Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Garden Chair

   My garden chair lap quilt is finished and listed in my etsy shop at http://www.shirleystitches.etsy.com
It was fun to do and the more colors that I added the more it came to life. I have been making Halloween Tea Towels which I have several in my etsy shop. 
   My embroidery travels wherever I go. I am looking forward to next month as I am going on a road trip. I won't have to do the driving which is always enjoyable for me. It will be toward the end of the month so hopefully there will be some fall color.
    I get to spend Friday with my middle grandson while they have a day out of school. My oldest has to go in the afternoon. His schedule is around two schools. So there is times that little brother has to go and he doesn't.
   This will be a busy weekend for him. On Saturday he portrays Johnny Frye and leads off the Pony Express 5 K Run on his horse Cleo. Then the ranch rodeo is that evening, He will be helping with the cattle that evening and doing whatever else they want him to do. Him and his buddy help set the cattle panels for the holding pens yesterday being they were out of school.
   I feel better from my sinus infection, but I am still not completely over it. At least the cough is lose which helps and I don't cough at night like I use to do it. I don't know if they are going to continue the antibiotics as strong as they were I imagine they won't. 
   It was a nice weekend after the storms and rain. We have been lucky so far with the way the storms pop up. There will be nothing one minute and the next it will be raining. We had a lot of things to choose from to do. The South Side Festival, a wine festival, Irish music down town just to name a few of the things.
   Have you ever had what is call a slab pie? I was at my son's the other evening for dinner and my daughter in law made one. You have your pie crust only it is on a cookie sheet with the filling on top of it with a lattice top. I know her crust had 4 sticks of butter in it. My Middle grandson helped her make it. They made peach. It was yummy while it was still warm. 
     He still wants to go to Branson and Silver Dollar City for his birthday. He is planning what to do while he is there. It is a done deal in his mind. Oh How it is to be young and think that whatever you want will just automatic happen. It doesn't, but you need to have your dreams. 
     I need to run some errands so I had better bring this to a close. Have a wonderful  week Take care..

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day

     The sun going down the other evening as I was coming home. I had to stop and take a picture of it. The temperature outside reminds me of fall. You need a jacket or sweater of a morning and in the afternoon with the sun shining you don't.  I don't know about you, but I am ready for the cooler weather. I want the first hard frost so that the allergies will go away for another year. It is not fun having allergies and a sinus infection at the same time. It makes you feel miserable.  My next project going on the needle will be my Halloween tea towels. I am just about through with my latest project which is a new lap quilt. Pictures will be coming as soon as it is finished. My hands have been kept busy when I have felt like doing nothing else. I got put on a 1000 milligrams of antibiotics a day to try to get rid of the sinus infection for ten days. I cough so much at night that it makes it miserable to try to sleep. I didn't go see hubby because when I talk to much I get a coughing spell. It is one way for me to be quiet, but hard to keep still at times. School is back in session. It makes you wonder where did the summer go. We have one last event at our horse arena. We are going to have a ranch rodeo the 24th of September. Some people call it where want  Be's try to be cowboys. I know they would be walking an awful lot because their horses head for the gate when they get off them. It will be fun to watch and we are planning on having pulled pork sandwiches, with real french fries in the cook shack. With some cobbler made in the dutch oven along with some other goodies.
    An up date on my grandson, he is doing o.k.. Still doesn't remember being thrown or what took place before or after it. The doctor said that he may never remember that part. He is back to throwing hay and doing some of the things he did before. Of course, we always worry about him. His best friend got thrown the last show of the season. She went one way and her horse went the opposite. She just got skinned up on her shoulder and was very lucky nothing broke.  
    My middle grandson is in trouble. He left gum in his pocket and it went through the wash machine. Thankful it had not gone into the dryer yet. His punishment was help get the gum off the clothes that it got on. I bet he also heard it from not only his mom but dad too. 
    Fergie is being used for therapeutic kids to ride this fall. She will be very good with them because their horses have to be walked when the kids ride. She is earning her keep instead of just eating. The boys have won several things on her including high point buckles. Of course, the other horses miss her.
     Well I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful day wherever you are at. I just wish I was outside, but I am being good and staying in taking my medicine and resting. Have a great day. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Catching Up

 The sun was trying to peak through the fog last Saturday morning. Our horse show was late getting started because of the fog. We said prayers that morning at cowboy church that all of the competitors would have a safe ride and nobody would get hurt. Other then having a couple of horses that didn't want to load the day went rather well for a change. The weather made a nice day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. This week has been something else with the heat coming back . The schools in town are letting out early. We voted to have all of the schools to have air, but they don't as of yet. They put solar panels on schools that we definitely didn't vote for. Even putting them on one that they closed.

   My middle grandson has enjoyed showing this horse all summer. It is kinda sad that it is coming to an end, but that is the way that it goes. He is counting days until his birthday. He wants to take a trip, but I am not sure where he wants to go. They may go to Branson just to get away from everything. He has looked mighty handsome with his dress shirt, tie, and hat on. They will think more about showing with helmets after brother's accident.
   She is a young horse and for some reason she was throwing her head. They thought maybe she had a bug in her ear or something. He had been riding her without any problems and now they are back to square one starting over. I don't know which one is more afraid and normally my grandson isn't bothered. She just got spooked during western pleasure. He had placed first with her in halter and showed her in showmanship. I can still see him getting thrown. He is back in school and doing good considering everything. He came last night to put on the new mower blades and mowed on my yard. He didn't get it finished. It has rained some this morning won't get to finish it today because my car won't start. The battery cable that I can see has this blue foaming looking stuff around where the cable attaches to the battery. Just what I need at the present time. 
   The last picture is after my oldest got thrown from his horse. That day is still fuzzy as to what he remembers happening. I just know I was scared along with everybody else. 
    Have you got big plans for the Holiday weekend? Just be careful if you are traveling. I know when I went down to the doctors the traffic was really heavy and some drive like idiots. 
   I am sorry for the long post, but thought I needed to let you know I was still here. Take care.