Thursday, May 28, 2020

Are you ready??

Are you ready to get back to somewhat normal in your life? Do you really know who and what to believe with what is going on in your life with having to shelter at home? 
      I want to be able to go shopping again instead of having it done for me. I must admit my daughter has done a good job for me during this time. The first time of getting to go out of town was to my sister-in-law's visitation. It was the first funeral for the funeral home since all of the lockdown had started. It was hard on the family with her being in a nursing home and they were not allowed to go see her. She did not have the virus. My three nephews had to give me a hug which was needed by all. 
     The family time is something that I have missed the most and the hugs. 
     God is there to protect us. I know he is protecting me because I fell while taking a walk. I kissed the sidewalk splat. I did get a lot of bruises and my nose turned black and blue for one area.  I did not break any bones, nor glasses, nor dentures. The only thing I did break was the corner of my cell phone. We did go and replace it which was done by curb side. It was a different experience because you didn't get to go into the store and check out the different phones. 
     They are taking so many things away from the kids and putting restrictions on what they are allowing that it makes you wonder if you are living in a dictatorship. I will be glad when the election is over with maybe that will make a big difference. 
     My fingers have been kept busy working on new projects. I sent my butterfly table topper to the UK and it took longer then it should have to get there. I know I order some supplies that normally takes 3-5 days but it took 14 days to get and you wondered it you were going to receive your order.
    They have cancelled so many things in our area that was scheduled in July, August, and September. How can you predict what is going to happen that far out in advance of everything. You really don't know what tomorrow will bring let alone that far in advance. 
    I need to finish a custom order so I hope you all are well and safe. Take care my friends.