Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just made it home after spending the day at the hospital. They won't let me stay all night with him in ICU so it is about 35 minute drive home depending on traffic. 
It has been a trying weekend, but the blood count has held after 7 units from the time of surgery until last night. 
Today was spent dealing with the pain medicine. You buy yarn at Lowe's, His heart monitor need plugged in, except he was hooked up to a wireless one,  he itched, just a few of the things to deal with.The way he was scratching, I was afraid that  he would get where he was scratching bleeding. They came in and gave him medicine for that so between the two he was almost to sleep as I was getting ready to leave. They did sit him up in a chair, but he was so afraid that he was going to fall. they took pictures of his foot this morning. It is not broke just badly bruised so needless say his whole right side is very painful to try to put any wait on it.
They bent the rules so he could see his grandson  yesterday. It made him feel a little better seeing him.  I will have to take pictures of what I have got done at the hospital. I made my first embroidered handkerchief. 
Well I need to go to bed. All prayers are greatly appreciated. Have a good week. I just want the month over with. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Prayers are Needed

No pictures tonight, but just a quick post. Hubby is in ICU after  having a total hip replacement. He fell during the night at the nursing home fracturing his right hip. To fix it required the total replacement and he lost a lot of blood. They have finally got him back to a little over 9, but still losing so may have to have more. It has been a very stressful two days. I came home tonight, but they would not let me stay in ICU. I  needed to take care of a few things and I will go back in  the morning. They were having problems waking him because of the morphine and what they gave him to put him to sleep  in surgery. I told them no more morphine because it makes him so dopey and they were going to change that. Your prayers are desperately needed. Miss you guys.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A different Anniversary

 We have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays in many different ways, but this was the first for a nursing home celebration. They were waiting for me to get there Friday evening so they could sing Happy Anniversary to us and wish us many more. It was nice and I ate supper with him.  He is progressing with his physical therapy. Each day he is getting a little stronger, but we have a ways to go yet. I have a meeting Thursday for a progress report to find out more of what to expect. They have started him on the steps and he made it up to nine. 
We have two cub scouts. This is Ethan's first year and Matt's second. They both earned their badges in riflery and archery. They got to shoot a BB gun out at Camp Geiger. They thought that was good. Jake went to and was the official photographer for his mom and took pictures of the boys. They had a good time. Their Uncle John was an Eagle Scout and you can only hope that maybe they will continue on through their life and become one to. 
The weekend turned off to be a gorgeous.  We spend time sitting outside enjoying the fresh air visiting with others who was doing the same thing. Friday was cold and rainy. I was wondering why I saw so many highway patrolmen. It was homecoming and they have a lot of underage drinking going on. Wrecks where young people have been seriously injured or lost their lives. You wonder where the parents are and if they know what is going on. 
It  doesn't seem like the month should be flying so fast, but it is. We  have two family birthdays this week, but we are going to celebrate later. Hopefully grandpa will be out of the nursing home. My grandson doesn't care because he is going to Branson on a trip. Ours was postponed this year, maybe next who knows. 
I have been putting the finishing edges on the tea towels. It gives me something to do while I visit him. Well it is getting late and tomorrow is back to work. Have a great week

Thursday, October 18, 2012

49 years tomorrow

The weather was nothing like this when we got married all those years ago. It was truly a beautiful day. In the afternoon, you could set outside and enjoy the sunshine. It was that way all the time we were gone. We love the fall of the year. We want to make it next year to our 50th and we will have a celebration one way or the other.
A fire in the fireplace would have felt good tonight after I came home from the nursing home. Here it is the 18th of October and the weather has turned cold. It was really windy, raining and cold.There was snow just two hours away from us. I am not ready for that this early. I know the weather has been weird this year everywhere and the time is flying. I don't know where the month of September has gone let alone this month is almost gone to. 
I am looking forward to the 2nd week of November not only the election will be over with, but our oldest is coming home so he can cast his vote and take back somethings with him. He will be here for a few days  and those  days will fly to fast while he is here.  It is always so much better when you see them in person and you can give them a hug or vice versa. I know there are three boys anxious to see their uncle. One is marking the new Lego catalog with what he is wanting his uncle to get him. Of course, they are always building something.
Hubby has been progressing, but has a ways to go. We aren't rushing anything. Just taking it one day at a time. I go see him in the evening about a hour during the week and a little longer during the weekend. I have been getting some much needed rest that is why he is spending time in the nursing home so that I can. 
I hope you all have been having a wonderful week. I am ready for the weekend. Sleeping late on Saturday and Sunday, Enjoying every minute of it. Take care

Monday, October 15, 2012

Catch Up

 It has been a rainy, windy weekend. I did get some extra on Saturday and Sunday. It seemed so strange to go shopping all by myself. It is one luxury that I don't normally have. 
Hubby has officially been at the nursing home for  a week and he was not a happy camper tonight. His roommate who makes three  times of him didn't think they should bring my hubby a recliner to sit in. They have been getting him up in the morning and leave him sitting in his wheel chair all day long.The only time he gets out of it is when he has physical therapy or goes to the bathroom.  It makes it harder for the roomy to get out of his bed because he is so big. If he would exercise, then just maybe he might lose some weight. I have never seen him have company. They take him his meals to the room, he is always watching tv and I haven't figured it out what his problem is. Physically he just looks big.Oh well, enough on him. I took hubby school pictures of his oldest  two grandsons. Their school pictures weren't that bad for a change. The oldest is now 5'6". He isn't putting on any weight just growing taller. Even little brother is getting taller. Do Your remember hunting for odd size jeans. Matt is in a 7 slim.  I remember the fun I had finding the sizes 7, 9, and  etc.
My grandson is getting ready for the craft show  that we do together each year. We always have fun and that is the main thing. I have been popping in and out  reading blogs just not enough hours to leave comments. I am in bed before 9:30, which is an exception to the rule. I am just tired emotionally, mentally with trying to get caught up at work, going to see him every evening for a while. I am just frustrated thats all.
I  have pictures coming of the last horse show of the season when it was so cold. They really dressed warm and some of the pictures were cute. I am even getting a picture of momma riding. That is the first time that I have seen her ride. They only took 214 pictures. 
I need to get back on my embroidery. I am working on Christmas. Have a great week. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This and Than

 It is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. I have quite a few projects that I need to get finished. Our first craft show will be coming up and I am trying to get ready for that along with making some new things for my etsy shop. I thought I would give you a sneak peak at a lap quilt I finished. It is one that I changed the colors. Sometimes I like them so much that it is hard to let them go. 
I kept busy while I was sitting at the hospital embroidering tea towels. It didn't take to long to do them with nothing else to do. I worked on whatever suited my fancy for the day. I had to keep my mind busy to help stay calm for my other half and give him love and support. He fractured the 1st and 4th vertebrae. The procedure cut down some of the pain, but not completely. It is something new. We ended up longer in the hospital then we were suppose to because of him running a temperature. . 
He is in the nursing home right at the moment and they have started physical therapy.  I had to go take care of paper work this afternoon and  I ate supper with him. We ate with a couple that I use to work with a lot of years ago. They have been married 60 years and both are in the nursing home. They are letting them share a room which I thought was only fitting. 
I talked with his physical therapist this afternoon when I took him up his sweats. She said that he was tired this afternoon when they took him back for some more. He only had his procedure done Friday and it will take time just don't know how much. We will just take it one day at a time. 
I hope he got situated this evening. I figure they will get to clean up a few accidents because they don't get to him quick enough when he has a bowel movement. If they give him pain medication, they will have problems because he will be a little disoriented  He can't move the way he wants which he doesn't like. He is use to being independent and now has to have help for a while. I tried to check my spelling, but if I missed a word please excuse me.
 Well I had better call it a day and get some rest. Have a good week .

Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a Note

No pictures tonight, just a brief note to let you know where I have been. My hubby fell last Tuesday fracturing the 1st and 4th vertebrae in his back. I found him in the floor when I got home from work. It was a learning experience . He had a low blood sugar at lunch and I told him where the orange juice was. Well needless to say, he should have been stationary until his blood sugar came up and then he might not have fallen. To be right honest I hadn't thought about something like that happening.They did a procedure on Friday cementing the two back in place and is now in a nursing home to get physical therapy. I will be going back and forth from work to the nursing home for a couple of weeks. I have missed reading your blogs  and I might do some later this evening. Off to fix me something to eat have a great day.