Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter  Sunday is coming to an end as well as the weekend. It seems to just fly and I don't know where it has gone. It was a busy weekend with my grandsons  watching them do their Easter Egg Hunt after spending time at the nursing home. 
We had rain off and on yesterday. It warmed up, but we are suppose to go right back to being cold again. 
March flew by in a really quick hurry. One month starts and you blink you eyes you are going to miss it. That is just how fast the months is going. 
They had ham, scallop potatoes, green beans, peas, dinner roll, and decorated cup cakes for those that ate today at the nursing home. I had lunch with hubby and spent most of the afternoon with him. He sleeps a lot of the time that I am there. He will wake up to look to see if I am still there and doze back off. 
He wanted to know what I am doing tomorrow. I told him I don't know as of yet. I would be up to see him sometime, but exactly when I didn't know.  I didn't think he looked like he felt that good today. We just take each day that we get. 
I have missed blogging, but just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.
Hope everyone had a wonderful day and didn't eat to much. We all have a tendency to do that when we get together with family. Take care and have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

This is what I keep wishing for even though it is a ways off. We are suppose to hit around 60 on Easter Sunday, but it is going to be muddy because of all of the snow. 
Good news!! We got our letter confirming that he was approved for help paying for the nursing home.  Also, we got a letter saying that he was going to get help with his meds. It said that he would have zero co pay until the end of the year. I am waiting to make sure on that one. I have to call his prescription D insurance company, but the letter made it sound as though we might get a refund on what we paid last month. We never had anything like that before. They sure didn't give us a break last year when we were in the donut hole. 
Boy! I am getting an education on how medicaid works. They are taking my unemployment into consideration so I don't know what is going to happen there yet for sure. It sounds as though I would been better off to never have started drawing it.  If I quit now, then they would take away the help. You learn a lot of angles and wonder how some get it so very easy.  

They took my DIL's father to the hospital. He wasn't responding. They don't know if he had another stroke or exactly what is going on. I told her to call me no matter how late. We need your prayers right now for her and her family. It is really hard on our oldest grandson, because he found his grandpa when he had his first stroke. He is already paralysis on his left side. She has been through so very much because she has become his primary care giver. He thinks like hubby that he can come home, but there is no way. 

Do you all have big plans for Easter? I don't know what ours will bring since this happen and our daughter is recovering from surgery.  Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of the week and gets dug out from all of the snow. Take care.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lovely Snow Again!!!!

Do we really want snow again? What happen to Spring and the warmer weather? Did it get lost somewhere? I don't know about you, but I am getting a little tired of the snow and cold. I want to see sunshine and some warmer weather for a while, but according to the weatherman we aren't going to get it for awhile. 
Our daughter is improving each day from her surgery and hubby's ammonia level is finally starting to come down. We still don't know why it kept going up. We actually talked with one of the doctors who comes to the nursing home Friday. 
I stayed home the last two days and took care of some things that I needed to do for a change. I went to nursing home on Friday to take care of a few issues. 
I didn't go up today and I was going to embroidery, but that didn't get me very far because I took a nap instead. They all tell me I must have needed it or I wouldn't have done it. I saw my cousin and her husband that I hadn't seen for quite awhile at breakfast. Even though the time was short it was  wonderful to see them. Her husband has retired and they bought a camper and going to travel. Their first trip will be to North Dakota. Her sister and son are going to Italy this next month and I am looking forward to their sharing their trips with me. 
My package came today that I ordered. I looking forward to getting  the tea towels embroidered so I can show them to you. I hope you are staying warm. The weather isn't really very good anyplace because they just said the southern states are having severe weather. We will just pray that everyone stays safe. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hooray, I got an answer this morning that made it feel as though part of the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They are going to help us and I should receive my letter in the next few days telling me exactly what I have to do. They aren't going to get his social security, which makes me happy. If I find a job, I am to notify them and that might change the picture. Where am I going to find a job at my age??? What do you put on a resume when you have worked for one company 22 years??? I got my first unemployment check deposited today. Now I can make my budget, so I know what bills I pay when and etc.
They tried to walk him upstairs last night. It took three and they found out that he hadn't progress as far as they thought. Now that I am not working and I know we are going to get help. I am going to ask nicely what their plan of action is for him.  Is he going to get to go back down to the physical therapy department?  
Was your first day of Spring warm? You could not tell it here. We finally warmed up this evening, but the wind was strong and cold all day. They keep saying we are going to get rain-snow mix, turning to snow and could get several inches. I am hoping that they are wrong. I know if it is raining and close to freezing I am going nowhere. I am not chancing it. 
My daughter is progressing since her surgery. She is just going to work from home and take the whole week off. She is sore but that was to be expected. Each day she should get a little better.  My youngest grandson was back at home with momma. His other grandma came out today and took him to school. She also help her by doing the vacuuming and our grandson told her he would pay her if she would clean his room. It was so cute. 
Well I have a craft show to get ready for so back to working on my tea towels. Have a great day and Happy Spring to you all.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Day

Today has been a long day for me. I woke up early because our daughter had surgery this morning. I went in to try to finish up the last things I needed to do for my old boss.  Didn't get much done, but went and stayed with my daughter this afternoon and evening while her hubby went to work to make up what he had missed. 
She came through the surgery fine, not moving very fast, and won't for a few days. I am going back tomorrow to stay with her. 
His parents were with him at the hospital and taking care of our youngest grandson, taking him to school, and all. He had to come by and check on his mom. Daddy goes to work real early in the morning so he was staying the night at his grandparents so he didn't have to get up real early in the morning. They will take him to school. 
I left my embroidery work at her house so I would have it tomorrow. I am taking some laundry down and I will do it while I am with her. Dad was just fine with my not going to see him today. I was taking care of his baby girl. I talked to him more then once and he called me when I was on my way home to see if I had made it home o.k. which I did. I was glad that we didn't get what they had forecast for us last night.
I faxed more paper work today to my hubby's case worker. I hope that I don't have to send any more and that they reach a decision soon.  I would like to be able to make some plans for me as to what I have to do. You can't plan because you don't know what is going to happen. I was told that they have 90 days and that would mean the end of April. I hope they don't take that long. 
Hope everybody has a good week. I will be popping in and out Take care

Friday, March 15, 2013

Would You Believe

Would you believe that we hit 81 degrees today? We are going to go from one extreme to the other because tomorrow it is to be in the 40's with rain and the possibilities of snow.  It is to bad that the StPat's parade couldn't have been today when it was beautiful. It made you think that summer was here.
I took the hubby outside and I pushed him around the parking lot to get him some fresh air. They had the window open in the room, but it was still hot. 
Well I will am going to be hit and miss for a little while. I have a couple of craft shows to get ready for, but I will be popping in and out. Have any of you had problems with leaving comments and posting pictures? I am trying to decide if I have a problem with my computer and that is all that I need  right now. 
It isn't going to be that nice for the parades over the weekend. I think I will just watch them on television so I don't have to worry about the weather. You all have a wonderful weekend. If your celebrate, just be safe.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Maybe

Just maybe the snow is going to miss us and just  maybe let us have light rain instead.  Just maybe it will freeze dry, instead of having black ice. 
It was a light rain while I was out today. Enough that you had to run the windshield wipers. We are just now below freezing.
I have been doing a lot of praying lately not only for us, but for others who have needed the prayers. We are in our 14th year since he first got sick. I am firm believer that we would never made it this far without people adding their prayers to ours.  
One is a gentleman that I worked with a long time ago  who is now in hospice at the nursing home.  He is in the process of dying with the family surrounding him.  I don't know how I would react if I was in their shoes. I know they are handling it  very well under the circumstances. We are praying that he passes peacefully and no longer has to suffer. 
 My embroidery work that you see on my blog is all done by me.  I have done a lot of it lately with spending so much time at the hospital and else wise.  I am the primary care giver to my other half excepting while he is in the hospital or the nursing home. I sign for his health care.   When he had his hip replacement, he was in the hospital  for 13 days, I spent my time embroidering tea towels, pillowcases, baby quilts, working on something. It gave me something else to think about besides being there for him.  I do sell it at craft shows, my etsy shop, and I do custom orders. It helps to supplement an income . 
Your friendship means the world to me and has helped me more then I can tell you. I appreciate the comments that you leave me. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Stay safe and warm. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


The rain started early this morning and continued throughout the day. We needed it in the worse way so hopefully the ponds will start filling up. They had flood warnings out to the east of us.  It was 56 a little while ago which is the warmest it has been all day long. I just know I was glad to get home to stay
I did go to the nursing home to see my hubby. He has been having problems with his ammonia level. I finally got the nurse to agree to having them stop a medication that he wasn't getting in the hospital to see if that is the culprit. According to research, it could possibly be why it won't come down. We can maybe tell if they do the lab work, then stop the medication until they do the lab work the following week. I didn't think that was an unreasonable request.
They were having a knitting and crochet group this afternoon. I tried to get him to go, but he didn't want to be the only guy. He hasn't been very enthused with what they have been having at meals lately which bothers me. He doesn't eat that much which is not good.
Our youngest grandson and his friend went to the circus today. I will hear about it tomorrow. They were going out to eat afterwards and it was not going to be pizza. I will find out tomorrow where they went.
It is still raining and tomorrow it is suppose to be a mixture of snow and rain. It did melt most of the snow except where it was pushed in piles. I know my coat was sure wet because of how hard it was coming down. 
I only did what shopping I absolutely had to do. Has it ever taken you about two hours to do your shopping at a Wal-mart store. I went at 11:30 and I got home after 1:00. So many isles were blocked with people just standing and visiting. I don't mind that, but at least have the courtesy of moving so that you could get through. 
Are you getting ready for St. Pat's? Have you got your menu planned?
Does it include cornbeef and cabbage with potatoes, carrots
Some places are already starting to celebrate. They say they are going to have a parade here in town. We shall see.     

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little this and that

I really don't know where the week has gone, but tomorrow is Friday already. I am ready for the weekend. I have been very busy doing so much paper work. Hopefully, I have everything now. I know I have to call tomorrow and verify what is all in my house payment because it has an escrow account. We have always had our homeowner's insurance and real estate taxes as part of our house payment. That way we didn't have to worry about it. If it is in a savings account, it is tempting to use it for something else. I just let them take care of the taxes and insurance. You never know how much they are going to be because they are always adjusting them for one reason or another.  If you don't have enough in escrow , then they adjust your payment for the following year. 

I have been embroidering a lot lately with my stress level is high right now , but the kids keep reminding me that things will be changing shortly. I think that it is finally sinking in that my life is going to be changing. 

I wish I could take better pictures, but I thought I would show you a couple more of my tea towels.  I may be doing a craft show, but I won't know until the 15th. She hadn't received the money from some vendors. If they don't pay, then we will get their spot. You just have to have a way to supplement an income. 

I have one more Blue and Gold banquet to go to for my grandson Matt. I have two grandsons involved in Scouts now. Matt is a year older then Ethan. 

Jake has a  4H horse judging clinic coming up. There is always something going on to keep them very  busy. Of course, they belong to the Woodworking Guild. They are making some baskets right now. Jake got to do some of the cutting and putting the first coat of paint on them. 

Well I will have to wait a while longer for my son to come home for a visit. He has to go to a job site in Texas with the drilling team. They do a lot of their testing in the field. He did the same test before, but they were in the lab. They just told him that he would have to put it on hold. Oh well there is always the telephone. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and warm. Taken care.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Are you ready for Spring? Have you thought about planting Spring flowers? I just want warmer weather even if we get rain?  To be able to wear clothes without dressing in layers, would really be nice.   Are you ready for the warmer day-light savings time to start? I had forgot about that until I got reminded. I will have to set my clocks again. 
We have been trying to decide how we may celebrate Easter. Both grandpa's are in wheelchairs and all of our homes have steps to get in and out.  The bathroom's aren't set up for wheelchairs nor are they big enough to get all the help they require to help them in the bathroom.  I think we just need to do it like we have done Thanksgiving and Christmas. Go see them for a while and then have the rest of the family get together at some one's house. 
Blue and Gold banquets  for Ethan and Matt. We had Ethan's last weekend. I have one coming up for Matt shortly. You have to go to both so nobody feels neglected.
I got reminded that the horse shows start in June. I know that I will go as much as possible.  I am just looking forward to the sunshine. It only got up to 38 today, but it felt so good even at that. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer.

 My grandson Ethan, his mom, Angie, and dad, Kevin taken at his Blue and Gold Banquet. He is growing so very fast .  It was enjoyable watching him cross over the bridge to his next level. Of course, they had the Mic-o-say dancers for entertainment.  It brought back memories of my oldest son, who is an Eagle Scout and belong to the Mic-o-say. The Indian costumes that they built are really neat. They invited the boys out to camp this summer to see one of the tapping ceremonies. They are hoping that they will have some from their troop tapped.
 The lego airplane was built by my grandson, Matt.  It is just one of the many things that he has built .  If you lose him in the house, just go check his room because nine chances out of ten that is where you find him  playing with his lego's. I did get him to read to me the last time I was out to their house and spent the day. 

I will have time to do more of that if need to be.  The snow days are going to be made up by using part of their Spring break.  It is making a few unhappy, but it is either that or at the end of the school. 
Another of my tea towels that is done. I have been kept busy doing that lately so I don't have to think about what else is going on.  
Hope you all are safe and warm. If you have to be out in the bad weather, just be careful.  Take care. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hooray the Weekend

It has been snow flurries all day, but not amounting to much. I was so ready for work to come to an end today. It was so cold and with the overhead door open in the shop made my office that much colder. 
I just wanted to curl up with a hot cup of peppermint tea when I got home. I did lay down for a while under the blanket to get warm.
It will be a busy weekend and I hope the weather cooperates. I have been invited to a BLUE AND GOLD banquet by my youngest grandson. I went last night to hear him sing.  The program was the first and kindergarten class. I was amazed how that large of a group was synchronized with their hand and body motions. They even did Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in sign language. The songs brought back memories of my childhood. They are taking part of Spring break away to make up for the snow days. There is another storm coming Monday. I think it suppose to be rain. I just want some warmer weather.
 I am going up to see Hubby at the nursing home. They have him on some medication right now that gives him diarrhea . They are having to clean him up several times because they don't  get there fast enough.  I said something to the nurse and she said that is their job and not to worry about it. 
I got him circular knitting needles. They aren't the size he really wanted, but I told him to try them they might work easier for him. He kept losing his yarn off the ones that he was working with which made him frustrated.  At least he is trying again, that is the main thing. 
You all have a wonderful weekend  Take care and stay warm