Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The doctor report is good. I don't have shingles or anything contagious. He gave it a big medical name , but in terms that I could understand is an old age brown spot. The doctor didn't want to say old age. I didn't have a problem with him doing it. At least I could understand that term. The reason I am having some problem with it is because of the location. It is located at my waistline and gets irritated at times with my jeans. He told me what I could use on it. I felt like a lot of weight had been lifted from my shoulders finding out that it was nothing serious. My blood pressure was high, but my day had not started off good. My hubby's blood sugar was really low so I had to address that before I went to work, then I find out my boss is in the hospital, then my doctor appointment which left them very very short handed. 
Now happier things. Meet my new friend, Mir bluebird. He is what I won from Donna at Brynwood Needleworks giveaway. He is so cute and makes me think of her every time that I look at him. He is sitting close to my sewing. Donna allowed me to use her picture for which I am thankful for.
The fund raising has started. Now my youngest two grandsons are selling popcorn for Scouts. Of course, you can't buy from one if you don't buy from the other. Oh well grandpa likes his snack of popcorn in the evening so we will use it over time.  My oldest will be selling trash bags if it is like last year. Well I need to get my quilt finished if I can this evening I would like to be able to deliver it this Saturday.  Have a great day .

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I would love to be going to Branson this next month, but this year it will have to pass. We will just have to take some drives in our area instead of traveling. 
The past weekend was absolutely beautiful. Of course, we had some frost on Sunday morning and it was a little cool at 9 A.M. when the horse show started, but later on it was absolutely beautiful sitting there watching the boys ride. 
Matt was having a little bit of a problem with Cleo, she just didn't want to do what he needed her to do. When we first got there, he came over to show me his white shirt and new western jeans. He was so proud of them. I will have to get dad to send me some pictures because my camera wouldn't work. He was the youngest in his group and at first they weren't going to let him ride, but he will be 8 this next month. He had to be 8 before the 31st of December so he qualified. He had fun even though he didn't place. 
Jake and Fergie didn't do to bad. He got a 4th, 2nd, and a 1st. He was hoping to qualify for a belt buckle again, but he didn't have enough points. He had gotten his mid term grades, all A's and A-. It doesn't seem like he should be graduating in the Spring from the 8th grade. I remember the day that he was born. Time really flies. 
Well it back to the city to the doctor's office tomorrow, but I can't blame hubby. I have a place on my back that I don't know what it is. It could be that my shingles are coming back, but we are going to go and find out. It is in about the same area as the shingles were the last time.It wouldn't be a surprise if that is what it is with all of the stress I have been under here lately. My hubby says it looks gross, whatever that means. I can feel it, but I can't see it. 
I have been reading your blogs and trying to leave some comments and I appreciate everyone's comments and prayers right now. I need them in more ways then one. Hope you have a beautiful week. We have been in the 70's and low 80's today.  It is time to call it a day. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can I Hide

Can I hide? Have you ever wanted just to go someplace where nobody can find you for a little down time? Do you ever want to shut everybody out for a hour or so and have some peace and quiet with no demands?
I  find myself wanting to do just that. I think a lot has to do with frustration with people, who don't really want to take responsibility for fear they will get sued if something goes wrong. I just want some of that special "ME" time that seems to have disappeared of late. We kept our doctor appointment yesterday, but I didn't care for what he told me. We can't do anything for you except maintain you. Well gee, how long are we going to continue that course or do we just put ourselves in gods hand and let what happen, happens. I am not dumb, I know we can't have surgery  because we don't know if he will stop bleeding or not. All I asked was would a blood transfusion bring up the blood counts close to normal. I know there is a risk with them, but I, also, know that he seemed to have more energy when we did get the one.  Anybody want to get on the Merry Go Round with me. I can't say when you can get off or when it will stop. That is how I feel.I will just have to call our primary and see what he can do for us. See if he can get some answers or maybe has them already.
We have had some beautiful weather the last few days. The temperature dropped when the cold front came through, but it makes you think of fall. The kind when you need a sweater of the morning and none in the afternoon. 
I am looking forward to the weekend. The boys are suppose to show and it is suppose to be 71 degrees can you asked for anything better. 
My project is almost done, not to much more to go. I get to embroidering and I lose all sense of time. My main problem is breaking needles. I have done quite a bit of that lately. Maybe I need to change brands or something. Well it is getting late and I got to work tomorrow. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today brought home how important family is to us. It is a time to remember what happened just one year ago today. With everything that is going on, it makes you really appreciate what you have. You pray for the people who have lost so much.
We have had two cases of where they have tried to get a child into a vehicle near our schools in the last few days. You can not stressed enough to your child what to do if this happens. We see kids standing at the bus stop and you wonder where the parent is while they were getting ready for school. The short shorts, I don't believe has a place in school. We don't seem to have a dress code or else they don't enforce it. 
Angie and Ethan
On to other things. My great niece had her baby a little over 5 weeks early. She and her mother had flew out to California, to go to a bridal shower of one of her friends who had been in her wedding. They were on their way home when her water broke. The baby and momma are doing fine. You can see pictures of my daughter and her son and my daughter-in law with her two sons. They keep us busy. We did get to see Jake and Matt  ride over the weekend. You couldn't have had prettier weather with a nice breeze. Only in the 70's, I can handle that. Everybody had a good time and that is what is important.  The boys give grandma a lot of enjoyment.
Trish, Jake and Matt
 They keep grandma and grandpa busy and give me something else to think about besides what is going on at our house. This coming weekend is The Fall Festival in the South side of town. It is full of music, crafts, parade, baby show, food, and car show just to name a few of the things that you can do. They have already send out their paper telling you when everything is taking place, who the vendors are and what they make, what kind of food you can get, and what bands are playing. The first night will have a firework display at the end of the night. It will run for three days. A lot of families plan their vacation around it. 
I talked to my son in Louisiana. He is fine, just been very busy with work. Learning that things are done a lot different there then what we do here. It is getting late and tomorrow is another work day. Take care

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept. 5th

 September means it is getting closer to the fall of the year. You already are seeing some color starting in the trees so it really makes you wonder what the mother nature is going to bring. Are we going to have an early winter? Are the old time farmers right that it is going to be a bad one?
I really hope it won't be, but we could sure use some more much needed rain. It is amazing to see the semi's waiting to get unloaded at the plant across the street from where I work. They make ethanol for one thing, plus other products. It is just normally later in the month before all of this happens. 
I tried some new embroidery needles and I broke my third one since I got them. They snap right under where you thread them. I don't know if I will ever buy any more or not. What is your favorite needle and does it last for awhile? Normally I just put a curve in them, but not this time.
 Meet my grandson's at the zoo. My youngest Ethan is loving on the giraffe, who says he is getting one sent to him by ups. A lot of of imagination. The smallest is my Matt, who is not afraid to do anything. He is joining 4-h this week and is excited. He will belong to the same one as big brother. The tallest is Jacob, who likes to be called Jake now that he is officially a teenager. They had a lot of fun with their moms at the Omaha zoo. They have always talked about going and now they have done it and would go back. You need to be able to spend a lot of time there to see it all. 
Matt and Jake will be showing horses this weekend if the weather holds. It is one of the shows that got rained out. It isn't suppose to be that hot so we will go if we can. You never really want to plan to far in advance because they can change in a quick hurry. 

My youngest grandson's other grandparents always spends two weeks at the state fair. They take their camper down early so they  can get their favorite spot. He always gets to go with them. After the fair starts him and his momma goes down to the fair. This year he got to be Ronald Mc Donald's helper. He had so much fun. His momma went to the 38 Special concert with her best friend from high school while they were there. You sure see a difference in him since he is in school. He talks a lot more. They are doing a fund raiser already and he told me if I had any questions, just ask him because he could answer. 
We enjoy our boys so much and those hugs are really special. Hope you all are having a good week.I tried to stay very busy so I don't dwell on hubby's problems. We just take it one day at a time. Take care..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The weekend is going so fast . Mine started a little earlier  Friday afternoon with hubby giving me a scare. We have managed to stay out of the hospital which I am thankful for. We got the report on his liver test if you want to call it that. It said that he was stable for all that he has wrong with him. Gee! can't they tell you better then that. I still have a lot of unanswered questions. I hate being told well he is stable. I want to know so I know what I have to do to take care of him.
We are doing the best we can under the circumstances. I did go Saturday in the rain to get my mammogram done. I don't really like them because I don't like being squished. They always hurt for a while afterwards. I just wish there was another way of doing it. 
Our son called tonight and he had just got his electricity back on. He was going to try to cool his apartment down. It said 90 when he turned the a/c on, but he will do it gradual. He would check in with some one every day so that we knew he was o.k.. 
I have been embroidering today to keep my mind on other things right now. because I would just worry and if I try to talk with the doctors office I would only get the doctor on call. I will sit tight until Tuesday . There is always the emergency room if I think it warrants it. 
This going to be my next project for a new arrival due in January. They will have a baby shower around Thanksgiving because family will be home. They are even having Christmas early this year. The family is scattered in several different directions and it is hard for everybody to get home. 
I hope they will like it. It will work for both a boy or girl so I have that covered. 
We haven't done much this weekend except for yesterday. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and if you are traveling be careful on the roads because people do weird things. I know they can't drive on wet roads in our area. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Take care.