started dropping as I headed home. I went by the funeral home before I came all the way home. One of our friends passed away that I worked with her husband for a lot of years  long ago. They watch my kids grow up. They died almost within a year of each other.
    I am sorry I have been missing from blogland, but I have had a lot on my plate since we went to see the doctor. We go for an Ultrasound on Monday which is St. Pat's. They want to see what is going on. I know that his blood sugar is all over the board. One day high and the next day low. It just makes you wonder if his liver is working at all. I try to stay positive, but at times it is awfully hard to do. I did get a copy of the lab work. Not much different then the last one. 
    Myrtle Turtle is just about ready to be added to my shop along with a new Miss birdie and cow. The hands have been very busy. I just need a change of scenery to keep the mind occupied by other things. This weekend is the Blue and Gold Banquet for my youngest grandson. The other two will be at the State 4H horse judging contest. My oldest will be competing with 4 others all girls excepting him. Little brother gets to hang out with mom. He is going swimming for one thing and I don't know what else. Dad is going to be with the oldest. 
    Enough just this and that, but I wanted to let you know I am still here, just busy. I will pop in as time allows. Maybe things will get back to being a little more normal. I hope at least. Take care. Stay safe and warm. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


    I have seen Robins so it must be closer to Spring when we can look at the pretty flowers instead of the snow again. It makes you wish for a fireplace with a nice warm fire where you can curl up with something hot to drink, maybe a good book, or one of your projects that you are working on. At least we are warmer then we started the week off with a minus 21.
   We were blessed with sunshine on Tuesday when when we went to the city to see the Liver Doctor. We will go back for an ultra sound in a couple of weeks. He got the blood work done yesterday and I felt sorry for him. They had to stick him twice to find a vein and then you wondered if they were going to get enough. I didn't really care for what she said mainly because I don't want to accept it yet. Basically we are at the point where they are trying to maintain him. How I hate the word maintain, but then we have had a lot longer then we expected. We know we are living on borrow time, but you keep praying for a miracle and each day you are given. He is trying his best to walk, he just doesn't want to have to stay in the wheel chair all day. 
     I went to the nursing home today because he was talking about a paper they wanted him to sign. I told him to sign nothing until I could check into it. I am not trusting anymore because you get lip service so much anymore and nothing happens. I am so glad that he moved to another room. They take better care of him. I do have copies of the doctor's orders so if they don't follow instructions I know what I can do about it. I just want them to do their job.
    I ran into snow between here and the nursing home which was really light. Coming home it was more then snow flurries, but we didn't get that much. I was glad for that. People must be staying home because I haven't heard the traffic tonight. 
    I am working on a new tea towel pattern for  me. I may have it sold it will depend on whether she likes it or not after I get it done. I can't complain because somebody will buy it. I have to keep the hands busy. The boys are marking the days off the calendar until the end of the month. They can't wait for their Uncle John to get home. He was having freezing rain down there yesterday and today.  People don't know how to drive in it for sure. I am glad we haven't got that although they say we could have rain Friday and Saturday. I don't think they really know what we are going to have. 
    The first week of March is almost gone. Where has it gone??  It seems as though you blink your eyes a day passes by. Maybe it is just a sign we are getting older. We are just a  little over two months from the first horse show for the boys. I have missed being able to visit you all as much as I would have liked, I am hoping to do better. Take care, stay warm and safe.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


     Aren't you ready for Spring?I know I have been ready for quite a while for the warmer weather. They are predicting bad weather for later today. Just what we need some more freezing rain or snow. It depends on where you live if you look at the weather map. You might not get to much and then you could get quite a little. Yesterday, we had sunshine and 51 degrees. It is no wonder people are sick with all of the ups and downs. I have a cold that seems to be hanging on, but you don't know how to dress. Whether to wear multiple layers or cut down on how many.

      I know I have been missing for the last week which has been very trying in more ways then one. Have you ever felt like that you get lip service, but nothing  happens. I won't go into that I have to play Family Services a visit to find out about the two letters I got. I just get so mad that I cry and I have shed enough tears this week. But the good news is that I got the results of my lab work back which was good. 
     My magnolia tree is probably not going to look like the picture. I have quite a few small branches laying underneath it from all of the winds that we have had.
     I'll pray a lot for good weather and warmer weather  because we are suppose to go see the liver doctor Tuesday. I want safe roads so that we don't have to cancel the appointment. You have to wait so long for the appointments. 
     My youngest grandson got to go to his first concert last night. They got seats in an upper level right on the front row to see Florida Georgia line, Jason Aldean, and another one. They didn't want people in front of him so that he couldn't see. He has been marking days off the calendar. All of my grandsons sing with the radio in the car. I like to listen to the younger two sing together. You never know which one they like the best, but it is country music. The younger two have their own version of Ol MacDonald's farm. It is a mixture of animals, but you laugh because one will name the animal, then the other one.You never know what kind they will pick.
    I am looking forward to the end of the month. My oldest is coming home for a visit. We are all anxious to see him. It has been home for over a year since we have seen him. I asked if he was sure and he told me  his vacation has been approved. Of course, the boys are anxiously awaiting for him to get home. We will celebrate his birthday while he is home. 
   Enough of this and that. I hope you all stay safe and warm. I know I will. Take care.